Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 24 Apr 2022


Swami Miraculously giving an excellent Job to a Devotee

[By Shri Bharath Krishna]

Padanamaskarams to Swami.

I would like to share two of my Miraculous Experiences given by Swamiji. Both of these are about Swami giving me a Job miraculously as well as teaching me some important lessons through those experiences.

Swami gave me other miraculous experiences also before the one’s which I am going to explain now. In fact, as I learned His knowledge from Dr. Nikhil sir, one of my biggest questions due to which I went into deep depression was answered. I went through a number of sleepless nights. Sometimes, I was even screaming when I was alone in my college hostel out of uncontrolled anger. When I got the answer, I felt so ashamed to realize that the mistake was mine all the while. Further, as I learned Swami’s knowledge, it was effortless to see that my entire life itself was full of miracles because I was able to see the purpose of all that I went through in my life. It was all Lord Datta’s deliberate planning to prepare me for this moment when He Himself in the form of Shri Datta Swami, The Human Incarnation of Lord Datta and His Knowledge came into my life.

Now coming to the first of the two miracles, it happened on 3rd Dec 2019. During my M.Tech last Semester, I had an option to choose either to do an internship or to do a project in college itself. “National Aerospace Laboratory” was my dream company. So, I wrote to them in Aug 2018 seeking permission for doing internship in that company. An automated response email came but nothing else happened. So, I came to Bangalore all the way from Coimbatore hoping that somehow, I can manage to meet some HR by directly visiting the company location and get the permission I need. I was already told by my friend that they won’t allow me inside just like that. But I was so mad about that company that I want to try every possible option. After coming there, they didn’t even allow me to enter inside. Sadly, I left that place and forgot about that company.

Finally, I had to do project in the college itself. Even successfully finishing this college project of mine was also due to Swami’s miraculous help only. After finishing my M.Tech, I went back to my home in Pulivendula, Andhra Pradesh. I started searching for Jobs but I wasn’t getting any calls. I was even cheated by someone in the name of giving a job and I lost around Rs. 6000. After that it was difficult to trust anyone easily. After this my Job search became difficult. I kept on trying but every attempt of mine was failing. Out of desperate need for a Job, I called Swami for suggestion. He suggested me to Pray Anjaneya Swami and Lord Subrahmanyam Swami by putting their photos Infront of me. He also said that the sooner I develop devotion, the sooner my problems get resolved.

One fine day I was just thinking and suddenly NAL came into my mind. I checked their website and there was one Job opening for Project Assistant. I was very happy to see some hope finally and sent my application. Later, I applied to another Job opening for JRF’s in CABS, DRDO as well. I was waiting for call from any of them and NAL sent the invitation for interview. Wow, I am going to NAL! I was very excited. It was the day of the interview. Myself and my friend who also came to attend the same interview were in nearby park revising some concepts before going for the interview. I remembered that Swami told to sing “Ugruni Ugrame…” and “Sankatamochana Hanumat Stotram” bhajans to solve any worldly problems. I even suggested my friend also to sing but he didn’t. However, He listened to me as I sang. We both went for the interview and everything went well. I was having hopes but my father had no hope that I will get that Job because there were about 200 candidates who came there that day. I sang Bhajans also, so I had hopes.

Result came and I wasn’t selected. It was a very sad news. I was thinking, even after singing bhajans, what could have possibly gone wrong? However, I left it there and continued my Job search. At this time, I went for an Interview in DRDO. I didn’t prepare like last time because anyway I won’t get it, what’s the point? But when I went there only four candidates came for giving interview for two Job openings, chances of me getting selected was so high because I had M.Tech plus Gate qualification as well. I felt sorry for not preparing well and in that 30min I revised the books that I had with me. Fortunately all the questions they asked me were about my project in M.Tech and other general questions and that interview also went well. During this time, I visited Shri Surya garu’s house in Mumbai. Phaniji was also there and the discussion about my Job search came. Then Phaniji made some calculations and declared that by “January 2020” I will get a Job! I was happy to hear that and came back to my home. I was expecting some good news from DRDO but nothing came. Left hopes on DRDO Job also and joined one small job in Chennai for my survival but I didn’t like it at all. They were not paying me well and the Job is also not at all Good. Instead of sitting idle at home better to do something, so I joined. But I was always having this doubt that even after singing those Bhajans how can I lose this Job? I was so mad of NAL because it is an opportunity to work in Aerospace Industry. I had an immense fascination for the Jobs in Aerospace industry.

Around 10 days after I worked there, I wrote a series of questions to Swami and in my last question I indirectly mentioned about me not having a Job yet. I sent these questions somewhere in the afternoon. That very day evening i.e., 03rd Dec 2019, I got a mail from NAL that I got the Project Assistant Job and I can Join as soon as possible. By now all of you must have understood how I could have felt that moment. I was super excited due to three reasons.

  • Firstly, it is a Job in Aerospace and that too in NAL!
  • Secondly, even after being rejected for the same Job before, they called me miraculously.
  • That Email with Job offer came exactly on the same day after I sent my question to Swami in which I mentioned about me not having a Job yet.

That was the happiest day of my life. That night I couldn’t sleep at all. I went on walking on the roads of Chennai until I got tired and then I came back and slept. The next day I called Swami and thanked Him for His miraculous help and the surprise as well. He laughed and then said, “Ok, ok…”. But I didn’t understand why He was laughing. Anyway, it doesn’t matter, I got my Job, so I am happy. My doubt about why Bhajans didn’t work also is gone.

Going into NAL felt like going into some dream land! All the procedure was done and I joined NAL. The office was located in Wind Tunnel Road near Murugeshpalya, Bangalore. That first day itself I understood why Swami laughed when I thanked Him for giving me this job in NAL. My boss told me that I will have to work until 6PM and I also may have to come on Saturdays if there is work. The reason for which I wanted a job is to get some free time in the evenings and weekends so that I can do a little bit of Swami’s work and learn Spiritual Knowledge. But after hearing those words from my boss, I realized that I did a terrible mistake by pressurizing Swami to give me this Job. My learning also won’t be significant enough in that job because the works that I was assigned to do were routine works. 3 days passed like this. The third day I came back to my PG and I saw a missed call from my dad. I called Him and He said that I have got the offer from DRDO as well. It was like Swami gave me moksha from that Job. I was very happy at the same time not much hope because I don’t know if they will leave in just 3 days after I joined. Fortunately, they left me and I joined in DRDO which was the next building to the building of NAL. If the DRDO lab location in some other city, it would have been impossible to resign and join there. This Job in DRDO is the real Dream Job. I have a beautiful view of entire Old Airport from my office. I see fighter jets taking off and landing on the runway on daily basis. During the initial days it was an eye feast but gradually I got bored of this Job as well. It’s been more than 2 years since I joined this Job and I started searching for next Job just after 6 months I joined in this Job. Being a person with lack of patience I faced really tough time finding my next Job.

Since then, I have applied to a number of Jobs but no response from anyone. 3 interview calls came but I wasn’t selected. I also had a lot of free time in this Job. So much free time that I read nearly 10 books of Swami while I was at office. Thank you, Swami, for blessing me with so much of free time. It was that Knowledge of Swami which kept me alive through this tough time. Initially I was searching for Jobs only in my area of Interest i.e., Lean Manufacturing. But Dr. Nikhil sir told me to be flexible and apply for design roles as well. It was difficult for me to go to design jobs after doing M.Tech in Manufacturing Engineering. A little ego feeling, what to do? But I already have enough experience with the Job at NAL, so I just have to take whatever Swami gives me, only that will be good for me. I started applying for all the Jobs in the Mechanical Engineering field. Applied to many good companies with references, but no calls for interview. This went on for about a year. I am a man of very little patience and also strong desires. This is a deadly combination. Due to this I suffered a lot taking so much tension. I thought it is my responsibility to find a Job. I tried all the possible ways that I could think of and left with nothing. I had good score in both B.Tech and M.Tech degrees and I have experience from DRDO. Why no one is calling me for at least interviews? I was singing Bhajans of Lord Hanuman and Lord Subrahmanyam Swami so that I will get a good Job faster. One day I felt so depressed that as I sang Bhajans, I wasn’t able to sing at all. I felt so undeserved to even sing those bhajans. All this time I didn’t improve any of my skills useful for my Job. I have not done much hard work to prepare myself for the next Job. I spent most of my time reading Swami’s knowledge only because if I didn’t read, I was going into depression. This entire year was a roller coaster of happiness, sadness, excitement, depression, joy etc.

During this period devotees suggested me to even look into software field and I hated that idea. I don’t like to sit before a computer and that too programming! definitely no. But if that’s what Swami thinks is good for me, it’s ok. I called Swami to ask Him if I should try in Software field as well. He said, “Shoot arrows in every direction, whatever comes take it”. This is very huge challenge for me because I am a person who is very clear about what I want and Swami is telling me to just accept whatever comes. Only one fact that Swami always gives me the best kept me going forward. In the meanwhile, one of the JRF’s who joined after me also got a Job. He was doing very hard work to develop His skills. I was focusing more on Job search because Swami clearly told me that my first priority should be Job search and skill development should be my second priority. So, I kept on doing what Swami suggested me to do. This time also Phaniji told me that by April 25th 2022 I should be getting the Job. So many times, a thought came in my mind that I should ask Swami to give me a Job but every time this thought came, my experience in NAL came in mind immediately and only asked for Swami’s suggestions but not for a Job.

Last December I saw a Job opportunity in Airbus for Structural Repair Engineer. A friend of mine helped me by asking one of her friends in Airbus to refer me for that Job. Since December I have been waiting for a call from them and I lost the hope in February. It seems that they have been interviewing many candidates but they weren’t satisfied with anyone. Hence the manager there came to this friend of mine in Airbus and enquired if he has anyone in his mind suitable for this Job. Immediately he forwarded my resume to his manager and they called me for the interview.

All the three interviews I gave before didn’t go well because I didn’t prepare seriously. In one interview I literally felt insulted for not being able to answer easy questions also. I felt so because I was a very good student and was also strong in my subject once. Now I am not that strong in my subject. This time I wanted to take this opportunity in Airbus seriously. There are few reasons for this. During my Job in DRDO, they once took me as one of their team members to study an Airbus aircraft in “Air India” Service center in Hyderabad. My superiors themselves came forward and asked me if I was interested to join them and I said yes because I will get a chance to meet Swami in Hyderabad this way. It is not common to take a JRF on duty to outside locations, actually it has never happened like this before. They got permission from director to take me with them and I learned a lot from that visit. Later an Aircraft repair work has come up and they assigned it to me. Even this kind of works come up very rare but it came and they gave it to me only. From this also I learned a lot. This Job at Airbus company is exactly in match with the above mentioned two experiences I have got from my current Job. That’s it, I sensed that Swami’s miracle is about to happen and I shouldn’t miss this opportunity at any cost. Phaniji also told me that I will get Job by April 25th and everything started making sense now.

I took 3 days leave and prepared well for this Job. It was very tough and also very boring to study but I pushed myself very hard and revised many concepts. I wasted a lot of time in those 3 days as well but compared to my preparation for my previous job interview, this time it was much better. My friend at Airbus gave some precautions to be taken while answering Interviewer’s questions and I kept them in my mind. Time to give my first round of interview. They started asking questions. Surprisingly none of those questions were from any of those concepts I revised in those 3 days. They asked practical questions only based on the above two experiences I mentioned earlier. The interview was so easy. Adding to this, one of the interview panel members was an ex-DRDO employee and he was staying in a building right next to the one in which I am living. He recognized me because my video was on. He moved from DRDO to Airbus and that same person came as my interviewer. Everything went so well that those interviewers went to my friend in Airbus and thanked him for referring me to them. My friend told me that this job is 90%mine. I too have almost felt that this Job is mine because HR round will not be a big deal.

As expected, they called me for HR round and asked for my salary expectations and I said 10 Lakhs. They also asked me to submit my past three months pay slips before attending the interview. I just had two days left, how am I supposed to get the pay slips? I guess you remember me already telling you all that my colleague resigned recently and he applied for pay slips. Just for time pass, I too have applied. After 10 days I received those documents and that’s when this call for second round of interview came. Hence, I was able to submit those pay slips. Otherwise, just because I couldn’t get the pay slips, I wouldn’t have been allowed to sit in second round of interview. This round also went well and I was expecting for a positive reply. They said that within three days they let me know the result but they didn’t. Again, I felt sad and lost all hopes. If I don’t get this Job, I don’t have any more strength to try again further. It was very difficult to handle the situation. I was feeling so low and went to watch RRR movie in a nearby mall. Even in that movie the Hero chants the Bhagavad Gita sloka “Karmanyevadhikarsate Maphaleshu kadachana…”. The way they showed that scene hit me very hard. For the first time I felt like I understood that sloka and I gained some motivation to try again. I applied to two more jobs after that and was hoping to hear from any of them. In order to find out what happened, I called the Airbus HR once and asked about their decision about my interview and she said that the panel said OK for me and they are waiting for approval. “If that comes, I will send me the offer letter”, she said. I thought, “Oh My Swami! I came so close now”. Can’t wait to put my resignation in my current Job. I did every possible mistake that can be done in this Job and messed up everything. My superiors thought that I will never get a good job because I am not learning new skills. I called Swami and told Him as follows, “Swami, going to office feels like going to Jail, I want to put resignation for this Job”. To this Swami replied as follows, “It is a stupid idea to leave the job before getting a better one. Your Job is your Duty and, in your duty, you are not supposed to have desires”. Long time ago, one day when I was sitting with Swami in Hyderabad, out of nowhere He told me not to leave this Job until I get better one. Had He not told me that in advance I would have left it long back and suffered a lot. Thank you so much Swami for continuously guiding me.

As you all know, Swami has given us all an opportunity to share our miraculously experiences in Satsang with everyone, Mrs. Suganya Raman garu called me and explained her latest miraculous experience given by Swami. Due to Swami’s blessings, her husband could turn into a complete vegetarian food eater. Listening to that I felt so sad thinking why Swami isn’t changing my life? May be because I am thinking that I can still do something, I am not getting it yet. Perhaps nothing is in my hands. So, I have decided to call Swami this time and tell Him that nothing is in my hands anymore and that I am completely dependent on Swami. I went out and was riding my bike. When I got this thought I kept my bike aside. Took my mobile, opened its lock and I was about to call Him but another call came just that moment itself. Guess, from whom that call came? Much awaited miracle happened. The call was from Airbus HR. She said, “Congratulations, you got the Job. We have decided to give you 13 lakhs package. When would you like to Join?”. I told her that I will call her again and inform her about my date of joining. Hurray! Swami gave me the Job. I was super excited. I came back to home and told my sister about it and we both were celebrating it. Immediately called Swami and instead of sadly telling him that I give up, I happily and with full excitement told Him, “Thank you so much for giving me this Job Swami”.

Then I called Phaniji to take His suggestion about a good day to Join. He asked what my Naksatram is and I don’t have any idea what it is. He asked me to send my date of birth and place of birth details so that He can prepare my Horoscope and suggest me a good date of Joining. He saw my Horoscope and called me back and was laughing. Myself and my sister both asked the reason for which he was laughing. He said, “According to my Horoscope, there is no way I can get a Job now. Sani is running and your time is Bad. Until 2024 you are not supposed to get a job but despite of that Swami gave you a Job!” Only Lord Brahma can rewrite the destiny of anyone. Lord Brahma is an energetic incarnation of Lord Datta Himself and that same Lord Datta is sitting right before us. I am so happy to share this experience of mine with you all in the direct presence of Swami. Wait, wait… the miracle is not over yet. There is one small part left.

After this I called my parents to share this good news with them. They are waiting for this good news more desperately than myself. The moment I told my dad, He was very happy and said that it is Lord Siddeshwara Swami who gave me this Job miraculously. When I asked him why he was saying so, he said, I was just praying in His temple to give you a good Job. The poojari in that temple came and told him that whatever wish is made before the Lord who is present there as Lord Siddeshwara Swami will come true it seems. So, he made a wish and 30 mints after he made that wish, I called him and told the good news. He was shocked, especially about the package they offered which is very rare for mechanical engineers and that too for freshers. And the point to be noted here is that the statue of Lord Siddeshwara Swami is in Human form but not a Shiva Linga.

Before I got this Job, I was reading Shri Datta Guru BhagavadGita book written by Swami and I will read a paragraph from it now. It is as follows, “I am bringing some fruits of sins as punishments to be given in the hell in to this life itself to crash the ego of a soul crossing the limits for the spiritual welfare of the soul. Otherwise, the soul will become blind with this solidified cataract of ego, which becomes very complicated for Me in operation later on. Generally, the punishments of sins are to be given in the hell unless it is an intensive sin. I break any rule of the constitution based on the emergent necessity in the treatment of a soul for reformation.”

After reading this everything made total sense. I had too much ego. If you give ranks to everyone based on their quantities of Ego, probably I will effortlessly get first rank. I was stupid enough to think that I am capable of taking over this entire earth and rule it. Trust me I actually believed I can. I was prepared to do any kind of sin to achieve this. All this is due to the movies like “Business Man” that I have watched. It seemed that by violating all the rules it is possible to achieve this goal. I was an atheist that time. I guess it makes sense to you as well now. If Swami left me like that, I would have done so many sins that He may have to create a new loka under patala loka and put me there safely. Now as I went through this Job search experience, I thought, “I can’t even get a Job, how could I ever think of ruling earth?”

I called everyone and shared my happiness with everyone on the day I got this job i.e., last Friday. Last Friday was a Good Friday and it wasn’t a working day for Airbus. Despite of that that HR lady called me on that day itself and the miracle happened. As I analyzed more, I realized the depth of this miracle and was super excited to the extent that I got head ache and slept off and the miracle is over. Thus, the miracle is over. Swami, what a surprise you gave me! Thank you so much. For the next operation, I will try to sit for a little longer before I give up Swami. I wanted to experience a 100% miracle and you gave me exactly that. I will remember this forever and tell everyone about it.

Padanamskaram Swami.

Your Devotee,

B. Bharath Krsihna Reddy.