Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 14 Jan 2023


An Eye injury which cures in a month cured in just 1 day!

[By Shri Kishore Ram]

Guru Datta Shri Datta Prabhu Datta

I would like to share a miraculous experience given by our Datta Swami to my daughter, Anagha.

A few weeks ago, my daughter and son were playing together in our apartment. They suddenly had a playful argument over a pencil while playing. When Anagha tried to forcibly take the pencil from her brother, the sharp nib of the pencil hit the eyeball of her left eye. She began to cry with pain. Her eye had become red, and a few minutes later, she came home, complaining to us of what had happened.

We rushed to consult a Paediatric Ophthalmologist (an eye doctor for children), who lived in the house opposite our flat. The doctor immediately examined my daughter’s left eye with her phone’s flashlight. The doctor then showed us a 3-4mm cut near my daughter’s eyeball. We could see the cut was internal and within the black portion of Anagha’s eye (inside the Iris).

She told us that since the cut was near the edge of the eyeball (the iris), there wouldn’t be a problem with Anagha’s vision or sight. Had the injury been at the centre of the black eyeball (near the pupil), the injury would have been very serious and could have affected my daughter’s vision. Although my wife and I were a little worried then, it was a huge relief for us to learn that the injury had not affected the sensitive part of the eye. Both of us thought of Swamiji and thanked Him for saving our daughter, Anagha, as always.

The doctor asked us to bring our daughter to her clinic the next day so that she could examine the injury with the more sophisticated medical instruments at the clinic. She also said it would take weeks or maybe even months for my daughter’s eye injury to fully heal. The next day, I was busy with office work and could not take my daughter to the clinic. In the evening, when the doctor came back home, she asked my wife why we hadn’t brought Anagha to her clinic. Although it was a small injury, neglecting it could cause more damage to the eye. My wife then replied that we would bring Anagha to her clinic that coming weekend as I was busy with office work that entire week. The doctor then called Anagha to do a quick check-up just as she had done the previous day. She took her mobile, switched on the flashlight and began to examine Anagha’s eye again. And then suddenly, she looked at my wife with a shocked expression and said, "THE CUT HAS DISAPPEARED! THERE ISN’T EVEN A SINGLE DOT ON YOUR DAUGHTER’S EYEBALL." She told us that it wasn’t medically possible for such an injury to fully heal in a single day.

My wife came running to me and told me about what had happened. We were reminded of Swamiji’s words a month ago when He visited our house, placed His hands on Anagha’s head, and blessed her. He told us then that He would take care of Anagha completely. After this incident, we witnessed Swamiji’s promise practically.

We both looked at Swamiji's photo and felt that His grace and compassion were beyond our imagination. My wife then told me, “Yesterday, I thanked Swamiji because He saved Anagha from losing her vision. But today, Swamiji cured even that small injury. This is unbelievable!”

Swamiji’s love towards us cannot be described in words. We are indebted to our Datta Swami until this creation exists.

Jai Datta Swami.