Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 12 May 2024


Lord Krishna as Swami (A poem on Swami by Smt. Chhanda)

(A poem on His Holiness Shri Datta Swami by Smt. Chhanda)


Krishna means the most attractive one,
You are that same Krishna for me, the Ultimate one.

People often say, “We can’t see God Krishna.”
I say firmly not only we can see; but also, can feel personally Kanha.

Seeing, talking, touching and staying with Krishna, the Paripuurna tama avataara
(most complete fullest incarnation),
All these are very much possible if we really love Him from our antara (inside).

I proudly say that Swami, You only are responsible for this experience of mine,
As no one else other than You can bless me as You are the most Divine.

Ye yathā māṃ prapadyante tāṃstathaiva bhajāmyaham” as said by Lord Krishna in Gita,
(The way devotee approaches Me, I also approach them in the same way.)
You made me realize this concept in my own case, O Lord Datta!

Each and every word of this shloka is so completely true,
I perfectly experienced them in this life itself, who did not have any clue.

From childhood, I am searching for Krishna, my most favourite form of God,
Never could I believe that You will really come and make me feel so blessed.

Sometimes, I feel like “Is really Krishna present there in my life?”,
I need to pinch myself and make myself practically feel the divine vibe.
(vibe:- a distinctive feeling)

What a magnificent realization You have blessed me, my Lord,
That I don’t even remember anything about this materialistic world, my God.
(magnificent:- extremely beautiful)

It is like the strongest magnet that is attracting this small iron dust particle,
Can I have any other option, other than automatically approaching my Master?

I am that dust particle that wished strongly to get a place at Your divine feet,
You accepted and turned it into a diamond, and kept me at such a height.

Is it possible for me to attain this peak of mountain on my own?
You only took me there by Your own virtue of kindness, I truly bow down.

I am like the person, who doesn’t even know swimming properly,
You are only helping me to cross this worldly ocean and that too very easily.

It is truly said that You make every impossible thing to be possible,
I am the best example for this reality, for others definitely it is more probable.

The kind of treatment that You gave me, is just unthinkable,
If it continues, it is for sure that I will be uncontrollable.

O Lord Datta! please provide me the knowledge so that I can remain grounded,
I don’t want to lose You at any cost by just making my ego inflated.

I am so ignorant that I don’t even understand the term ‘Datta-test’,
And You say that I have passed the tests; can’t even believe my fate!

O Krishna! If such is Your test, where I can’t even feel any pressure at all,
Please allow me to face such tests in each and every birth, be it for eternal.

In this way, if You can be attained O Karunasindhu (ocean of kindness)!
I won’t even think for salvation at all, as the greatest is Your value.

I may fail at many points while giving these tests,
Request You whole-heartedly to please be there during those phases.
(phase:- a distinct period or stage in a series of events)

Even though I slip and try to stand up again and again, I don’t bother,
I want Your name only to be there on my tongue, no chance to faulter.
(Faulter:- One who commits a fault)

Nothing can be greater than You, my Krishna, in this whole universe,
Can ever creation be greater than You, the creator, confirms all scriptures.

Having complete faith on You, one can see the invisible,
He can also believe in the incredible as well as can receive the impossible.
(incredible:- impossible to believe)

You did all such wonderful things to me in this birth, feeling unparallel,
But, I must say that I am still incomplete in this faith on You, O Unimaginable!

You have given me more than what I required in this life, that I never imagined,
Please don’t allow me to be habituated with anything excess so that I forget my Unimagined.

Only one wish is there to be fulfilled in this birth, O Vaasudeva!
Let my faith be complete on You so that I can please You, O Son of Vasudeva!

The only aim of this soul is to love You to its fullest capacity,
I can’t even dream that without Your grace, O my Swami, the infinity.