Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 04 Feb 2024


Chhandaa Giitam: What is Swami?

[A poem by Smt. Chhandaa Chandra on Shri Datta Swami]


What is in Swami’s name, that is my pride,

Insignificant me can’t understand, whatever way I might have tried.

Still I feel, I know You for eternity,

(eternity:- endless time)

I forget everything, when I think about You, my God-the Infinity.

You are the one, the Ultimate Parameshwara,

Thus became the decider of my fate, my Adhiishwara!

Without You I don’t have any existence,

Such is Your glory, irrespective of distance.

The more I try You to understand,

Nothing I achieve, it is far from my width of band.

(bandwidth:- a range of frequency or any data)

You have no comparison, the most magnificent,

Please don’t forget me, O! my Omniscient.

If I don’t see You, I feel myself blind,

Closed seems the whole world, I go wild.

I can’t walk without You, can’t take a step single,

Never should I lose You, always find You in the mingle.

(mingle:- to associate)

If someday by any chance I go out of Your bonding,

Let me allow my Lord to reach my ending.

One more request to You my God, Swami,

Don’t do any further miracle to save this dog at that time, O Antaryaami!