Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 24 Sep 2022


Divine Experiences of Shri Vishnu

[By Shri Vishnu]

My name is Vishnu.  I am childhood friend of Shri Pavan and got to know about Shri Datta Swamiji from Pavan very recently.  One day Pavan was kind enough to take me for Shri Datta Swamiji Darshan on my request.  We had very nice darshan of Swamiji.  We learned from Swamiji about the importance of food donation.  My first experience when I saw Swamiji made me feel that He is none other than Lord Datta and it is purely based on my inner consciousness.

Few days later, Swamiji appeared in my dream and asked me to do food donation to hungry people.  Next day I was lucky to talk to Swamiji on phone and I told Him about my dream.  He asked me to donate food to hungry people and that I will find them in Railway station.  My parents and I prepared food and got out of home to start to Railway station.  Interestingly we saw 3 dogs gathered near our car and left the place as soon as we started.  We thought we can find hungry people in nearby temples and looked for them.  We could not find anyone near temples. So, we went to Railway station and found hungry people there and donated food. To my surprise, one person came to me on his own and I gave him one packet of food. He told me that they are 3 people and need 2 more.  I gave him 3 packets and felt Divine experience after donating food.  Overall, my experience made me feel that Swamiji is Human Incarnation of Lord Datta and I am very blessed to get His darshan and blessings.  I am also very thankful to my friend Pavan who not only told me about Swamiji but also took some of his time to take me for Swamiji’s darshan.