Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 24 Jun 2018


Reply to a devotee's question

Shri Hrushikesh asked:

2) Mr. Jossy Thomman has commented on the face book group Sanathana Dharma each one teach one for the answer given by you to the question ” When a devotee approaches God for help and if the sheet of deeds of that devotee does not allow the help, what is the result?

[Mr. Jossy Thomman: You are back to your unconscious conditioned reaction. You get caught in the stupid traditional mind that has created superstition and ideas, and you go on repeating like a parrot . There is no deeper understanding of Vedas an Upanishad that never mentioned a God or I consciousness in the first place. In Upanishad , and Vedas they only talked about aliveness ,and conscious awareness . They were never afraid of death and death is their one and only understanding. They have understood there is no aliveness without dying every moment and movement. All your ideas comes from Hinduism ,out of fear of death that started the idea of God and, devotee and idea has created that there is a God sitting up above judging every action of every Tom, Dick and Harry and idea comes only through salvation . There begins the mental preyer, rituals and worship. You have lost (Dharma ) responsibility by depending on your unconscious movement of chattering mind ,and lost the stillness and silence of the crystal clear clarity of the soul. So your action or karma become the idea of dependency of a God that is go on creating the bondage of karma or bad karma. When your dharma or responsibility become the reaction of bad karma that is how the pendulum and vicious circle of ego the I consciousness strengthen and crystallised in every single Hindus without realising the prison they were creating themselves. So my friend be a dumb cattle driven to the slaughter house of death, or have the courage and guts to see the truth and false. Even if you can’t, teach and encourage your children to discover the truth that is already covered in the heart of every human beings. Somehow we have to break the chain of karmic reactions.

I request you to enlighten us with your sweet words.

Dust particle in your creation,  Hrushikesh]

Swami replied:- The problem is not about the inevitable death, but, about the second part of cinema after death. Death is just momentary. I have not seen this second part before death since it comes only after death, if at all, it exists. You have also not shown to Me about the absence of this second part after death since you can’t show Me the situation after death while I am alive. We are not sure about the second part after death, while we are alive in this life. There is 50:50 probability for your philosophy and the philosophy of all religions (not Hinduism alone). Every religion speaks about God and the second part after death. If this second part after death is only a poetry of some people, such philosophy would not have flourished from so many generations. Apart from this theoretical invention, the practical part of its proof is very much available in terms of miracles of God appearing in this world. The souls, who performed miracles, are telling clearly about God. The performer of unimaginable miracle can alone be the authority about the existence of unimaginable God. Genuine miracles are observed and are also experienced by a very large majority of humanity. You can’t simply do away with genuine miracles experienced by this vast majority of human beings, just by calling it as magic. This is the reason why the followers of atheism are always in extreme minority since the beginning of this creation.

Even in the absence of miracles, the ratio of your philosophy to spiritual knowledge is 50:50 because there is no perception-proof on both sides. In such case, we have to take the side of lesser risk. Believing the spiritual knowledge, if we live and after death even though the spiritual knowledge is false, there is no damage to us. If we follow your philosophy and if the spiritual knowledge is true, we are terribly damaged! Hence, it is better to follow the spiritual knowledge than your philosophy even on equating both due to absence of proof.

Absence of proof as said above is only an assumption. Actually, there is hundred percent proof for the spiritual knowledge in the form of genuine miracles. You don’t have such perception-proof for your philosophy to prove that whatever is told by the spiritual knowledge is wrong. What I mean by this is— you can’t take me all around the space till its boundary to show me that hell and heaven are absent and also you can’t take me after death to show that whatever is told by spiritual knowledge is false. In this light of situation, the ratio of spiritual knowledge to your philosophy becomes 100:0 since theory with practical proof is perfect truth as per science also.

Don’t worry that all the theists are believing in God with full faith in their real heart. Majority of theists believes God and spiritual knowledge based on above probability ratio and miracles seen and experienced in their lives on praying God. A true theist, still, exists on this earth whose faith on God doesn’t depend on the proof of miracles.