Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 03 Feb 2005


Why is there a difference in the preaching of various Gurus?

The first reason is that the preaching of a Sadguru differs from the preaching of a false Guru. The Sadguru shows the true path, which is full of thorns. The false Guru shows the flowery path. Therefore there is a difference. You must choose the Sadguru by knowing the characteristics of a Sadguru from the Vedas. The special knowledge that liberates love and bliss in your heart, which no one else can preach, is the main characteristic of the Lord in the human form (Sadguru). He also does miracles but only whenever there is a necessity never for cheap exhibition. Thus one can recognize Sadguru, who is the Lord in human form. Some times there may be different human forms of Sadguru existing in the same time to preach to different people who are at different levels.

One Sadguru may be preaching to some person and you might have accidentally gone there and heard His preaching. That person may be in a different level compared to your level. In that case the preaching of that Sadguru will not be suitable to your level. You must catch the Sadguru who suits your level. The Sadguru whom you have caught will preach to you according to your level. Then you may think that there may be some difference between the two Sadgurus, but you are not realizing that the two Sadgurus teach at two different levels.

Thus you must eliminate the fraud Guru and choose the Sadguru, who suits to your level. You must stick to that Sadguru of your level, so that you will not get any confusion in the preaching of various Sadgurus.