Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 17 Mar 2024


Divine experience of Shri Satthireddy

[By Shri Satthireddy]

Mee Paada Padmalaku naa Namaskaram Swamiji,

On Bhogi Day, which is January 14, 2024 (Sunday), a satsang was organized by Swamiji in Sharmaji’s house during evening time after our usual weekend online Satsang. I started on my bike reached Sharmaji’s house before the online satsang ended. Once the online satsang ends I thought of going inside the house at least after sometime so that Swami takes some rest. So, I sat on the steps of Shree Narayana Natyalaya which is located right opposite to Sharmaji’s house and waited for a while. I was also listening to online satsang and it was so beautiful. After satsang ended, I went inside the house and sat on the left side of Swamiji's chair. Swamji taught us many lessons, gave us Divine knowledge, especially about not wasting money where I am lacking a lot. He also talked about some of His climax devotees like Chaanda Chandra madam who did greatest service and sacrifices for Swami and they inspire me a lot. Later on, the context of miracles came up and we recalled about some of the miracles done by Swami. Swami also explained about some other miracles performed by Him along with their inner meaning. As I listened to those explanations, I was so excited and realized that there is so much knowledge hidden behind miracles as well. The Satsang went on in a blissful way. I was immersed in bliss and was laughing. Seeing me laughing Swamiji questioned me, “what happened”? At that moment there is only bliss in my mind and automatically the word “Bliss” only came out from my mouth as a reply. Swamiji humorously said, “People get bliss when they talk about the miracles but not about knowledge”.

After the satsang, everybody left. Swamiji, Sharmaji, Annapurma Ammagaru, I, and Mohini Akka are there in the house. Swamiji gave me the opportunity to sing Bhajan as per my request. After that Swami went inside a room and I decided to go back to my PG but I was not able to find my bike keys. I searched in my bag, on the sofa, in my pants pockets, and even went outside to check if I had left my key on the bike itself. Despite of searching everywhere, I couldn’t find it. I was unable to recall where exactly I kept my bike key. That is the moment miraculously a dance master of Shree Narayani Natyalaya came inside Annapurna Amma Gaaru’s house and gave me the key and told me that I might have left it on the steps of their dance school unknowingly. As soon as I took the bike key, I turned right and that exact moment Swamiji came out again. The coincidence is that I took the key, turned, and saw Swamiji walking out calmly, like he had not done anything. By Swami’s grace that dance master brought my key back at the right time. Otherwise, I should have left my bike there and leave.

Annapurnamma garu told us that usually we don’t lose anything in this house because Swamiji is here. Then Sharmaji told me that I should not be reckless about my things thinking that Swamiji will protect them. After enjoying the satsang listening to Swamiji’s knowledge and also His explanation about the inner meaning behind miracles, Swami did this miracle and gave me live Divine experience as well. Thank you, Swamiji. Thanks a lot. You are the true protector and caretaker of everybody, Swamiji.