Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 14 Aug 2017


Question on test conduted by Lord Datta.

Shri Anil aked: "I appear in drunken state and associated with a prostitute. I repel majority of devotees in this way. Only one selected devotee recognizes Me and surrenders to Me." But we have so far not seen You in this state. Please clarify.

Swami replied: Here, the statement is given by God Datta through My throat. This statement refers to several other incarnations, which appeared in the above said negative angles. The essence of this is only that the faith in God in human form is always tested by exposing negative qualities. The state of devotee becomes like a multiple choice question having four answers in which one alone is the correct answer and three other are wrong answers. Test is inevitable to give authorized certificate acceptable to all divine spectators like sages, angels etc. Such tests are performed by the God component only and not by the human being component in the case of devotees as per the will of God that feels the necessity by exact requirement.