Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 08 Oct 2023


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Are the morals or ethics even in academia, which is supposed to guide the society, fallen?

[Shri Aditya asked: Swamiji 19.09.23. Pada Namaskaram. Yesterday, on the day of Vinayaka Chavithi, a strange incident occurred. A very senior professor, retired from Indian Institute of Astrophysics (IIA) which is a premier central government institute, called me, I met him only a couple of times that too 15 years back. I was taken aback; I don’t know how he got my number. He is saying that the rot in academia which I mentioned to him casually 15 years back is very true. People are ruthlessly behaving without any morals or ethics even in academia which is supposed to guide the society.

He wants to know my views on the present state of affairs specifically with respect to one person, who is junior to me. He says, a person who is so young (junior even to me) is exploiting him (such a senior) in collusion with the top management of the college in which the senior professor is a visiting professor. He says, both the college and the junior person, have used him without compensating him either in terms of respect or money. He does all the work but all the money and credit for that work is being stolen by the college and the junior person.

Also, the professor indulged in some humour, saying that he called me to congratulate me for the success of ADITYA L1 mission of ISRO. But even in the humour, he repented, that very few people know, how to calculate the trajectory of the satellite, to accomplish the mission and due credit is not given to the people who actually do the work. And, credit goes to the people who do not do the work. The professor is quite disturbed, that too at an old age.

Swami, are the concerns of the professor valid? Why did the professor call me (I left that college 15 years back, presently I have no relation to the college and him)? What message or suggestion can You give to the senior professor? The professor may not have any spiritual inclination. At Your lotus feet, Aditya]

Swami replied:- Any sin will certainly be punished by God in unimaginable ways. Nobody needs to worry about this point. But, sometimes, it may be a retorting case, in which the present senior professor might have stolen the credit that has to go to the junior professor. If that is the case, the senior professor must be happy because the case is closed by this retort given from the side of the junior professor. But, if the case is a fresh case in which the junior professor is stealing the credit of the senior professor, God will certainly interfere and the necessary justice will be rendered to the senior professor. Due to the lack of the knowledge of the background that was related to previous births, sometimes, justice appears as injustice. Leaving the final decision to God is the best way. Let the senior professor be happy always because no injustice will win in the capable administration of the omnipotent God.