Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 28 Jan 2023


Divine Experiences of Shri Hrushikesh

[By Shri Hrushikesh]

In March 2021, my family had visited Swami to complain about me. They were frustrated with my unhealthy habits. At that time, I was not taking care of my health properly and would sleep at around 3 AM every night. Because of these habits, I used to wake up late in the day and eat my first meal at around 4 PM. My mother was very worried that I would fall ill if my routine continued to be the same. My wife complained to Swami about my irresponsible behaviour. Swami listened to all their complaints with the utmost patience. He was very kind and first consoled them.

Swami then revealed a shocking truth about my life. He said that as per my astrological birth chart, Saturn's period was going on in my life (Shani dasha). And the house where Saturn was placed in my birth chart indicated death. My life was supposed to have ended by that time! I should have been dead by the age of 32! He was protecting me from some of the worst fruits of my karma. Swami said that when He was protecting me from 9 arrows out of the 10 arrows of karma coming my way, it was unfair to ask Him to save me even from that one remaining arrow. After all, the bad fruits were the result of my own bad deeds.

So, Swami asked me to chant “Hanuman Chalisa” every day and said that my habits would become more positive in due course of time. I asked Swami why I should be chanting Hanuman Chalisa when He Himself was present in front of me—He is Lord Datta Himself and the controller of all the 9 astrological planets. When Swami heard this, He laughed and told me that I could instead chant “Sankatamochan Hanumath Stuthi,” composed and written by Him. I agreed and returned home with my family.

Just a week later, I visited Kishore Ram's house. It is usually our habit to discuss Swami’s knowledge while walking. And as usual, we started walking near his home at around 08:30 PM. We kept walking while talking about Swami and ended up reaching the main road. At that point, we were walking on the left side of the road only where pedestrians are supposed to walk. All of a sudden, a car rushed towards me at high speed and hit me from behind. I was shocked and couldn't even process what had just happened! By all means, I should have been dead on the spot. But to my astonishment, I was still alive with not even a scratch. I started to walk normally immediately after this whole scene. I felt no pain. It was crystal clear that this was a miracle by Swami. He was the One who saved me from that deadly accident. I had no words to express my gratitude to Swami. The unconditional love He has towards every soul is unmatched by any kind of worldly love.

Swami gave me a second birth; He extended my life span!

He has protected me many many times from such accidents and this is only one of those miracles that I have shared with you all. Thank You, Swami. No one can match Your kindness or love. Thank You for protecting a useless soul like me. Your kindness has no limits!

Jai Guru Datta Swami.