Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 16 Apr 2022


Divine Experiences of Smt. Suganya Raman

[By Suganya Raman]

Jai Guru Datta!

Beginning with a gratitude note, I have started realizing how miraculous every incident in my life is­ and, everywhere there is constantly one picture behind the screens. It feels so good to sit back and witness my own life and the most favourite part is, when the particular scene (which usually I think it as the most difficult phase) ends, I sneak into the curtains behind and get so excited to find the person who has very beautifully put everything together! My life is just that, and the constant background is SHRI DATTA SWAMI!

Miracle realisation!

Date: May 2014 to 2022

If I have to say about miracles of Swami which I experienced, then I have to submit my whole life here! But right now, I am noting down a couple of them.  Before I say about the miracles I experienced, I guess that realizing that I had one miracle is itself a miracle! Such an experience is what I had on 19 May 2021, after reading Mr. Kishore Ram's miraculous experience of weaning off his non-vegetarian habits. 

A few days before I got married in 2014, I was blessed with the introduction of Swamiji's Divine Knowledge by Dr.Nikhil Kothurkar. Though not an ardent lover of non-vegetarian foods, I still liked taking it. My fiancé and his family members are lovers of non-vegetarian foods. I used to be on and off eating non-veg and my dad used to say that after wedding, there is no way I can give up non veg foods because my fiancé has a regular routine of eating non-veg. In May 2014, I was introduced to Swami’s knowledge, In June 2014, I got married and went to the Maldives, and ate varieties of non-vegetarian food. Gradually the thought of ending non-veg in my life grew very strongly (His grace). Also, I was teaching kids about vegetarianism and I felt hypocritical. Arguing with in-laws was pointless because I know I will attract unnecessary troubles. So, I gave in and continued eating. Although I felt helpless. We have a custom of newly wedded couple be invited to relative’s place to enjoy a good feast which is usually non-veg. Now, the first house I went to, I accepted the feast externally and as I complete the feast, I got a weird feeling and immediately ran to the bathroom to throw up everything. It embarrassed everyone. I used to apologize because both the parties felt very bad. People concluded that food may be spicy, or a combination of sweet, etc. was the reason for vomiting. Meanwhile, in the houses that served me vegetarian meals, I was able to take it in well, no matter in what combination I ate. Now, this became the regular scene during feasts that I eat and throw up, eat and throw up and it was effortless. The climax was when I was forced and I almost was about to throw up on the leaf on the table itself. My mother-in-law felt very bad. I was even asked by her and her friends, who are believers of Christ, “Your gods (Meaning Hindu) simply say not to eat non veg foods. Don't follow it. Who told u not to eat?”, I spontaneously said, "Jesus came in my dreams and told me not to eat it. Because He is the most loving God. He loves every being alike ". That aunt said, "It’s stupid. Jesus never says that. He ate it and showed so that we should also eat". Then I politely asked them, "Then are u ready to get crucified too and take up others' sins aunty? He did that too". From then on, no one forced me. I never had to eat that food again. This inconvenience of vomiting helped me reform my practices without much trouble. I’m so grateful for this inconvenience.

Later when I was pregnant with my first kid Raaghav Kannan in October 2015, my blood reports showed very low haemoglobin of level <7mg only. This got everyone worried. Now everyone, who wanted to bring back the habit of non-veg diet, targeted on my eating habits. My arguments about Brahmins being vegetarian and giving birth all were in vain. I was countered that my body is used to primary protein from animal protein, so it's tough to assimilate plant protein. Now finally they targeted saying, “Be a good mother and think of your child. Do u want it to have some problem?”.  I got worried and gave in. I told them I am going to take it(iron rich nonveg food) as medicine only just to improve my iron and none shouldn't force me after I improve. What they brought me was goat's spleen(suvaroti) as it was rich in iron. I started crying as I was eating. They told me I have already eaten, so why I feel bad. The reason I was crying was not in disgust, but the fate that the poor creature had to come on my plate as my food. I couldn’t believe that I have been doing this merciless sin for years together.

But there was one hope I held on to. I thought God would make me throw up again. But this time, I dint throw up at all. So, people were so happy, leaving me worried. They said God has accepted it, so I needn’t worry much.  Two days I ate and I couldn't take it anymore. I spoke to my husband the words, which I could not believe I did and I still shiver at those words. "A mother goat would have also grown its little one for days together in its womb and gave birth and nurtured. How would it feel for the mother goat to see the child butchered? Imagine if someone did it to our baby. I don't want to grow the baby with this food." My husband couldn't say anything but just warned me to eat other foods well so my iron improves. Meanwhile, whatever iron-rich vegetarian food I kept taking in, I was throwing up. I knew I will never get a second chance at this, but nothing I could do to improve it. Now when I went for a check-up, they took a blood test and while taking the blood, the nurse noticed that it seems so dark, last time it was little light. As the blood went to the lab for testing, we went to a nearby hotel to eat. Hopeless, I was throwing up and my family was scolding me for being lethargic and said after this result they are going to change my diet. I did all I could, so after this, I’m hopeless. My husband being a doctor, once the results came, they called him over the phone and reported. He immediately left the table and the way he left, again people were scolding me as it was serious. Now I lost it. I was about to cry in the public, that's when he came and said the reports say "11.2mg. It's unbelievable". The tears which were about to roll out crying now transformed into a mad laugh in the hotel. I felt like passing an exam in distinction! Husband said that it's impossible to get such a hike and maybe the machines were at fault and then I asked, then why was blood colour like that. He said it has nothing to do with the reading though. I said, “whatever, now I’m on track with health and even if I throw up all, I’m sure, if this is baby is destined to grow and it will, because God is taking care."

This is purely Swami's grace! After this, my dad also decided to give up non-veg for some time and so my mom did too. Thereafter a temple work came up and since dad became a part of it, he resolved to not eat non-vegetarian food till the completion of the temple. He loves non-veg a lot but still, he gave a pause, and eventually, before the temple could be renovated, his soul left his body. Everyone felt he could have had non-vegetarian food at least once before leaving, but I have no regrets for it and felt happy that his last two years he didn't take it at all. Now my mom, completely gave up on non-vegetarian since dad left like that. Swamiji's leelas are just beautiful! He helped us all to get over the sinful habits.

Now, this is not where this end. In my family, me, my mom and both my kids are following vegetarian food. Even in my wildest dreams, I thought that my husband giving up on Non veg food is impossible. At least that’s what I thought! Recently (December 2021), there came up a medical situation at home and we were at hospital to run some medical scans for a family member. That time, when having a casual conversation, the topic fell on food habits and then I told my husband, “why should we use another being’s life to grow our body? Wont they feel pained? It will definitely have a way of coming back at us”. I prayed Swami for providing me with right words to convince my husband. But he will listen and tease me telling me “Please keep all these God things with you. Leave me in my way”. I let him be.

After a week, he came home from hospital and said “I’m struggling to find a good tasty food to eat!” and when I asked why and he said that vegetarian foods are not satiating as non-vegetarian and that he has given up on eating non veg!!! I was so surprised and asked why he did so. He said it’s you who brain washed me. Then I replied that “You are a person who is so solidified with your habits and so thick skinned. You won’t even listen, leave alone changing! Do you think an ordinary person like me could have changed you? I don’t think so.” Later some days, when the same discussion came up, I told him again “May be God has touched you”. He then said,” Even that guy told so!”. I was surprised and asked who.

It seems a couple of days back, a Christian pastor visited my husband’s clinic and was doing prayers. He had asked my hubby to extend him hands out, facing upwards and the pastor kept his hand above my husband’s hands without touching. This has made my husband lose his balance for a moment while the pastor is praying and the pastor said, “This area has good vibrations and God is touching you!”

The surprising part is that I never knew about pastor visit nor what he has said too. There is no way anyone could inform me about this. But the words came out similar. I mentioned such an omniscience and the timely strike can be done only by God. How long only will you keep denying!” Though right now, he doesn’t openly accept the change going on within him, I’m just enjoying how I can see Swamiji’s hand cooking beautiful aromatic dishes in the name of miracles, all around me! Thank you Swamiji!!!

I would like to add one more learning I had in this journey with contemporary human incarnation. Noting it down in the following points.

1) Even before realizing Swami as Human Incarnation, whatever I have prayed for has been fulfilled by Swami now.

Few years back, I used to go to temple and sit before Lord Shiva with Swami’s Knowledge and crave for seeing and talking with Lord Shiva. How ironical! God is talking to me through knowledge and I keep on saying, “Talk to me! Talk to me!”. Not even knowing what I m aspiring for. But Swami, the Karuna Moorthy, blessed me by walking me through the spiritual path very beautifully and patiently.

When I sit before Lord shiva Linga and close my eyes, I felt very peaceful and the moment I open the eyes to see the world, I become scared and filled with fear. Now this is where the guidance of contemporary Human incarnation plays the important rule. Swami has graced me with different dreams in the different forms and most recently after a big personal crisis, I had a dream where I was standing and my relatives and blood relations were throwing stones at me. One among them were about to throw a big rock at me and I start crying. In a distant I see a figure approaching us. It was Swami as Lord Shiva with Jatamudi, tiger skin wrapped around and holding a Trishul. I quickly run and hug his leg. I’m just about the height of his knees. I discussed this with Nikhil sir and sir said, “See swami is always protecting you”.

Whatever I was praying even before realizing human incarnation, it was fulfilled now by the Contemporary Human Incarnation. My prayers only God knows and who else can fulfil it other than God Himself! Soon after a few days, the picture of Swami as Lord Shiva in standing position was released and I was just thrilled.

2) Now how relevant is Contemporary Human incarnation to us. This week, I was invited me to join for a trip to Rameswaram on my dad’s death anniversary, that is yesterday (16 April 2022). I straight denied the invitation. When my mom asked why not we visit the temple, I told her, “Satsang is my temple because my God is right there”. Had I accepted to trip with them, after a brief visit to temple only worldly issues and current ongoing family problems would be discussed. I was saved from that unwanted tension. Yes, ofcourse they would come to talk about it another day!

But the main thing here is not that I escaped the tension. Even if I had visited Rameswaram temple, I am sure I couldn’t have got the chance to take the darsan or talk to Ramanatha Swami directly. But right here, right now, My Ramanatha Swamy is here listening and talking to me. I am blessed to share the experience of miracles with God Himself - Shri Datta Swami!If not for contemporary Human incarnation, even if I visit temples after temple, who could save me from crisis and also turn the same time into bliss like this!!!

Final note

Adding a final note. After listening to Phaniji about his experience of Swamiji’s miracles in regard to the black magic affecting the pregnant sister-in-law, I got this thought. “We all would have ‘heard’ of Parikshiith, whose life was saved by Lord Krishna some ages back! But that story we can only hear, believe and enjoy. But only with a contemporary human incarnation, we get to literally experience and ‘see’ the story of Parikshiith repeating before us for real, in our era with our Lord Venu Gopala Krishna, His Holiness Shri Datta Swami!!

"Yada yada hi dharmasya glanirbhavati bharata
Abhythanamadharmasya tadatmanam srijamyaham
Paritranaya sadhunang vinashay cha dushkritam
Dharmasangsthapanarthay sambhabami yuge yuge"
-Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 4, Verse: 7-8

Always At His Lotus feet as a servant,

Suganya Raman.