Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 04 Mar 2017


What purpose of creation is served by the trans genders?

Shri Prasad forwarded the question from his friend. [What purpose of creation is served by the trans genders since for sustaining the creation only male and female are required? Regards, Abhay]

Swami replied: Transgenders are also human beings. The goal of the human being is not simply extension of humanity, which is quiet mechanical, instigated by the created harmones provoking the sexual activity. Several males and females are not involved in this activity of extension of humanity. But, they got salvation by getting immense grace of God. Hence, the main goal is only to get the grace of God and not to extend the humanity. Marriage is better than loose character, but, spiritual effort to get the grace of God is certainly far far better than even marriage. The Veda says, “What is the use of these children, who cannot save our soul forever? (kim prajayaa karishyaamah yeshaam naayamaatmaa)”. This does not mean that every human being should resist sex. It is impossible and hence the extension of humanity is done naturally by the divine force. The spiritual effort to get the grace of God is done by our force. Therefore, the second aspect is more valuable since the effort of human being is involved. In the extension of humanity, there is no human effort, because the sex is natural without any human effort. Moreover, there are several couples, who do not get children in spite of the natural efforts of sex. Hence, extension of humanity is mainly based on the will of God only. We can say that the pacification of sex is the characteristic of natural genders and not the extension of humanity. You can discard transgenders to be useless in the extension of humanity provided all couples are generating issues. In such case, the couples unable to generate issues have to be treated as transgenders. Therefore, the ultimate goal of the human birth, which is to attain the grace of God is the most important and beneficial to the soul forever, especially in view of lack of guarantee of future human rebirth.