Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 01 May 2022


Miracles experienced by Shri Ganesh Venkatesh

[By Shri Ganesh Venkatesh]

This miracle happened when I was newly introduced to Swamy's knowledge. For a week I was thinking to myself that why don't I ask God for Bhakti rather than asking for materialistic boons and I kept on praying to God for that. The following week (17/11/2020) during the Satsang, I asked a question to Swamy. “Is having a desire to attain correct spiritual knowledge also due to the grace of God or is it part of one’s self-effort?”. Swamy replied” Without the grace of God, nothing happens in the spiritual path. But apart from God’s grace, self-effort is also essential. If God’s grace were the only cause for gaining spiritual knowledge, God would have to bless everybody without any partiality. But when God helps a person who puts forth effort, it is not a case of partiality.” Immediately Swamy further added “Do not ask bhakti from God. If you are asking Bhakti, you are insulting God. Ask only for knowledge”. I was shocked for two reasons. One, it was a new point for me to learn and the more obvious one was that how did Swamy know that I have been thinking about this point for the past one week. I am more of a doubting Thomas, so I thought Swamy had used some mind reading technique and I googled mind reading technique immediately and it is clearly established some ground rules to read a person’s mind, the person who reads the other person (subject) should pay attention to their victim’s body language, eye movement, voice modulation and engage in a conversation. Swamy was sitting in Hyderabad, and Swamy heard me only when I asked my question. I never revealed this thought to anyone, I hadn’t had my web cam on nor the follow up answer given by Swamy was even remotely related to the question I had asked. So, I concluded that Swamy read my mind through his omniscience which is unimaginable. This incident made me realize that Swamy is truly Lord Datta in human form.

I would like to narrate another incident which is slightly connected to this miracle. I was newly introduced to Swamy's knowledge and what I found very intriguing is that Swamy talked about the existence of different lokas and also talked about testing the knowledge given by the Sadhguru. Swamy usually tells that he can't prove the existence of heaven and hell and neither an atheist can disprove the existence of heaven and hell. So, it is always better to be on the safer side and believe in God, heaven and hell to lead a peaceful life. I was confused so I prayed for a vision of heaven and hell, because the vision of heaven and hell will be a direct proof for me. But as I got to know more about Swamy's knowledge, the miracles that I had experienced and the miracles that others had also experienced from Swamyji are sufficient enough to believe in the existence of heaven and hell. Genuine miracles are an extended proof of many concepts in spirituality.