Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 19 Mar 2024


Divine experience of Shri Phani

[By Shri Phani]

Swami, with Your permission, I would like to present one of my miraculous experiences.

This miracle happened when Swami came to Vijayawada last time. As usual, some devotees came to see Swami and they offered some Guru Dakshina to Swami in the form of cash. He gave all of that money to me and asked me to deposit it in the bank. I counted all the cash and in the meanwhile one of Swami’s devotees as well as my friend named Mr. Gopi Krishna told me that he needed some money in the form of cash and that if I gave the cash to him, he would deposit the equivalent amount in Swami’s account from his account. Since he required cash, I thought it was ok to do that and gave it to him. The next day some more devotees gave Guru Dakshina to Swami and again He gave that money to me to deposit in the bank. I checked with Mr. Gopi Krishna if he wanted this cash as well so that he could take it and deposit the total amount at a time in Swami’s account. But he didn't want it. However, I thought I could use that cash and told to Mr. Gopi Krishna that I would be transferring an amount of 37,575 rupees to his account so that he could transfer the complete amount to Swami’s account all at once.

This is when something unusual happened. Whenever Swami gives me some money and asks me to deposit it in His account, He never calls me and enquires if I have done it or not. After finishing the task, I will inform Him myself. But this time Swami called me over the phone and cautioned me to take care of the money properly. He called thrice and told me the same. All three times I replied to Swami that l will take care of the money, it was safe, and I would deposit it soon and as of now, I haven’t deposited it yet. This is very strange because He never does this usually. 3 days before I received these cautions from Swami, I also heard some inner voice saying to me as follows, “You are going to lose money”. I kept on feeling this multiple times. How can I lose money when I don’t have much of my own money, I only have the money given by Swami to me, this is the thought that came to my mind.

In the meanwhile, my friend Mr. Gopi Krishna told me to transfer the amount to him in the Google Pay UPI app. I searched for his name in the GPay app and 2 names showed up. I thought that both were his numbers only and sent the money. Later I called him and enquired if he had received the money. He said that he hadn’t received it yet and that we should wait for a while and check again because the delay in the transaction must be due to some server problem. Two hours passed but the amount is not yet reflected in his account. Usually, it won’t take that much time for the transaction to complete. Hence, I told my friend that I would transfer 1 rupee to him again and see if the transaction would be successful. I did that and he received it immediately. So, there must have been some problem in the previous transaction.  I went back to the transaction list and checked. That is when I realized that by mistake, I sent the amount to Mr. Gopal Takur but not to my friend Mr. Gopi Krishna. The moment I realized this I shouted “Swamiiiii…….” and understood why Swami was cautioning me to take care of the money multiple times. As per my Karma, I was supposed to lose money at that time and Swami also kept on cautioning me about it.

After calling out to Swami loudly I took Mr. Gopal Takur’s number from GPay and called him and explained everything. I requested him to reverse the transaction as it happened by mistake. He said that he would check and call me back again and disconnected the call. How much time does it take to check the transaction and call back? Already transaction happened one and a half hours before and I also got notifications confirming that the money had been debited from my account and got deposited in his account. Since he was not calling back, I started calling him but he wasn’t picking up my call. After 10 minutes I started worrying and started chanting Swami’s name and praying Him to save me from this loss. I also sang the bhajan “BhairavaTe…” composed by Swami and again called that person to know the status of the transaction but he wasn’t picking up. I kept on calling him for about 15 minutes but it says that his phone is engaged. I got tensed because after receiving such a large amount mostly people’s mind changes and they might change their sim card, switch off their phone, or simply claim that money as theirs by telling some stories.

There was nothing else I could do and kept on praying to Swami seeking His help. Immediately Mr. Gopal Takur called me and confirmed that he got the money and that he already sent back the money. I checked my account and saw that he sent only 35,575 rupees instead of 37,575 rupees. I again called him and informed him that I received 2000 rupees short. He said that he was confused and would send that amount from some other account. After some time, he sent me that amount as well.

Here, we can clearly see how Swami helps His devotees. Swami made sure that I got the complete amount back. In the past also Swami had helped me multiple times in various situations like this. Currently, my planetary situation as per astrology is so bad. Both Gochara and Grahaachara are the worst. During that time, I was supposed to face the Pranasandeham (threat for life), Sthanabramsam (going out of station), or Dhankshemam (losing money). Among these 3, at least 2 should happen as per astrology. Nothing happened due to Swamiji’s grace. As I heard an inner voice saying that I would lose my money and Swami also called me thrice and cautioned me to take care of the money, it was clear that I was supposed to face my karma phala in the form of losing money. Yes, I lost my money but my loss was reversed by Swami and I got my money back. It is written as follows in one of Swami’s bhajan, “lalāṭarekhāṃ karmabaddhāṃ parimārṣṭuṃ yaḥ kevalo hi” which means, “He alone is capable of changing the judgment written on the foreheads of souls”. By doing this miracle Swamiji has literally proved the above statement. Even during last year around the same time, Swamiji cautioned me that death may come from any direction and that I should be prepared for that. An accident happened but Swami saved me from that also. I shared about that miracle in one of the satsangs as well. It was a very narrow escape from death on that day. As per my Karma Phala I had to go through that but because of Swamiji’s grace, I escaped. That time it was a threat to my life and this time it was a threat of losing money.

Swami safeguards all His devotees. Swamiji’s compassion is such that, whoever surrenders to Him will be protected by Him. Since I knew astrology, I learned from Swami Himself, I know exactly with what intensity I was supposed to go through the suffering or loss and hence I know how much Swami had reduced it. If 100% is the Karma Phala I was supposed to experience, even 0.1% also was not experienced by me. Swamiji is saving all of His real devotees all the time. In His knowledge, Swami says that if 10 arrows are supposed to hit us, Swami will make sure that only 1 arrow hits us. Swami’s compassion is such that even that 1 arrow also didn’t hit me, I had no loss at all. During last year’s accident and this year's loss of money, Swamiji only saved me. Thank you so much Swami for saving me several times, I can’t even count how many times You saved me. I can only say thanks to you Swami, apart from that I can’t do anything.


Namaste Swami.