Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 05 Nov 2022


Divine Experiences of Shri. Kishore Ram

[By Shri. Kishore Ram]

Jai Guru Datta Swami

I would like to share a miraculous experience given to my daughter by Shri Datta Swami.

My elder daughter, Anagha Devi, was born in 2014. Since her birth, she has suffered from many health problems like severe constipation, urinary infection, ADHD (speech delay), etc. Although her health problems were not very serious in her early years, they became more painful over time. One such health problem was her urine infection, which became serious in 2017. My daughter became frequently infected, and we consulted many doctors to find a solution to her pain. All the doctors we met prescribed her medicines that cured the pain, but it was only a temporary solution. She would suffer from another infection after some time again.

One doctor (Dr. Satyanarayana) in Rainbow Hospital suspected that there could be a problem with Anagha’s internal organs and asked us to conduct a test called MCUG. The result of the test came out as a stage 3. This meant that some portion of urine was blocked and remained in the kidney, which would eventually lead to kidney damage. If the infection got to stage 5, then the only solution was a kidney transplant!

The doctor looked at my daughter’s test result and confirmed that some part of her kidney was damaged. He also confirmed that the damaged portion of the kidney could not be revived or made healthy ever again. My wife and I were shocked! We felt very bad as our daughter was only 4 years old and was suffering a lot.

For a second opinion, I visited hospitals like Apollo, Omni and Lotus, and all of them came to the same conclusion. I even shared the test reports with my cousin, a Neurosurgeon in KGH Hospital, Visakhapatnam, and even he confirmed the same finding. On that day, my wife and I were returning home from the hospital when my wife asked, “You believe Swamiji is Lord Datta. Then why can’t He save our daughter?” Internally, I became very emotional. But I told my wife that Swami knows everything, and He would protect her. No need to worry. However, I became very upset internally and asked Swamiji in my mind, “Why are You not protecting my daughter?”

The next day, I felt very bad about having doubted Swamiji the previous night. I cried a lot and wanted to apologize to Swamiji sincerely and prayed for His forgiveness. And then I called Phaniji and said, “I want to apologize to Swamiji. Will Swamiji forgive me as I doubted Him last night?” Phaniji asked me the reason for becoming so emotional. I told Him everything that happened to my daughter. He immediately asked me to send the details of my daughter’s horoscope to suggest astrological remedies. I told Phaniji that the intention of my call was different. I wanted to apologize to Swamiji. Moreover, the kidney damage was already done and irreversible (as confirmed by the doctor and the reports). To my surprise, Phaniji’s tone changed. In a commanding voice, he said, “Nothing will happen to your daughter. I don’t see any damage to her kidney”. I was shocked and I felt that no doubt, it was Datta Swami who spoke through Phaniji.

Later, Phaniji asked me to perform a few astrological remedies for the next 5 months and asked us to go for another test only after that. I told my wife and my parents about this. We followed Swamiji’s instructions and performed the recommended astrological remedies for the next 5 months. But my parents and wife believed that whatever kidney damage was irreversible.

After 5 months, my wife took my daughter for another test to a diagnostic center. After the test, my wife called me and started crying. She said that there was another child in the diagnostic center, who was around the same age as my daughter. She also had the same stage-3 grade infection. That child’s DMH report clearly showed the extent of the damaged kidney. So, my wife said that even our daughter would get a similar result. The test results of my daughter would be given only after 3 days. I told my wife – Let’s surrender to our Swamiji and He shall take care.

After 3 days, we received the test report. I first sent the report to my doctor cousin to know the result. He saw the report, and in a super excited tone, he said, “Anna, both the kidneys are looking fresh, like a new-born baby’s kidneys. There is not even a single scar. Both the kidneys are in perfect shape and functioning well. It is amazing and even I am surprised”. I saw tears of happiness in my wife’s eyes. We all thanked Swamiji from the bottom of our hearts. From that day, my wife and my in-laws started believing Swamiji as God Datta.

The next day, we visited Dr Satyanarayana from Rainbow Hospital who originally diagnosed our daughter with the stage-3 grade infection. After seeing the new report, he was shocked and stunned. He just kept looking at the report and did not utter even a single word for 10 minutes. He then saw us in a frightened manner and said that this was unbelievable. The result of the test was beyond his imagination.

I can never imagine the infinite grace of Swamiji and the way He is always protecting us. I want to apologize to Swamiji again for doubting Him.

Padanamaskaram Swamiji.

Jai Guru Datta Swami.