Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 09 Feb 2024


Chhandaa Giitam: Datta Swami - The Antaryaami

[A poem by Smt. Chhandaa Chandra on Shri Datta Swami]


I heard that upon earth, God keeps on descending,

In the form of Datta Swami, He is much beyond fascinating.

All my untold, unheard and unseen wishes,

You fulfilled all without my appeal, made the strongest basis.

All my desires turned to You, made You my shelter,

My whole body and mind are filled with You, nothing to falter.

(falter:- to walk carelessly or fall into sin)

In Your words, in me–the soul, You get reflected,

Following the simile, I am totally amazed.

(amazed:- surprised)

In You, words of Vedas and Adi Shankara are realized,

Wish the mixing of me with You does not remain unaccomplished.

(unaccomplished:- not done)

Your happiness is my happiness, Your words are my words,

My heart suffers pain when unable to play those chords.

(chords:- two or more musical notes that are played at the same time)

May this soul be able to provide You only happiness,

Otherwise, being in this world becomes meaningless.

I am ever thirsty for You like Chataka, the parched,

(Chataka:- A special bird which drinks only rain drops falling from sky)

(parched:- dried)

With Your water on offer, my thirst got quenched.

(quench:- pacifying thirst by water)

I want only You, may how many births I take,

Without You, even the meaning of salvation becomes fake.