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Posted on: 30 Oct 2023


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Why didn't God Krishna test the Gopikas regarding the bond with life?

[Ms. Thrylokya asked:- Paadanamaskaaram Swami, why didn’t God Krishna test the Gopikas regarding the bond with life (Praaneshanaa) instead of the bond with spouse (Daareshanaa)?]

Swami replied:- Suppose a college offers three subjects for a degree, which are Mathematics (bond with children), Physics (bond with money) and Chemistry (bond with spouse). Since Chemistry is mostly a descriptive subject, every candidate passed in the Chemistry examination and almost all failed in Mathematics and Physics. You are supposed to blame the first two examinations saying that the question papers were very tough. Instead of this, you are blaming the Chemistry examination itself! If you want to blame Chemistry, why have you offered only MPC group? You could have offered Mathematics, Physics and Electronics as the three subjects so that almost all can fail in the three subjects. The candidate (like Parikshit, a human soul) is keeping silent about the difficult subjects in which he failed and is criticizing the subject in which all passed! All Gopikas passed in the test of the bond with spouse by dancing with God Krishna at night secretly. Almost all the Gopikas failed in the joint test of the bonds with children and wealth. Instead of the bond with spouse, you could have replaced it by the bond with life (fascination for life called Praaneshanaa) so that all the human devotees fail uniformly in the tests of all the three bonds! Here, you need not blame the university (scriptures) for selecting Chemistry (bond with spouse) as the third subject because Chemistry is the source of all subjects of science (bond with spouse is the source of children and doing sin for earning for the sake of children). The scripture has selected these three worldly bonds since these three worldly bonds only exist in every house in the world.

Praaneshanaa or test for life is not selected because God Himself said that suicide is the highest sin. In fact, Praneshanaa is also a worldly bond and if God tests that bond, God has the power to give the life again! You may argue that spoiling a married lady is a sin and giving money to children is also justified. Both (bond with children and bond with money) are justified in worldly life as long as justified love (without fascination) exists on children and the money given to children is not sinfully earned. But in spiritual life, the devotee votes for God even against justice. Therefore, these three worldly bonds (children, money and spouse) are strongest as per worldly experience followed by scriptures and the three tests are put to the candidates like sages, who are the most intelligent sect of souls and they are the authors of the very scriptures (establishing the above triad) with perfect logical analysis. They alone pestered God (they became females due to their superpower, approached God Rama for hugging Him) for conducting the test of the above triad. They insisted about the test even though God threatened them with the punishment of horrible hell. Hence, God tested them.

Why should other human beings like Parikshit get stomach pain in this context? The candidates in these three tests are only such sages and not human beings, who will blame God like Parikshit. Such test about the bond with spouse was conducted by God only in the case of sages (Gopikas) so far since the creation of this world is done. They are completely convinced that sacrifice of these three worldly bonds for the sake of God alone is salvation and selected that way. If a candidate is very much interested in the MPC group, you cannot force him to take the MPE group!

You may argue that one may pass the Praaneshanaa test also thinking that God will give back life. It is not certain. God may give salvation and eternal divine abode to the soul, which committed suicide in the test. There is no guarantee that God will give back the life in the test of Praaneshanaa. A test is always serious in its aim. The test is for exposing the real attitude and true love of the soul towards God. In the above-mentioned triad, there is no risk of your life. Only your fascination and true love for God is tested. God never encourages suicide in any case because it is the climax sin. The test in the above-said triad gives the possibility of passing the three examinations because after all, you are not losing your life. Due to this possibility of passing, some devotees (Gopikas) succeeded in these three tests and attained Goloka, which is higher than the highest. If Praaneshanaa test is conducted, the candidate may argue that he/she needs the rest of life for developing one’s spiritual progress. In fact, God has given us this life for developing spiritual progress by putting constant efforts. In such a case, God will never test the bond with life. Even if He tests, He will protect the soul in the last fraction of second or will give the life immediately.

In the case of Shri Datta Swami, God asked Him to jump from the top of a hill, called Srisailam because Datta Swami sang in a song composed by Him that He will give even His life for the sake of God Datta. Shri Datta Swami jumped immediately and God Datta caught Him in the middle and saved His life. God Datta asked Him again “Don’t jump like this. Every time, I will not save You”. Then, Datta Swami told, “If you appear before Me and ask Me to jump like this, I will jump even if I die”. God Datta was very much pleased and merged with Shri Datta Swami to become the human incarnation for the propagation of true spiritual knowledge. Hence, God tests Praaneshanaa of the devotee also before becoming the human incarnation. Therefore, His aim is only to test the attitude only. For what use is this petty human life for God? However, this is a very difficult test for any human soul. Therefore, this test is not included in the above triad.