Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 24 May 2009


Do you love the untouchables? Do you dine with them? Do you embrace them?

A bad student was debarred from the school so that the student will change his behavior and become a good student. The aim of the punishment is only reformation but not revenge. Similarly, some people in the village, who did not follow certain basic ethical principles, were debarred from the village as untouchables. If the student becomes good, he shall be admitted into the school with whole heart. The untouchables form the fifth caste, which was not mentioned in the Veda. All the indisciplined people, who were debarred from the village irrespective of their caste, formed the fifth caste called untouchables. Sabari and Kannappa were born in untouchable families. But by their devotion, their photos are kept in the rooms of worship by Brahmins also. Therefore, if you understand the basic concept of untouchables, such questions will not rise. The basic logic was misunderstood and got misinterpreted leading to the breakage of unity of Hinduism.