Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 04 Sep 2022


Divine Experiences of Smt. Sudha Rani

[By Smt. Sudha Rani]

Jaya Guru Datta Swami 🙏

With koti koti pranams to the lotus feet of Parama Pujya Shri Datta Swami Garu, I would like to share the miracles blessed upon me by Shri Swami.

In the great creation of Swami, I am just a speck of dust and my worldly works are merely worthless. Since my childhood, I experienced the caring hands of God all my life. From the day I met Swami, a ray of happiness entered into my life answering all my inner questions. By the grace of Swami, my fluctuating mind got attracted to the knowledge of Swami. All my difficult situations are magically rearranged and are allowing me to learn knowledge.

Recently, I felt the presence of Swami all along my kitchen renovation work. I saw the grace of Swami through the response of every worker. Coming to the context, our kitchen was infected with pests and cockroaches for a long time. We were trying some temporary solutions to manage the problem. But the basic construction has some flaws in it. Although myself and my children were facing health issues due to that, we didn't go for a renovation considering it to be a luxury. We know that Swami lives a simple life and hence, we wanted to imitate His lifestyle by controlling our expenses. We failed miserably without any doubt. Our health issues were escalating and therefore we phoned Swami to ask if we should renovate our kitchen. Swami replied to go ahead. We felt very happy.

With great difficulty, I found a mason who checked the condition of the house and estimated the expenses as 8 lakhs to remodel the whole house.  Unwilling to spend such a huge amount for renovation, I decided only to repair the kitchen with as estimate of 2.5 lakhs. By grace of Swami, my husband dramatically agreed and gave the cash of 2.5 lakhs with a condition that he will not be involved and I alone need to manage the entire work. Here starts my trouble because it is not easy for a woman to manage construction workers, painters and labours. Moreover, I hate to negotiate the costs with workers and I assumed that I would be stressed out due to arrogancy and inactivity of workers. I sincerely prayed to Swami to be with me.

The mason postponed his visit to collect a token amount from me.  I felt that it was the opportunity given by Swami to do more enquiry. Swami blessed me with His darshan the next day and I got enormous energy to ventured out enquiring about construction material. Immediately, I found a shopkeeper who offered me the services for just one-fourth of the earlier estimation. I found this as a positive sign given by Swami. Without any delay, the skilled labours rushed to my home as if God pushed them. The shopkeeper went above and beyond his responsibility to procure all kinds of material needed and hired all kinds of artisans for lowest price. I prostrated to Swami in my mind for solving this worldly problem.

To my wonder, they all were work minded, honest and well-behaved. They were building the best type of kitchen as if it was their own promise. My part was just limited to paying the bills from the allotted cash. Then arrived the problem of removing the damaged wooden furniture. I had no idea how to proceed. But, the PVC-furniture maker who came to give us the quotation has taken the entire responsibility by himself. When we realised that all the wood was heavily infected by termite, I wished to spray the anti-pest fluid. Immediately, a person arrived at the door saying 'Madam! Although you called me previously, I couldn’t come. I am here now'. He was the pest controller. He not only sprayed the fluid but also helped in dumping the removed wooden cabinets outside the apartment without charging any extra money. Witnessing this responsible behaviour from each worker, I just wanted to run to Swami and prostrate before Him. I realized that all the people working in the house were totally controlled by Swami.

During the work, lot of dust was spreading all over the home. Basically, I cannot tolerate the dust that spreads while sweeping. I am asthmatic too. But magically, I could stay healthy while dusting the house. Actually, I felt more active by cleaning the dust every evening.  What a great miracle can it be!  The person who can't just sweep normal dust, is now dusting the whole house without any trouble. No allergy, no asthma, no back pain, nothing was bothering me. It's the wonderful miracle that I enjoyed a lot. Swami also granted me 6 days of sudden holidays through government due to heavy rains and therefore I need not apply for casual leave.

Within 4 days, not only my kitchen was ready but also a few additional constructions like new storage areas were built smartly. Later, I hired a painter for 35k to paint the walls. Just like the first mason, he also failed to come and take the token amount from me. I went to another shop and surprisingly he promised to paint the walls along with roof just for 22k. Although I was incapable of reducing the expenditure, Swami Himself created situations to reduce my expenditure.

On the day of final payment, the chief contractors figured out the balance amount to be paid. The claimed bill was reasonable and so, I paid the entire amount to them. But with utmost sincerity, they returned me back Rs.2000 saying that they were pleased with me for not negotiating with them. I am astonished to witness this kind of behaviour from workers. Any ordinary worker would ask for extra money even after taking the payment. How could any worker return the received cash with his own hands? No doubt the whole work was carried out by Swami and the people involved were performing like robots. Each worker showed the best behaviour and accountability. This experience proved that I am not in Kaliyuga anymore. Swami put me in Satya Yuga and is protecting me with His lotus hands. Apart from returning the cash from their hands, they also praised my goodness. Swami! I just can't hold myself. I sincerely pass all their praises to You.

Miracle of non-reduction of cash even after multiple payments: -

I conclude with one last miracle. The total allotted amount of cash was 2.5 lakhs which was stored in the almirah. I used to take some cash out of it for each payment throughout the work and also, I used to take some cash for daily expenses as well. I did not maintain any record for the usage. At the end, I was shocked to see that the remaining cash was more than the amount it actually should be. That is, the cash I used for daily expenses was not found to be reduced.

While writing this article, I enjoyed the same joy again. I can conclude that everything happened by the will of Swami only. I also thank Dr. Nikhil sir for encouraging me to write this up.

Thank You, Swami!

Words can't express my gratitude and neither my linguistic ability.

Forgive me for all of my mistakes, ignorance and disabilities.


Raksamam Raksamam Rakshamam tandri!

Let me be the dust at Your lotus feet.

Thank you, Swami.

స్వామీ మీ అనుమతితో ఈ భావమును చెప్పగలను.
శ్రీ దత్త స్వామీ!!!
నీ మహిమను పొగడగ
కరుణను పాడగ,
లీలలు పలుకగ,
నిజరూపము చూడగ
మర్త్యుల మా వశమా?
దేవగంధర్వులే తడబడగా!  || స్వామీ||
మహమ్మదు జోహొవా నీవెనట
కృష్ణ శంకర దత్తుడవంట
అన్నిరూపములలో నీవైనా
అంతుచిక్కదు నీ మూలమట || స్వామీ||
కనులెదుట కనిపించే దేవా,
పలుకులతో మము బ్రోచే స్వామీ!
నరుని రూపముతో దిగి వచ్చి,
రేణుతనువయ్యే మేరునగము!!  ||స్వామీ||
సాగరము నీ ఆనందమయా!
అల్పులను కాచుట నీ కరుణా,
చూడగా నీ విరాడ్రూపమూ
పాడగా నీ లీలాశక్తీ
తలకు మించినదీ భారమయా!!
తలచి కాపాడగ రావయ్యా!!   ||స్వామీ||

-Smt. Sudha Rani