Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 02 Nov 2023


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What will be God Hanuman's response to our prayer?

[Ms. Thrylokya asked:- Paadanamaskaram Swami, we can consider God Hanuman as God and praise Him as God, but, He is in the role of a servant to God. What will be His response to our prayer?]

Swami replied:- God Hanuman is the incarnation of God Shiva. He is also acting in the role of a devoted servant to God Rama, who is the incarnation of God Vishnu. In both the incarnations, God Datta is commonly present in merged state and hence, both these incarnations are a double role for God Datta! The incarnation always hides its divinity because the role of the incarnation is subjected to the limitations and manners of humanity. The actor shall not express himself and shall always follow the expression of the role. If the actor expresses himself at any time anywhere during the drama, the drama will get disturbed.

Suppose the producer and director of a film is acting in the role of a servant to a hero, he should not show any indication of his ownership during the drama. Suppose, you go near the shooting spot and start praising him as producer and director, he will be induced with ego and may project out as the owner spoiling his servant role. Even if he hears your praise, he has to keep silent and proceed as per the role during the time of shooting. This is the case when the actor is an ordinary human being. In the case of the omnipotent God Hanuman, He will hear your prayer and respond to it silently without speaking anything to you in response. If you tell Him that your difficulty was removed by praying to Him, He will say that it was due to the grace of God Rama. Such answer of God Hanuman will not disturb His role as the servant of God Rama.

Generally, a genuine human incarnation will not respond positively towards any prayer of the devotee. If the devotee is deserving, the incarnation will sanction the prayer and when the devotee comes back to express gratefulness, the incarnation will say that it is the power of God Datta or Father of Heaven. The incarnation being God Datta with whom Parabrahman or the unimaginable God has merged completely, is the Parabrahman itself. But, He will not own the credit because the devotees may misunderstand Him to be egoistic. Moreover, by passing on the credit to God, the incarnation is preaching the devotees to pass on the credit to God without entertaining the doership of any meritorious deed thereby He is avoiding the entry of ego in His devotees. Only false incarnations of devilish souls will project themselves as the doer of the miracle. Even in their case, the unimaginable God or Parabrahman did the miracle because always the unimaginable God alone can do the miracle even in the case of God Datta or any incarnation because God Datta or any incarnation is only the medium of Parabrahman.

The difference between a demonic false incarnation and the true divine incarnation is that God Datta along with Parabrahman is merged with the true incarnation whereas He did not merge with the demonic false incarnation. In the case of the demon, who did long penance and obtained one or a very few miraculous powers, God does those miracles from outside since God did not merge with the demon. Hence, you are not wrong even if you give the credit to the incarnation since God Datta is fully merged with the incarnation. Even if the true incarnation accepts the credit, it is not wrong because God Datta or Parabrahman who has merged with the incarnation is accepting the credit. Even when Krishna accepted all the credit given by Arjuna, it shall not be misunderstood as the ego of God Krishna since Krishna is the true incarnation. Krishna praised Himself as the creator, maintainer and destroyer of this world and you shall not mistake this as His ego because God is speaking the truth, which sometimes may appear as self-praise. But the demonic false incarnation also praises itself and this is just self-boasting due to ego. You shall not mistake  truth as praise in the case of God as said by poet Kaalidasa (Yathārtha vyāhṛtiḥ sā hi, na stutiḥ parameṣṭhinaḥ). In the interest of the safety of His devotees (so that ego will not enter them), God keeps silent when you praise Him about His miraculous power that removed your problem.