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Posted on: 05 Jun 2022


My experiences with Swami - Shri Anil

[By Shri Anil Antony]

Reaching Swami

At the outset I would like to thank Swami a million times for accepting me as one among the followers. My case is exactly like an LKG student who got admission to the PG class from the back door when all other great devotees got the admission into the PG class on merit basis based on the entrance exam. I feel I am a dull student but due to continuous grace and pushing from Swami I could atleast sit in the back bench and listen the class along with all other brilliant devotees who are sitting in the front rows much ahead of me.

I came across Swami’s brilliant knowledge during fag end of the year 2003 through Swami’s dearest devotee Shri Suryanarayana. We both work in the same office along with Shri Durga Prasad another dear devotee of Swami in Mumbai. Previously before coming to Swami, I was a devotee of Jesus and used to read bible and attended many retreats. However, I was confused regarding the existence of many religion, different Gods belonging to each religion etc and these queries were there in mind which always confused me a lot. Even when I was reading the bible various statements of Jesus confused me. Some place He says other than Father no body is good. Some other place He says, “I am the path & I am the light”, “Whoever see Me has seen the Father” etc. How can the same Jesus say different versions?

Finally, in 2003 Swami came in to my life. All the above doubts were clarified and smashed by Swami’s crystal-clear knowledge. I was really fortunate that, by Swami’s grace I was receiving His divine discourses from the very beginning itself from the year 2003. We three, Shri Durga Prasad, Shri Surya & myself used to discuss each discourse in detail either during our tea time, or during our way to office or during the time we return from the office during the walking. This way the knowledge went into our brain.

To summarize, some of the diamonds of divine knowledge of Swami which catch my attention are

1. Concept of unimaginable God
2. Boundary of universe and existence of unimaginable God at the boundary
3. Science and God
4. Father of Heaven (God Datta)- Son of God- Holy Spirt
5. Caste System
6. Human incarnation – 2-in-1 system
7. Concept of rebirth and correlation among all the religions
8. Why Muhammad told He was the last Prophet
9. Correlation of various statements of Jesus
10. Social Service Vs Service to God
11. Mis conceived Adavita
12. Correlation among preaching of Shankara, Madhva, Ramanuja
13. Awareness- work form of inert energy
14. Soul can be seen as electrical pulses in brain
15. Pravrutti and Nivritti
16. Idol worship
17. Smashing various misunderstandings in Hinduism
18. Topics on astrology
19. Need of Fighting against injustice
20. Revenge is mine
21. Why Rama left Sita in the forest alone
22. 3 Main gates to hell
23. Reformation smashes all the sins
24. Unity of religion and Universal spirituality
25. Why Ram das suffered even though he was a strong devotee of Ram
26. Importance of spiritual education
27. To love and serve God without aspiring anything in return from God


Subsequent experience 1

For the first time when I went to meet Swami in Vijayawada at Ajay sir house, we both; Swami and myself, sat down at the same table for food and food was served for both. We both started eating. After the food was eaten, I looked at Swami’s plate it was sparkling like a newly brought plate but my plate was looking very dull. Then I observed the difference. It is because Swami ate every morsel of the food without even wasting a bit also, where as in my plate some food was left over as remains without eating. Thus; the first lesson I learnt from Swami is that not to waste food even a bit.


Subsequent experience 2

Long along ago around 15-16 years back, I had to undertake some legal steps against some opponent due to certain issues. Swami suggested me to proceed with the legal matter. But when I sat back and analysed about it, I felt no way I can make a case out of the various situations I had faced. So I had no clue what to do. But believing in Swami I went ahead and met an advocate and discussed the matter.

After hearing my explanations, the advocate prepared the case file against the opponent and gave to me to read. I was completely stunned to see the content in it. Then I got the clue then and there itself that; all these sentences written in that case file was fully inspired by Swami only. Otherwise such a perfect case cannot be made from nowhere. Then the matter was taken up in the court. The opponent’s advocate cross questioned me in several ways. He was unable to break the knot tied by Swami, he was literally scratching his head to find out any loop-hole from me. No avail. The proof from my side is so strong by the grace of Swami. Finally the presiding Judge remarked in the following way: “As we dig more and more other than hard rock there is no sign of any water nearby”. Finally, the case was adjudged favourable to me by the grace of Swami since it fulfilled certain objects set by Swami Himself.

One specialty of Swami is that side by side He gives practical guidelines through His divine knowledge. For example, the above referred case ran for some time due to slowness of the court, many times I go but the opponent do not turn out, due to this some discouragement cropped up in me. Then a discourse came and when I was reading the print out of that discourse lotus scent emitted out of that paper continuously.


I am just presenting part of that discourse as given below:

Arjuna came to Kurukshetra to fight with enemies in order to get back his kingdom. He thought that the war is his case and Krishna was helping him in his case like an advocate helping the petitioner in his case filed in a court. Arjuna thought that since he is the owner of the case, he can withdraw the case whenever he likes to do so. If the petitioner is not interested to fight the case, the advocate will have no interest to argue it.

 Arjuna thought that it was not proper to kill his grandfather and teacher for the sake of wealth. His point was also justified. But, Krishna turned the tables diagonally opposite by enlightening Arjuna through the Gita. The analysis of Krishna revealed that the war was His work. Krishna revealed that He is God descended in human form on the earth (Manusheen Tanumashritam…) and wants to destroy the evil forces to establish justice. Therefore, the war becomes the work of God.

The advocate turned to be the petitioner of the case and therefore, the case cannot be withdrawn. If the petitioner turns away, the advocate will introduce his name in the name of the petitioner and the case will be re-filed in the court. Krishna made it clear that He is going to destroy the evil forces and since the grandfather and the teacher are the supporters of the injustice, both have to be also killed. Arjuna thought that it is better to kill the evil forces along with his grandfather and teacher and thereby, get the grace of God. If he withdraws from the war, both will not survive in any case and unnecessarily he will be the loser of the divine grace. Hence, he changed his opinion and fought the war.

It proved then that by the above verses that I cannot withdraw the case I have to fight it if I am not fighting it; Swami will fight any way but I will lose the grace of Swami.

Everything went ahead just like a cinema show.

During the above case, Swami told me not worry about money. He told it will be compensated. The words of Swami came true immediately. In fact, I was facing financial crunch since I have to pay to advocate and for travel etc. Then in my office I got a contract with IAEA to prepare some technical document and IAEA paid me in Euro directly to my account, a handsome amount of money, which was more than sufficient to cover the expenses faced during the case. Just sitting in my office, I got the money by the blessing of Swami.


Subsequent experience 3

During the same time another issue cropped up. That time my sister got married and was having a son but due to some issue husband was not supporting her and family and he went to gulf for the job. Then my sister, son and mother came to Mumbai and stayed with me. One side the case was running other side this issue of sister. It is like I am sand-witched between sea and devil. Meanwhile she had written a PSC exam and it was her last chance due to age constrains. No more chance if she did not pass. Thus it was a do die-situation. One day I asked my sister to talk to Swami over phone. She just talked with Swami. The result came and she got selected as assistant engineer in irrigation department in Kerala. Now she is very well settled with husband and son. This is a great miracle from Swami which resolved a serious issue at the right time in my life.


Subsequent experience 4

I think from among all the devotees I have been blessed by Swami the most; if you see relative state where I am before where I am now. He blessed me with good job, children, flat, car, all other facilities, with my folded hand I am asking Swami to not bless any more since I cannot withstand it. Thus; the saying, Bhoga Moksha applies to me literally. Even in my dream I never expected the facilities which I am enjoying now since I was coming from a meagre background.


Subsequent experience 5

The office in which I work provides flat for our stay in Mumbai. I was staying in flat which was quite old. Wife wanted a renovated flat. But I do not want to leave the building in which the flat is located since the surrounding was good with greenery etc. Allotment of flats came. Every time I go for the allotment of flat, but before my number came all the good flats will be over. This happened for quite some time. Finally, I went for the allotment, to my wonder, I got a renovated flat in the same building at a higher floor facing a lake and greeneries. Without blessing of Swami how can be it possible?


Subsequent experience 6

Previously Swami used to visit Mumbai and during when He comes here it will be a spiritual festival for all of us here. It is like President visiting a remote village. One specialty of Swami is that He never waste money. He, at that age also took all pain and difficulties and used to visit Mumbai by coming in sleeper class. Devotees ask Him, we will arrange flight ticket or A/C train ticket but Swami always rejected that offer and just like a layman He used to travel in sleeper class.


Subsequent experience 7

Normally I like jokes. Whenever Swami comes in Mumbai there will always be a session, I think I can call it as “Spiritual jokes session”. A simple example: Surya (referring to Surya Narayana) means knowledge, Andheri means Ignorance or darkness.

One day Swami gave a discourse on the verses in Gita “ The world is in Me, I am not in the world and the world is also not in Me”. While explaining this concept, He cited the example of a “sunken boat” in which water is present in the sunk boat & sunk boat is in the sea. (I will post that article in the whatup). After this, as usual we went for a walk. We sat on a small bridge under which almost a dry drainage canal was passing. Spontaneously, Swami told to us “Be careful if you topple over from here, you will not be a floating boat but rather you will be a sunken boat”. This joke entertained me continuously for 1 week atleast. Continuously I was in laughter mood since that joke replayed in my mind continuously.


Subsequent experience 8

One day when Swami came here we went for a walk. I took my son also along with me. Then swami told me to drop him in my house as he is a small child cannot walk for a along distance. But I did not follow that instruction and walked along with Swami keeping my son in the back side of the cycle. Immediately the leg of my son got entangled in the spokes of the cycle and he was crying with unbearable pain. Immediately I took him to my house and return back. I recognized my foolish mistake of not following Swami’s advice.


Subsequent experience 9

Recently (last year) I was told that Swami is coming to Mumbai. But unfortunately, in the same time I had already booked my flight ticket to and fro for my native place. Then I was in a dilemma. What to do? Then I decided to cancel the ticket 1 day before my travel. I came from office and opened the mail box, the first mail I saw was the mail informing that due to some reason the airliner has themselves cancelled the ticket of my outward journey and they will refund the amount back. I got shocked by this.

But now the inward journey ticket is there what about that. I thought I will cancel it after few days. After 2 days I got an SMS from the air liner stating that due to some technical issue the flight was cancelled and the refund will be initiated! Both tickets were from different air operators.!! See the miracle of Swami!


Subsequent experience 10

One day I was admitted to hospital due to chest heaviness and was under medical supervision. The doctor came for the routine check-up. He told to take my ECG. The ECG showed some abnormality and I was transferred to another hospital and angiography was done. During this time Shri Ajay conveyed this message to Swami. Swami sang a devotional song. During this time the angiography test was going on and the result showed that here was no blockage in the heart. The doctors also surprised to see the result. They were expecting some blockage.  Swami, You have given me the second life.


Subsequent experience 11

In my office getting a chance to go abroad is a very prestigious thing. Swami gave several chances to visit overseas for official work. Recently around 2-3 months back when I was taking tea with Shri Durga Prasad in the office, casually I said “Oh Durga Prasad Sir, I am little bored off now siting in India continuously, I want o go abroad for a change” After this conversation, Swami again blessed me now to visit France for an official tour.


Subsequent experience 12

Sometimes difficulties will be turned for our good. I will cite an example from the office. One day it was informed that there will be a quiz competition for discussing Nuclear technology Vs Solar technology. Since I worked in that area my name was suggested initially but later on my junior’s name as given for the event. I was little disappointed about this. But it was a blessing only done by Swami Himself, because that event never took place and had I prepared for that lot of my energy and time would have wasted unnecessarily. See how Swami protect us even through negative events.


Subsequent experience 13

Once I went to see Swami to Hyderabad by train. When I was in the train I got a message from Surya that Swami had gone to a devotee's house. I was told the direction to reach the place where Swami had gone. As per the direction I took a local train and got down at the station. I got down and went in opposite direction for some distance. Then a flash strikes me to move in the opposite direction. Then I immediately started moving in the opposite direction, Alas! after few steps, I just saw Swami sitting in side of the platform! I shocked and asked Swami about this. Swami told that He knew in which train I am coming. This is a miracle as there are lot of train at different time plying between the stations.


Subsequent experience 14

One day I and family of Surya, Lakshman and Phani went to Ganapthi Pule a tourist place. While returning to Mumbai it was night. Shri Surya told me to drive his car in which Surya and family and I were travelling. Since some work were going on the road, there were some pits at side of the road. I started driving at high speed, then the car happens to move over some of the side pits, due to this car lost balance for some time and was wobbling. By Swamis grace the car stayed stable after the initial wobbling and did not hit any vehicles which were passing by the side. This happened twice.


Subsequent experience 15

I was a staunch non-veg previously. However after coming in contact with Swami, due to Swami's divine knowledge and grace I could stop non-veg food.


Subsequent experience 16

Another miracle which took place yesterday. I came from outside to my flat. Then I again wanted to go outside, I checked the door key and thought it was in my pocket. When I just gone out of the door the door closed due to wind. Then I just checked my pocket the key was not the door key it was bikes key. Then it immediately turned towards the door, by Swamis grace the even though the door closed with force of the wind it remained unlocked. Generally, even with a small wind the door closes automatically.  Had it closed I would have had to break the door from outside to enter into the flat!!  Even for this type of event also Swami helps.


Subsequent experience 17

Swami, with folded hands, millions of thanks to You for all the help You have rendered me.

With this I am concluding my experiences with Swami.


At Divine Your Lotus Feet

-Anil Antony