Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 02 Feb 2024


When serious competition exists in doing Your service, how to convince everyone and do Your service?

[Ms. Thrylokya asked:- Paadanamaskaaram Swami, I find sometimes, there is a serious competition in devotees in doing Your service. How to avoid this, convincing everyone?]

Swami replied:- The service of Swami is to be divided among the devotees based on their financial capability and intellectual capability. Swami sees that His service is distributed as far as possible among devotees so that all devotees are pleased as far as possible. In doing service, Swami also wants economic care so that, be it the service of Swami, the unnecessary expenditure is controlled so that the necessary expenditure can be met without any inconvenience. Even in the service of Swami, control of unnecessary expenditure is not greediness, but is wisdom. Instead of spending unnecessary expenditure in the service of Swami, you can avoid it and concentrate more on positive expenditure. This policy should be strictly followed in worldly life also. Doing unnecessary expenditure is insulting Goddess Lakshmi due to which she will quit your house. Doing only necessary expenditure is the real worship of Goddess Lakshmi by which she stays in your house. If you neglect the guest, the guest will quit your house and if you take much care about the guest, the guest will stay for a long time. Swami treats the money of His devotees as His own money and advises devotees to follow His policy adopted in His money. If you cut unnecessary expenditure, you will become strong and effective in doing necessary expenditure either for Swami or for yourself in worldly life.