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Datta Veda - Chapter-2: The Paths of Wordly And Spiritual Life

Chapter 2 (By P. V. N. M. Sharma)

[Spiritual Preachings of Shir Datta Swami at Srisailam, 23-3-1993, 4.00 am.]

Yajna means sacrifice. Dravya Yajna means sacrifice of food materials after worshipping God. Food is converted into inert energy, which in turn is converted into awareness in a specific system called nervous system. Thus, if you give food to someone, it means that you are donating inert energy to that person, which is becoming awareness. Apart from awareness, the inert energy is responsible for several activities like blood circulation, respiration, walking, talking etc. This inert energy is turned into awareness partly when it enters a specific system called brain and nervous system. No doubt, you have donated the awareness or nervous energy to others. This awareness may travel in right direction called as right knowledge or in wrong direction called as wrong knowledge. The person travelling in wrong knowledge never reaches the right goal and in fact reaches the wrong goal. This wrong direction is thought by the person as right direction, but, it is actually wrong direction only. Therefore, a lump of gold donated is the awareness. The wrong direction is to prepare a sword using the lump of gold. The right direction is preparation of a crown on the head from the same lump of gold. The crown brings honor and happiness whereas the sword brings bad effects and sins. Hence, donation of right knowledge to the world is the top most important activity than donating awareness through donation of food.

The sacrifice of knowledge (Jnana Yajna) is very much liked by God as said in the Gita (Jnana Yajnena tenaaham…). God is very much pleased by sacrificing right knowledge in spiritual path than in materialistic path like knowledge of science. The reason is that the spiritual field is eternal and very much important for the soul. The Gita says that there is nothing equal to knowledge to purify the soul (Nahi jnanena sadrusham) and that you can smash all the past sins through knowledge (Sarvam Jnanaplave naiva). Once the right spiritual knowledge is attained by the soul, it is totally transformed and no sin is repeated after the transformation. When this stage of no repetition of sin is attained, all the past sins are burnt since the goal of the punishment is only reformation (Jnane parisamapyate – Gita). Thus sacrifice of right spiritual knowledge to the world is the highest sacrifice by which God will be pleased to the climax. This is the reason that why Shankara, Ramanuja, Madhva etc., were involved in preaching the right knowledge to the people since maximum pleasure of God appears in this service. Of course, this sacrifice of right spiritual knowledge must be associated with the sacrifice of food also to the preacher and to the devotees learning that right knowledge. Without sacrifice of right knowledge, confining to mere sacrifice of food (awareness) is not advised since the awareness has every possibility to go in wrong direction also. This is the total form of sacrifice (Yajna) done by ancient sages in India, which is sacrifice of right spiritual knowledge associated with sacrifice of food also since there can be no crown without the basic gold material! If you cooperate for the generation and propagation of right spiritual knowledge through sacrifice (Karmaphalatyaaga) and service (Karmasamnyasa), God is very much pleased with you.


23-3-1993, 10.30 am.

The meaning of the word Yoga is to attain something (like dhanayoga or attaining wealth) or to attain somebody (like getting wife or kalatrayoga and like getting an issue or putrayoga). Hence, the word Yoga has very broad sense since it means only to attain something or somebody as its root word ‘Yuj’ indicates the meaning of simple attainment. A word has its root meaning based on its root word, but, sometimes the word is fixed in a particular sense (Yogarudha) only. Today, the word Yoga is also used by medical experts in the sense of attainment of good physical and mental health. You cannot deny such usage based on the root word of Yoga. But, all these ancient Indian sages used this word Yoga in a specific sense only, which is attainment of God’s grace. Of course, you can show the physical and mental health also as a necessary preliminary step to attain the ultimate God’s grace by doing Divine service. Hanuman is the best example having perfect physical and mental health used in the Divine service. Hence, Yama (first stage) means controlling the activities of the external senses of actions (Karmendriya) in order to save the energy. Walking to an unnecessary place by legs, doing unnecessary work with hands, talking unnecessarily with mouth, seeing unnecessary scenes by eyes, hearing unnecessary gossips by ears etc., are to be controlled to save the limited energy. You cannot eat unlimited food to generate energy continuously due to limitation of the working capacity of the digestive system. Hence, control of wastage of energy by physical actions is presented here. The second step is Niyama, which is controlling the unnecessary work of mind by resisting unnecessary thoughts for the preservation of limited nervous energy. The third stage is Aasana, which means to arrive at stability of body and mind by resisting the above mentioned unnecessary works and thus becoming highly energetic. The fourth stage is Pranaayaama, which is retaining the inhaled air for long time as far as possible (Kumbhaka) so that maximum absorption of oxygen from the inhaled air takes place to completely purify the blood. By this several diseases can be avoided due to high resistance empowered by lot of preserved energy. The fifth stage is Pratyaahaara, which means to withdraw from 90% of worldly activities except the remaining 10% inevitable activities. This makes you to reach the climax of good physical and mental health and very intensive treasure of energy. This was the exact stage of Hanuman. The sixth stage is Dhaarana, which means to catch the human incarnation like Lord Rama. Hanuman met Rama in disguise as a saint and Rama called Him by His actual name. This shows the supernatural power of the unimaginable God present in Rama. This smallest miracle was sufficient for the highest level of Hanuman to recognize Rama as God. Hence, this stage is catching the human incarnation in which Lord Rama (merged with unimaginable God) is caught, which is the right goal through the right direction of the right knowledge. The seventh stage is Dhyaana, which means submission of all physical and mental activities to the human incarnation only because contemporary human incarnation alone is most relevant to the humanity from the point of direct service to the real God. The human incarnation is the product of the real unimaginable God merging with an external imaginable and visible human form. The energetic form is relevant to the souls in the upper world having the same energetic bodies. The unimaginable God is out of question since He is beyond even imagination. Hence, the energetic incarnation, Narayana, is relevant to the upper world (Vaikuntha) only. The relevant form of God for humanity is Lord Rama, the human incarnation only. The eighth last stage is Samaadhi, which means very strong (Sam) and complete (Aa) determination (Dhi) arrived after deep analysis. Determination is the characteristic of intelligence (nishchayaatmikaa buddhih).This eighth stage is tested by God to see the strength of your determination of faith. If your faith is not shaken at all, it is called as ‘unshakable determination’ (Nirvikalpa Samadhi). If the faith is shaken and regained back it is called as ‘shaken determination revoked back’ (Savikalpa Samadhi).

Secret of the Six Wheels of Yoga

24-3-1993, 4.00 am.

Yoga shows six wheels (Chakras) and the seventh wheel (Sahasrara) exists in the top most part of the head, which is the place of intelligence. The six wheels indicate the entire creation. The seventh wheel above all these six wheels containing unimaginable God at the center (Shiva) indicates that God is beyond creation (six wheels). The centre of intelligence means arriving at central conclusion by several analytical discussions done from all sides. Therefore, the Veda says that no item of the creation is God (Neti Neti). Among the six wheels, Mooladhara shows earth, which is solid state of matter. Next, Manipoora indicating water represents the liquid state of matter. Next, Anaahata standing for air indicates the gaseous state of matter. The Swaadhisthaana wheel stands for fire which is inert energy in the visible range. Vishuddha stands for space, which is the energy in the invisible range. Thus, the five wheels constitute the inert matter (three substages) and inert energy (two substages). The sixth wheel is Aajnaa chakra, standing for mind or awareness (awareness is like lump of gold and mind is like a specific golden jewel representing gold in general). This is nervous energy or general awareness (Chit). The sixth wheel indicates the three functioning modes of awareness (mind, memory and individual ego). God is in the seventh wheel which is above six wheels (Buddhiyoga). What does this mean? God is above the creation consisting of matter, energy (even space) and awareness also. Hence, to consider the awareness as God is totally wrong. When God is beyond space and even imagination (mind), God becomes unimaginable. Kundalini is the mind or awareness or nervous energy travelling in the form of waves like a serpent. When this imagination (mind) reaches the sixth wheel, it means that the awareness attained itself or becoming itself called as self-realization (Aatma jnaana). It is very very difficult to cross the sixth wheel because nothing can go beyond itself! Even Shri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa was unable to cross this sixth wheel and his preacher (Totapuri) pierced this wheel present in between two eyebrows with a piece of glass. Now, you can imagine the cases of ordinary human beings! However, this does not mean that everyone can cross this wheel with the help of a glass piece! It is only a symbolic action of the grace of the preacher indicating the anger of the preacher for his inability to cross it. Intelligence is also a mode of awareness representing several analytical discussions and the final conclusion is to imagine that God is unimaginable. After entering the seventh wheel containing infinite number of modes of analysis of intelligence, the imagination reaches the center which is unimaginable God. Imagining that God is unimaginable itself is attaining the unimaginable God. The mind dissolves in the God surrounded by infinite number (Sahasra) of petals, which mean nothing but the infinite number of human forms of God in which the unimaginable God is merged. This is the attainment of the original true unimaginable God.

This Yoga is also viewed in a different angle by taking the six wheels to represent the passion in the worldly bonds with mother, father, wife, children, false preachers, feeling different human incarnations as different Gods (respectively from Mooladhaara to Aajnaachakra). When you cross all these worldly bonds with the help of the devotion on the one unimaginable God merged with different human forms (so that all human incarnations are one God only), then only the right direction of the right knowledge is given to this poor humanity already confused by confused preachers and this final stage represents the seventh wheel (Sahasraara) in which the soul attains the real one God. The detachment from the worldly bonds cannot be attained even by a millions of efforts for millions of years without your attachment (devotion or bhakti) to God. You can see this in the worldly example like that while you are absorbed in seeing a cinema with full concentration, the thousand bites of mosquitoes and blood bugs (worldly bonds) cannot shake you even a little since you are detached from all the bonds due to your very powerful attachment to cinema (God). If you tasted the Divine nectar (Amrutam), you will be naturally detached from all these worldly drinks. Hence, detachment is a spontaneous consequential process of attachment of mind to something strongly. Mind cannot keep silent without drinking any drink (worldly drink or Divine nectar).

Devotion Is Better than Fear

2nd Chapter – Continued [Posted on December 04, 2016]

25-3-1993, 4:00 am.

The end goal of pravrutti is to bring down the strength of worldly bonds (with family and wealth) to the minimum level so that the sins (like illegal sex and corruption of money) are not done due to over-attraction to the worldly bonds. The end goal of Nivrutti is to reach the climax in the strength of single bond with God so that all the worldly bonds totally disappear. The goal of pravrutti can be reached in two ways:

1) Path of fear: Avoiding sins due to the fear for hell there and due to fear for God here also. Intensive sins are punished by God in this world and in this present birth itself. Other sins are punished by God in the hell after death. In this path, control in doing sins is obtained through fear only.

2) Path of devotion: Sins are avoided only due to devotion to God. Sins are not done because God is displeased. Since God is loved, the sins are avoided since we do not like to displease God whom we love so much.

By any one of the above two paths, the end goal of pravrutti (controlling sins) can be reached. But, if you are in the first path of fear, you cannot enter Nivrutti, the second stage after coming to the end of pravrutti. Hence, you do not have chance for Nivrutti in which God takes care of your entire protection like the mother cat carrying its child by mouth grip (marjala kishora nyaya). After achieving the goal of pravrutti, you have to stand on your efforts only. If you slip anywhere, at any time, from the path of justice, you will be punished as per the divine rule. You have to stand by the grip of your effort only with continuous caution like the child of monkey catching the womb of its mother during journey (markata kishora nyaya). But, if you reach the goal of pravrutti by the second path of devotion, you can enter Nivrutti with the same devotion, which is strengthened more and more in the phase of Nivrutti. Devotion during the journey in pravrutti is like a passenger train whereas the same devotion train becomes express in Nivrutti (like Simhadri train is passenger from Guntur to Vijayawada and becomes express from Vijayawada to Vizag). In the path of devotion, there is no need of any change since it is a direct train travelling in both pravrutti and Nivrutti (same train from Guntur to Vijayawada). If you have reached the goal of pravrutti by the path of fear, you have to change the train and catch the path of advanced devotion running like express train. Therefore, if you control the sins due to devotion on God and not due to fear for God in pravrutti, it is the best and very convenient journey by a single train starting from the beginning of pravrutti up to the end of Nivrutti. However, reaching the goal of pravrutti is very important from the point of peace and balance of the world created by God. Any owner of an industry always wishes that his industry should run peacefully without any disturbance. Thus, the goal of pravrutti is the foremost aim of God. God in any human form appearing at any region of the Earth necessarily preaches the achievement of the goal of pravrutti to all the humanity without any exception. An employee pleasing the owner of industry personally is not mandatory to every soul (employee) and hence, Nivrutti is only secondary. Pravrutti is forced on every human being in this world whereas Nivrutti is forced on God by a few devotees only. Hence, you must start the journey by single train of devotion, which is the best way to reach the end goal of Nivrutti. Elders say that one should have either fear (bhaya) or devotion (bhakti) to achieve some immediate goal, but, devotion is far better than fear. An atheist has neither fear nor devotion and will be responsible for the total destruction of humanity through his/her foolish and ignorant concept of atheism.

Complete Dualism

25-3-1993, 10:30 am.

God and soul are the two totally different items. This is perfect dualism. God and an atheistic soul exist in this world (as human incarnation like Krishna and atheist like Duryodhana). This is called as ‘Saalokya’, which means that both exist in the same world. If the atheist realizes the truth and becomes a devotee, such soul is nearing God through devotion and this is called as ‘Saamipya’. As the devotion gains more and more strength, the devotee comes more and more near to God. The devotee likes to appear like a specific form of God, which is worshiped by that specific soul and this is called as ‘Saarupya’. For example, the devotee of Shankara wears the same saffron cloth, the white ash on the forehead as three horizontal lines, garland of Rudraksha beads, etc. A devotee of Rama or Krishna or Ramanuja or Madhva likes to wear gold coloured silk cloth, three vertical lines on forehead, garland of tulasi beads etc. Finally, the devotee captures the human incarnation of God and gets himself/herself to be always associated with the God and this continuous association is called as ‘Saayujya’. For example, the four disciples were always associated with Shankara, Hanuman was always associated with Rama, Radha was always associated with Krishna etc. If you see the pair of God and His closely associated devotee, the dualism appears because the devotee is one entity and God in human form is another entity. Even though such dualism appears to our eyes in the external physical sense, internally both are one and the same. If Hanuman wishes to bless a devotee, Rama blesses that devotee without any trace of other thought. Similarly, if you worship Radha and if She wishes to bless you, spontaneously Krishna blesses you. Like this, the monism exists between God and devotee internally. This monism is called as ‘Kaivalya’. This is the same real monism appearing as external dualism in superficial way.

Let us take the case of a human incarnation like Lord Krishna. This human incarnation is a homogenous mixture of Lord Narayana (energetic incarnation in which unimaginable God is homogenously merged) and the human being called as Vaasudeva (Son of Vasudeva like Jesus called as Son of Mary or Son of human being). Vaasudeva is a human being born to Vasudeva. Both Vaasudeva and God Narayana (who can be treated as the unimaginable God, who merged with the energetic form called as Narayana) are in this world merged with each other called as Krishna and this is Saalokya. Both unimaginable God (Narayana) and Vaasudeva are very close to each other and hence, Saamipya is achieved. Since we see only one form of Vaasudeva and do not see Narayana or unimaginable God separately, the Saarupya is also attained here. Since both Vaasudeva and unimaginable God (Narayana) merged with each other homogenously, we can say that Saayujya is existing here. Since we see only one form of Vaasudeva, God and Vaasudeva are one and the same, Kaivalya is existing in this case. In both the examples, all the five stages are common and one and the same.

Both Radha and Vaasudeva are human forms and perfect devotees of Narayana (unimaginable God) equally blessed by God. If Radha or Vaasudeva wishes something, the unimaginable God (Narayana) responds immediately and sees the wish is immediately fulfilled. Radha remained as a separate devotee whereas Vaasudeva is mixed with God homogenously to become human incarnation seen as one form. Now, please tell Me, what is the difference between Radha and Vaasudeva in the actual sense? The wish of the devotee (Radha or Vaasudeva) is at once accomplished by the unimaginable God (having address as Narayana). The only superficial difference is that Radha is in dualism and Vaasudeva is in monism. In both cases, the ultimate reality is monism only and the apparent dualism does not matter at all. Hence, never aspire to become human incarnation. Always aspire to be a devotee of God only. Even while remaining as a devotee (dualism), you can achieve the monism of human incarnation for all practical purposes.

The merit of Radha is that due to dualism, Radha can have the facility to worship and enjoy the bliss coming from worship of Krishna. Vaasudeva does not have such advantage and hence, Shri Paramahamsa told that He would not like to become sugar but would like to remain as an ant to enjoy the sugar! The human being-component of human incarnation has an unnecessary disadvanatge that it may be clutched by ego on hearing the praise from devotees. Hence, the fruit of becoming human incarnation is always by the will of God only and not by the will of devotee at any cost!

Three Powers of Lord Datta

26-3-1993, 4:00 am.

In this holy place called Shrishailam, there is a story that Goddess Bhramara in Her temple used to kill the devotees and sanction salvation. The story says further that Shankara came here and pacified Her. The internal sense of this story is that wife of Shiva or Kaali gives salvation by destroying name and form (of the medium). Hence, only saints or householders in the last old age come to this path of salvation. Salvation means total liberation from the worldly bonds, which include the bond with own body. Shri Paramahamsa worshiped Kaali and got relieved from all the worldly bonds. He never touched His wife (not to speak of any other lady) and had no issues. He took mud in one hand and gold in another hand and threw both into Ganges, speaking that both are equal to Him. This is extreme stage of Nivrutti, which is not possible for all human beings. You may doubt that why Paramahamsa was so hasty for Nivrutti, which could have been be achieved in the last old age. Are you sure that every human being gets old age? We do not know when this life ends because every day is an extension given by God. Ignorant people think that longevity of a human being is fixed. It is not correct. Longevity can be reduced or extended by God based on His observation about the progress of that soul in spiritual path. The ethical scripture says that the person serving old people will get extension of longevity and the person sleeping after sunrise gets reduction in the longevity. Hence, even the ethical scripture contradicts the above foolish concept. Another point also is that the human rebirth is not guaranteed and it is better to achieve Nivrutti in this very human life and today itself because tomorrow is not guaranteed! This is the background of the behaviour of Shri Paramahamsa. Anyway, those who wish the materialistic benefits should worship Lord Shiva. To have intermediate balance between pravrutti and Nivrutti, worship of Shiva should always follow the worship of Shakti or Kaali. Similarly, Narayana is for salvation and Lakshmi is for materialistic benefits. In the same way, Goddess Saraswati is for spiritual knowledge that gives salvation and God Brahma is for materialistic benefits (as often given to demons). Both husband and wife should be worshiped to have an intermediate balance between salvation and worldly welfare.

Goddess Saraswati is the first form of the primordial energy (Adi Shakti), which is inert in the sense that it is under the control of the unimaginable God. The modification of this inert energy into awareness that is developed into knowledge represents Saraswati. She represents the entire spiritual knowledge that is essential for salvation and this first stage is jnana yoga. Brahma also is the Creator of the spiritual scriptures called the Vedas and is congenial with the phase of His wife. Shankara is the coordinator of this stage.

Goddess Lakshmi is the second form representing wealth indicating the sacrifice of wealth to God (karma phala tyaga). This represents the real devotion or bhakti yoga. This is congenial to Her husband Vishnu, who says that He will steal the money of the devotee whom He wants to bless (tasya vittam haraamyaham – Vishnu Puranam). The coordinator of this second stage is Ramanuja.

Goddess Kaali is the third form representing service or karma yoga as coordinated by Madhva, who says that service (prapatti or seva) is the path. Service is dedication of work to God (karma samnyasa) and work is a form of inert energy as indicated by the form of wave or Shiva Linga of Her husband, Shiva. Goddess Kaali is said to be the same primordial energy (Adi Shakti) and the concept of inert energy is common in both.

All these three forms of power indicate awareness, matter and inert energy respectively, which are the three constituents of this entire creation.

My right half represents preacher (Guru) and My left half represents God (Bhagavan). God helps you in your worldly life through His miraculous powers. The preacher helps you to reach the goal of pravrutti and subsequently the goal of Nivrutti. Right is always given more importance than left. This means that the eternal spiritual path is always more important than the momentary worldly path. If you worship Me, I will take care of your worldly welfare initially and slowly lead you to salvation or Nivrutti.

You must have total faith on the preacher, once you have decided through your intensive analysis that the preacher is perfectly correct in His spiritual knowledge. After making the decision, if you disbelieve the preacher, you are drowned in the middle of the sea! Catch My right leg firmly and never leave it even if I try to throw you down by kick. Such kick is only examination. When I come in human form, I exhibit both the aspects of God and preacher and try to lead you to the ultimate goal.

Everything exists if you believe, nothing exists if you disbelieve,
No believer got spoiled and no non-believer remained unspoiled,
If you believe Me, I shall Myself come into your direct contact,
If you disbelieve Me, you will not reach Me even if you run for Me,
What is the profit that comes to Me by this path of spiritual work?
All the profit always comes to you only in every effort put by Me!


2nd Chapter – Continued [Posted on December 24, 2016]

Avoid Following Blind Worldly Trends

27-3-93, 4:00 am.

When you have come into this world, you are influenced by the general trend of the humanity surrounding you and you are carried on by that general trend only without analyzing the merits and defects of the blind trend. You are immediately influenced by this blind tradition of humanity because majority of humanity is following it. To give importance to the majority is again another blind trend. You must analyze the trend that is followed by majority or minority and then only follow the trend if it is proved right in the analysis. There are several good trends as well as bad trends followed by majority. Similarly, there are equally several good and bad trends followed by the minority. Hence, good and bad are not related to either majority or minority. They are decided only by the perfect systematic analysis. Scripture is always good since the author of it is God. But, there are several interpretations of the scripture. Which interpretation is good and which interpretation is bad can be known only by the analysis and discussions. After finding the correct good interpretation of the scripture, you must select the path to follow and practice. If you are not doing analysis, there is every chance for you to be captured by a bad interpretation, which is projected as the scripture. Every interpretation of the scripture is not the very scripture itself. On doing analysis, you will find the correct interpretation and you have to reject the other bad interpretations. When you reject a bad interpretation, people will threaten you that you are going against the scripture of God. They will also say that that bad interpretation was followed by several previous generations and hence it is valid. The time of practice cannot decide whether a tradition is good or bad. Darkness may be staying in a closed room for hundreds of years. This does not mean that darkness is correct. If you open the window, the sun rays enter the room and darkness is expelled. The time of entry of sun rays may be a fraction of second. Still, light is correct and darkness is wrong. Hence, every human being must analyze before practising a trend without giving importance to the majority following the trend and the long duration during which many generations have practised it.

You must decide your goal of life by your own analysis and discussions with others. You are not doing such analysis and you are following the blind trend followed by your surrounding majority and based on hearing that that trend was followed by all the generations in the past. There is a possibility that all may be wrong and one may be correct. There may be a chance that all the past generations are wrong and one only in the present time is correct. All believed that sun is moving around the earth and this was believed by past millions of generations. But, one scientist called as Brahmagupta argued that earth is rotating around the sun (Sphota Siddhanta). All laughed at him also when he told that the earth is rotating on its own axis. People questioned that how a bird flying up in the morning from a tree is reaching the same tree in the evening when it comes down in the same direction! Brahmagupta answered that the atmosphere on the earth is also rotating along with the earth. All the people mocked at him. This concept was proved correct finally even though it is the concept of least minority (one person only). Therefore, you have to set the goal of your life based on your sharp analysis and deep discussions. Merit of majority and defect of minority must not be followed blindly.

The general trend of the goal of psychology of all the people is to set the goal of life in such a way so that you can earn some money, you can marry someone and get some children, you can spend the last part of life or old age in the worries about your children, grand-children and in cure of diseases of your body, etc. In the last few minutes of life, God gives two steps:

1) Special sharp intelligence called as 'Marana Medha' and then,

2) Agony of death called as 'Marana Vedana'.

Every soul has to pass through these two steps in the last minutes of its life here. In the first step, the soul realizes that it has wasted all its time in the unnecessary worldly affairs because after death, the soul is totally disconnected with all these worldly bonds. The subsequent step is that the soul has no time to concentrate on the useful subject of God that protects it after death. Due to this, the soul undergoes lot of agony. Even though all your bonded people are surrounding you, you have realized completely that none can protect you in that time. The only bond with God can protect you in that time. But, you have not dedicated any time for God!

To understand the above concept, you are given several occasions as examples of this truth. In a certain short period of life, you undergo lot of agony in not achieving a worldly goal in spite of your hectic efforts. After that period, you will achieve that goal without any effort by the grace of God. Then, you think that you have unnecessarily wasted a certain span of your life time in the tension for not getting that goal. But, there is no use because the time that passed in the tension will not be achieved again in your lifetime. Based on this concept only, the general saying is existing, which is that whatever and whenever man proposes that and then is disposed by God. If you have the knowledge of this truth, your duty is only to put the effort and do the work without attachment to the fruit because the fruit is given by God only. Sometimes, you get the fruit like lottery without any effort. Sometimes, you do not get the fruit in spite of your hectic efforts. This will remove the ego that your efforts alone can give the fruits. Hence, putting effort without attachment to fruit is the only divine path in which you realize that God alone is the fruit-giver. The effort is put by you to pass on the time of life and also to engage yourself without becoming lazy. Hence, if you don't fix the correct goal in the correct time due to influence of the general trend of majority surrounding you, you will repent a lot since time that passed cannot be achieved again.

See this row of 6 souls in energetic bodies moving in the queue towards hell (the couple Shri. CBK Murthy and Smt. Bhavani saw a row of souls in energetic bodies moving in a queue). See how these 6 souls are criticizing each other for one soul touching the other in moving! When these 6 souls were in human bodies before their death, they were father, mother, son, daughter, grandson and granddaughter. When these souls were in their human bodies, they were unable to leave any other soul even for a single minute due to overflowing fascination! Realize that these worldly bonds are not only temporary but also unreal. Shankara told that which is temporary is always unreal (Yadanityam tat krutakamhi loke…). When two actors are marrying each other in a film shooting, you think that the marriage is temporary, which neither existed in the past nor exists in the future. Such temporary thing is also unreal since the marriage is not true even during the time of shooting. It is only the marriage between the two unreal roles and not the marriage between the two real actors.


27-3-93, 5:00 pm.

Sage Atri is My father and Anasuya is My mother. I have left them in My childhood itself and I am wandering in this world by preaching this spiritual knowledge. I could leave My family even in My childhood for the propagation of divine knowledge. Can't you leave your families even in this old age for the same purpose? Even if you are unable to practice the spiritual knowledge, at least do the propagation of it. If somebody is benefited by that knowledge, a part of the grace of God will come to you also. Moreover, propagation of knowledge is memorizing those concepts again and again. By such process of memorization, the concepts are intensively impressed on your brain, which also benefit you in your spiritual practice.


28-3-93, 4:00 am.

You have to uplift yourself and you alone are responsible for your fall. Your practice will decide your uplift or fall. Your practice is the result of your theory, which is decided by your intelligence. Hence, hearing the spiritual knowledge (Shravana), discussing it through analysis (Manana) and coming to a firm decision (Nididhyaasa) constitute the field of spiritual knowledge.

Today, there is no deficiency of devotion, sacrifice and service in the world of devotees. These three are in the climax, which are increasing day by day! But, the real eternal fruit is not seen in the case of any devotee. What is the reason? The reason is only the wrong knowledge. The wrong knowledge gives you an impression that God is an instrument to achieve the fruits of your worldly desires. Avoiding hell after death is also a worldly desire including attainment of heaven. Hell and heaven are upper worlds only. The whole devotion to God is impure due to your desire for a selfish benefit or fruit. Such love is not real pure devotion. God is only an instrument to attain your selfish benefit. You love the fan as long as it gives cool breeze. If it emits hot air, you will condemn it. God is like fan or instrument for your selfish benefit. All your love is on your attainment of fruit only and not on God. You may say that such selfless love is impossible. No. It is possible in other place, which is your family. You love them without any selfish benefit in return. Even if they are angry on you (like hot air of the fan), you still love the family! You sacrifice all your service to the family without expecting any fruit in return. You sacrifice all your wealth to your family only through your will. You are not having even a trace of such real love to God. Real love is absent in the case of God and unreal love (instrumental) is absent in the case of your family. If it is not possible, it should not be possible in any place. It is possible in one place and not possible in another place! This is the truth in practice. Theoretically, you give place to God above your family, which is reflected in your prayers like 'tvameva maataacha… (only You are my mother...)', which are utter lies. The only disease is the selfish desire for selfish benefit and for the benefit of your family only. If you eradicate your selfish desire, salvation is attained. I preached this point as the only one concept through Buddha. If you love Me without any selfish desire, I shall fulfill all that is needed for you in this world also. What a wretched tradition it is in which you clearly mention in your foreword (Samkalpa) that you are worshipping Me for a specific selfish benefit only. How much I am pained by this? You are pricking Me every time that you do not have real love on Me! In one way, it is good that you remind Me always about your unreal love so that I may not mistake your worship as real love!! If you develop real love on Me, will I not take care of your petty worldly benefits? Why do you read those selfish desires loudly before the worship? Am I ignorant in not knowing your real needs if you do not tell? I am seeing all your deeds since I am not blind. I am hearing all your words since I am not deaf. I am speaking spiritual knowledge very clearly to you and also the judgement of your deeds finally since I am not dumb.

This Datta is wandering all over the world like a mad man,
To find out the possibility of existence of one devotee at least,
Who is worshipping Me by doing sacrifice and service to Me,
Based on real love without aspiring any selfish fruit in return,
I am unable to find out even one such selfless devotee here,
This made Me, already mad, to become more and more mad.


28-3-93, 3:00 pm.

Selfish desires are the insects that attack the devotion-plant and the final crop is spoiled. Use the knowledge-pesticide to destroy those insects. As soon as you remember Me, I am coming near to you and hence, I am called as 'Smartrugaami'. Due to My nearness, you become realized (hot). If your devotion is real, I become very close to you and you start attaining My power and characteristics. As soon as the fire nears the coal, the coal becomes hot (Samipya). As soon as the fire is closely associated (Sayujya), the coal also becomes red fire. As soon as the selfish desire falls on you like water, I am running away and you become again the normal cool coal. Don't allow the worldly desire into your mind, due to which even your worldly desire is not granted by Me. If you do not allow the worldly desire into your mind, you are getting all the worldly desires (even those, which are not thought by you) and apart from this worldly protection (Kshema), I am giving you the protection in your spiritual life also (yoga). This is the meaning of 'yogakshemam vahamyaham' – Gita. Your real relatives are the spiritual devotees even if they are not related to you as family members. The spiritual devotees will help you to attain total protection from God. Don't care for the criticism in this world, which will not harm you in the spiritual world. Similarly, neglect the praise given to you in this world, which will not help you in the spiritual world. I delay your protection in this world for some time to see your real colour. If your real colour is real devotion, the total protection is showered on you in fraction of a second.

This world is the place of deeds and hence, you have to express practice even in the spiritual line. I will help you in giving the direction. You need not run for a preacher. My preaching will search you and reach you. If you fail in this world of deeds, no help is done to you by Me in the upper world when you fall in the hell. The upper world is only the place of enjoyment of the fruits of your deeds done in this world. In the upper world, I examine your deeds and give the corresponding fruits. I can't help you there in any way. You take My help here to any extent. The teacher will clarify any number of doubts to any extent of time in the classroom. The same teacher acting as invigilator in the examination hall will not speak even a word. He is very harsh there. You are not taking My help here even though I am ready for it. Throughout the academic year, you were seeing the cinemas in theatres outside even without coming once to classroom and how can you ask My help in the examination hall in which you see Me for the first time!


2nd Chapter – Continued, [Posted on [January 02, 2017]

28-03-1993, 5.00 pm.

I am extremely happy to hear your decision about printing these messages given to you in this sacred place of pilgrimage of Lord Shiva. I made it compulsory that I will not speak any spiritual knowledge if it is not recorded. Recording may have the opportunity of printing so that this holy knowledge reaches several people not only in the present generation but also in the future generations. I am extremely pleased with you to hear about your decision to also propagate this knowledge after printing. If I speak this orally to you, both of us may forget this in future and there is no chance for other devotees in this world to receive this precious unique spiritual knowledge. The Gita was preached by Krishna to Arjuna. After the war Arjuna asked Krishna to repeat the Gita so that he can hear it in a peaceful atmosphere with patience. Krishna told that God Yogeshwara (Datta merged with unimaginable God) spoke the Gita thorough His throat and hence it cannot be repeated again! Arjuna also forgot the Gita in few days as you see the withdrawal of Arjuna from war after the death of his son Abhimanyu. After hearing the Gita, Arjuna was prepared to fight in the war not for selfish benefit of attaining the kingdom, but to participate in the service of God through war in destroying injustice. This goal was forgotten as soon as Abhimanyu was killed! On the last day of the war also, Arjuna didn’t descend from the chariot even though Krishna ordered so. Arjuna felt insulted in presence of all soldiers to get down from the vehicle while the driver (Krishna) is sitting on it and he has forgotten that Krishna is the Lord! This shows that both the speaker and receiver of spiritual knowledge can forget it in very short time and there is no chance of the world to benefit forever. It is because sage Vyasa recorded the Gita, the whole world is benefited till today and even in the future. If the message is recorded, even the receiver can revise it afterwards. Even if the receiver is not benefited, somebody else may be benefited if the message is recorded. For this help to the world, God’s grace will fall on the receiver also, who has taken pains in recording and propagating the message. In printing these messages as a book, you are sacrificing your earned money (Karmaphala tyaga) to God. After that, you are meeting the deserving people to distribute the books giving introduction and this is sacrifice of service to the God.

Spiritual knowledge represents God Brahma, the author of the Vedic scripture, whose wife is Goddess Saraswati, the deity of spiritual knowledge based on awareness. The knowledge represents Shankara, the first preacher. The second step represents God Vishnu, whose wife is Goddess Lakshmi, the deity of money and wealth, which is the fruit of work. Sacrifice of fruit of work is the practical proof of the real devotion or love as is done to your issues. This real devotion (Bhakti) is preached by Ramanuja. The third step represents God Shiva, represented by a curved stone (Shiva Linga) indicating the inert energy that is transformed into work or service (Karmasamnyasa). Goddess Parvati or Kaali represents inertness (Tamas). This service to God (Prapatti) is preached by Madhva. The primordial inert energy or Adi Shakti is the first creation of unimaginable God, which is transformed into awareness (knowledge), matter (wealth or money) and inert work (service). If you dedicate your wealth and work in propagation of this spiritual knowledge, God Brahma, God Vishnu and God Shiva are pleased and you will be blessed by Goddess Saraswati, Goddess Lakshmi and Goddess Parvati forever. This means that Lord Datta, the above three Gods in one God, is pleased with you. Datta is known as Guru Datta or preacher of spiritual knowledge and hence such participation will please Lord Datta as said in the Gita that God is extremely pleased with the sacrifice in knowledge (Jnannayajnena tenaaham…). Spiritual knowledge, sacrifice (of wealth) and service (work) are the three characteristics of the divine path to please God and this was done by Shankara, Ramanuja, Madhva, Buddha, Mahaveer, Guru Nanak, Jesus, Mohammad etc.


Second chapter is over.