Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 17 Apr 2022


Divine Experiences of Shri. Jayesh Pandey

[By Shri. Jayesh Pandey]

During the weekly Satsangs when I first heard Swamiji’s voice, it sounded full of innocence and motherly love to me. And I was wondering if Swamiji could pamper me like a mother does to his child. Then one-night Swamiji came in my dream, he was wearing the attire like the picture saved as our group display picture, we both were lying on the bed like a grandfather n grandson. He was caressing my hairs and pampering me while giving his satsangs simultaneously. Then a thought came in my mind that I might be separated from him somehow. Suddenly some unimaginable force started pulling me away from Swami ji by holding my hands. I had to wrap me legs around Swamiji’s legs, not to get separated from him. The dream ends.

If it counts as a miracle or just a play of my subconscious minds, I don’t know 🙂

There is one more incident which took place.

The incident goes like this. While answering my questions, Swamiji’s tone was very soft towards me. He used words like 'PLEASE ' to make me worship God Hanuman. I used to feel like why he's not ordering me and using such soft tone. But then one day when he accepted me as his disciple, in the very first sentence he said " I am accepting you as my disciple and I am ORDERING you to worship God hanuman for 5 years ". People may think it as mere coincidence, but what it actually was, is known to Swamiji.