Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 18 Mar 2023


Swami's reassurance about His protection through another form

[By Shri Ajay]

With salutations at the Lotus feet of our Datta Swami, I would like to present a recent divine experience given by our contemporary human incarnation Shri Datta Swami. 

Every year we will be having LTC as a part of our service conditions.  In my case three slots were pending and we decided to go on tour to Tamilnadu.  I informed the same to Shri Datta Swami and Swamiji graced His permission to go on tour to Tamilnadu for an eight-day trip. 

On 24th February Swamiji has graced us to celebrate His birthday and conducted a Satsang in our house.  When we have made all the arrangements and the function is about begin in an hour, my son Veena Datta suddenly started bleeding heavily from his nose.  Immediately Phani has spoken to Swamiji on this and Swamiji assured that nothing will happen and said that it is only because of cold and advised us to go to Phani’s relative who is a doctor here and not to go to any corporate hospitals as there is no worrying issue.  As per Swamijis advise, we have taken him to Phani’s relative and everything subsided within 15 minutes after going to the doctor with Swamiji’s grace and slowly Veena Datta returned to normal. 

On 04th March we both have proceeded to our tour as per schedule.  On 08th March there was an incident in our house when we both are in Madurai.  My wife Naga Lakshmi was worried about the incident. Then we remembered an assurance given to us earlier by Shri Datta Swami that “if anything is good I Myself bring and give it to you. If it is not good for you, I will not allow it to come to you and you need not ask for it”. By remembering these words of Shri Datta Swami, we consoled ourselves thinking that this may not be good for us at this time, and we proceeded on with the remaining tour.

On the last day of our tour, we had visited Jambukeshwaram temple near Srirangam as per our schedule.  When we are on the way to the sanctum Santorum of Lord Shiva a well-built person wearing saffron clothes with holy ash all around His body and with His hair tied like a Jhatajhutam, was coming from the sanctum sanctorum.  I am ahead of my wife a few steps and she is behind me. 

He suddenly looked at my wife and started talking in Telugu and asked a question to my wife which is as follows:  Why are you taking so much struggle and looking worried? As both of your children are well settled, why to worry? You may be thinking where I am from?  I am coming from the Holy place Varanasi.  Don’t worry at all. I am always in your house only.

Then she was about to talk about her son and not spoken even a single word yet.  Before she is about to ask, that person laughed immediately and replied to my wife as follows:

“I am in your house only.  I know all the things and I will take care of the issue don’t worry and given the holy ash to my wife. 

As I am walking a few steps ahead, I don’t know anything about this and turned back calling my wife to come fast as we are the last persons in the group, as everybody returned from the temple to the bus. 

Then that person once again told don’t worry and now go as he is calling you (Adigo pilustunnaduga vellu) in a louder tone.  She immediately saluted Him with her folded hands and we both returned to the bus after having Darshan.

When I asked her why she is standing at that place, she narrated the entire story to me. She said that this is the reason why she was calling me, and without noticing it I am proceeding to the darshan.

After listening to the entire story I said that, Swamiji has come to us to remove your worry and once again reiterated that He is there in our house itself.  As a human being based on the way she is participating in the tour I felt she is okay. But only Lord Datta knows her feelings (Bhaavagrai Janardhanh).

Here I would like to recall one incident happened when she was affected with cerebral haemorrhage. At the time of her discharge from the hospital, doctor has advised us not to send her to the kitchen for cooking as it may reoccur any time and advised us to accompany her always.  When we returned from the hospital, she informed Shri Datta Swami about the same.  Immediately Shri Datta Swami assured her like this: “you don’t worry at all.  Nothing will happen to you. I will be always there in your house even in your kitchen also and I will take care of you. You start cooking food and do all works normally without worrying about the doctors advise and with Swamiji’s grace she is quite normal as you all can see her now. 

Through this divine experience Swamiji once again reiterated and re-assured us that He is always with us by directly appearing in human form before us in Jambukeswaram. 

We once again salute the lotus feet of our contemporary human incarnation Shri Datta Swami for His grace showered on us.  In this regard - I can only salute Swami’s lotus feet by chanting ‘kathamapi yogyo naahamakaarana karunaiva tavahi Karanamekam’ and ‘Runamuteercha jaalanayya Rushiraja Nee runamu teerchajaalanayya Dattatreya’!

Thank you very much for always showering your divine grace on us Swami!