Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 03 Jul 2022


Divine Experiences of Smt. Archana Srivastava

[By Smt. Archana Srivastava]

Padanamaskaram Swamiji!

Accept my salutation at your lotus feet!

I want to share one of the miracles that happened to me recently. From my birth, I am a high myopic. As I grew up things went worse and the number of my glass power went up to -21. Being a high myopic and as a result of molecular degeneration, a cataract developed in both of my eyes. Normally it is developed in old age. Being pathologically myopic, the condition of my retina is not good. It became very very thin. The doctor said he couldn’t do anything to improve my return condition but he will try to remove the cataract, but the number is quite high. So, the doctor was worried about the surgery. But I was ready because somewhere in my mind, I know You are there on the day of my operation. I called Swami to seek His blessing and He said everything will be fine. During my whole operation, I was just thinking that You were there and I am holding your hands and throughout my surgery, I was chanting your name. After both the surgeries, when I went for my check-up, my doctor was surprised to see the results because just before waiting for my turn, I saw one person who came with her daughter. She had the same condition as mine, but she was quite younger. After her first surgery, which was not successful, the doctor told her father that he didn’t want to give him false hope because having this much power, this is obvious that her vision may or may not recover. But in my case, things were different for the doctor. It is a miracle that my vision is now ok. I can see without any specs now. Eyedrops are continued. He said after 3 months, if it is required, he will give me specs of -1 or - 2 for reading very small fonts. Yes, it is a miracle because of You, Swami. It’s your grace only now my power is from -21 to -1. Thank you is a very small word but that is what I can say. Thank you, Swami, for being the light of my life despite knowing that I am doing nothing in comparison to your grace most of the time.  I am busy with my worldly problems and I am not good enough to learn your knowledge. But you are the ocean of mercy. Thank you, Swami! Thank you! Accept my salutation at your lotus feet from your servant. Namaste Swami. Jai Guru Datta!