Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 08 Feb 2005


How has the tradition inherited rituals, which are not given in the Vedas?

Both sages (rishis) and demons (asuras) existed in humanity and even in the same caste called Brahmins. Ravana and Hiranyakasipu were Brahmins. Atri, Bharadwaja etc. (sages) were also Brahmins. The sages were directed by the knowledge of the Vedas and had the quality of sattvam [goodness]. These sages are called as Devas [gods] on earth (Bhoodeva). In the same caste, demons like Ravana were also present. Both Amritam [Divine nectar of immortality] and the terrible Halahala poison were born from the same Milk Ocean. These demons are full of rajas and tamas [bad qualitites]. By rajas they are very furious and greedy (rajaso lobhayevacha—Gita) and by tamas they are ignorant. Since they simply recite the Vedas without enquiry into the meaning, there is no question of practice of Vedic knowledge [in their lives]. In every caste such sages and such demons exist. The Gita classified both these in Daiva-Asura Sampat Vibhaga Yoga. The rituals, which are now present in the tradition and which are not mentioned in the Vedas were brought by the demons, who were greedy, furious and ignorant.

They do not know that such rituals are not connected to the Lord in any way and are only the result of their ignorance. They waste all these materials [by burning them in the name of Yajna] just to get Guru Dakshina due to their greediness. If you tell them the true Vedic meaning, they become furious. All these three qualities are due to their devilish nature. But along with the dynasty of these demons, the dynasty of sages also co-exists. Lord Datta is revealing the true meaning of the Vedas for the dynasty of such sages. Remember that Sage Kashyapa had two wives. The first wife was Aditi, who gave birth to the sages (Devas) and the second wife was Diti, who gave birth to demons (Asuras). Whenever the Lord came and preached the truth, sages followed Him and the demons opposed Him. The Kapalikas, who were defeated in debate by Shankara, killed Shankara by black magic. Swami Dayananda was also killed by food poisoning since He revealed the true meaning of the Vedas. Similarly, Jesus was killed for revealing the real spiritual essence. Wherever there is Krishna, there will be a Shishupala. The true knowledge and false ignorance co-exist like day and night.