Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 14 Aug 2017


Question on Entry of energetic from of Datta dissolving in You at Sri Sailam.

Shri Anil aked: Padanamaskaram Swami, when You were inside the womb of Your mother, God entered in You. You also mentioned about entry of energetic from of Datta dissolving in You at Sri Sailam. How to correlate both of these incidents.

Swami replied: Entry, leaving and re-entry are explained in the above case. Since God is unimaginable, He can leave the human being component even without actual leaving. Entry, leaving and re-entry have to be spoken if God is imaginable item bound by worldly logic. When there is a demand of the situation, God exists in the human being-component and this is sufficient for us for all practical purposes. Entry, re-entry etc., do not matter much when the human incarnation maintains the existence of God on requirement.

In the olden days, I used to say that God Datta enters Me whenever I preach the spiritual knowledge. This means that God Datta existed in Me whenever the occasion demanded. There is no harm in this way. We say that a person X lives in a specific house permanently. Does it mean that X lives in that house throughout 24 hrs of the day? X may be leaving that house for some time now and then to go to market. Due to this, you will not say that the specific house is not the permanent address of X. Similarly, the human incarnation is the permanent address of God even though God leaves the human being component for some time now and then. This is applicable to the imaginable human beings staying in their residences permanently. In the case of unimaginable God, He may leave the human being component now and then without actually leaving it even for a second! The Omnipotence of God allows this and this point can be applied to the above example of Jesus also. Shri Ajay believed My statement and was thinking that God Datta exists in Me only whenever I preach the spiritual knowledge. After some time, he visited Swami Shivaananda Maharaj along with Me. Swami ji looked at Ajay and told (before Ajay speaks anything) “If you think that Datta leaves your Swami now and then, you are slipping since Datta stays in Swami all the time”. Ajay thought that I spoke a lie like that in order to test his faith, which is also true. I spoke lie and at the same time I didn’t speak lie since the unimaginable God leaves Me now and then while staying always in Me simultaneously and there is no contradiction in this due to the omnipotence of God. These doubts don’t matter much since God is always available in human incarnation since He does not leave it at any time even though He leaves the human incarnation now and then. Both these points are simultaneously true due to the omnipotence of God. Availability of God in human incarnation on requirement while preaching or while doing miracles is sufficient for us to give right direction in spiritual effort and to protect our faith in God.