Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 02 Oct 2022


Curing the pain of leg fracture of Mrs. D. Lakshmi

[By Dasika Naga Lakshmi]

Swami has recently blessed me with a huge miracle. I would like to share it with you all. My son’s marriage was planned to happen on 26th June 2021. A few ceremonies had to be conducted before the marriage and one of them is doing pooja to Lord Ganapathy. The pooja was being performed on 9th June to Lord Ganapathy’s statue at my house where God Brahma Datta’s Photo was also there.

As the pooja was going on, suddenly I slipped and fell down due to some coconut water that was spilled on the floor. Everyone who were present there saw me falling down and found swelling on my feet. It was giving me a lot of pain and I was afraid that if something serious happens, I would not be able to do all the works related to my son’s marriage which was going to happen just after 15 days. Immediately, I prayed to Shri Datta Swami looking at God Brahma Datta’s photo. Few moments after I prayed to Swami, my pain reduced to almost nothing and I was walking normally after that. Everyone including me assumed that nothing serious had happened.

I did all the works during my son’s marriage without any problem. Due to the blessings of Swami, the marriage went very well. After a few days, I started experiencing a little pain in my leg where there was a swelling due to my fall. I visited a doctor and he suggested us to get an X-Ray in order to give medication. The moment he saw the X-Ray, he was astonished because a big fracture was clearly visible in the X-Ray. The doctor stated that anybody with such a big fracture must take minimum 6 months of bed rest to become normal. But I was walking normally as if nothing happened. It was only due to Swami’s grace that I experienced very little pain although such a big fracture happened. With His infinite love, Swami responded to my prayers immediately. Swami had suffered with my leg pain for one month completely to relieve me.

Thank you so much Swami.

Swami’s Comment: Miracles are not new to your family. God Datta has performed so many miracles for your family.