Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 01 May 2022


Miraculous experiences of Shri K.Ravinder Reddy

[By Shri K. Ravinder Reddy]

Today, I am going to briefly explain four miraculous experiences given by Swami to me.

I understood from my real-life situations that love for/of God is superior to the worldly love and relations. So, I had an urge to experience the love of Paramatma. Last year when the construction of my house was going on, despite of several financial problems the work progressed well and came to completion successfully. I was very satisfied and had a Divine feeling that the house was a shrine or a temple of God. Now that my worldly responsibilities are taken care of, I prayed to God for his blessings and grace very intensely. I wished that God takes me into his Divine Abode and bless me with His grace and knowledge.

A year back, it so happened that I had conversation with Mrs. Sudharani, the mother of Laxmi Trylokya garu over a phone call. They advised me to read the Mahima Yamuna and Datta Vedam books and I completed reading them and understood the contents.

Finally, the most awaited day has come. On the auspicious day of Sankranti, the 16th Jan 2021, I was asked by Mrs. Sudharani madam if I was willing to come for Sri Swamy's Darshanam. Immediately I gave my consent and decided to go along with them. I was sure that it was going to be something special in my life.

We started for Darshanam but came to know that meeting Swami was postponed to afternoon 2 '0' clock. So, on the way we visited Sri Chillakuru Balaji Swamy for Darshanam and had a satsang with some youth. I had a miraculous experience as I listened to those young disciples of Swami discussing about His knowledge. I felt that those who were discussing about Swami's knowledge were very divine souls, I didn't even have a thought that so and so is male or female and the Satsang took me into a special new realm of the unknown worlds of the knowledge.

At 2 pm we reached the Lotus abode of Swamy and I had His Darshanam and Blessings which gave me a feeling that the Uttarayana period in my life had started. Swami gave us all wonderful spiritual lessons and we thoroughly enjoyed the Divine presence of Swami.

Later, on 31st Jan, 2021 Swamy clearly explained in His discourse that wasting milk, ghee, oil etc. for yajnas and pooja purposes is wrong and it makes God angry because we are wasting precious food and also polluting the atmosphere. He also said that we can save the money spent in wasteful expenses can be saved and can be used in helping someone who deserves it due to which God will be pleased. I became attentive and stopped using them and immediately took a decision that the amount which I had been spending should be spent in service activity.

Miraculously that very next day itself i.e., 01.02.2021, I got a phone call enquiring if I could support a poor student in his studies. Immediately I gave my consent and sent the amount also. The student after receiving the help phoned me and thanked me for the help and his response moved my heart.

Another miracle happened after Swami came into my life. From 2001, after receiving yoga education, I gave up non veg and alcohol till 2015. Having stuck in financial storm, sleepless nights and stress and for association’s sake I started non veg and alcohol till my entry into Swamy's fold. From 06.02.2021 onwards my entry into Sri Datta Swamy' s abode I lost the desire to take non veg and alcohol. So, I completely renounced them.

On 22nd February 2021, my son was hospitalized for an operation by which I was highly disturbed. On 23rd Kumari Thrylokya phoned me to come for Swamy's Darshanam on 24th at 11am on the occasion of Swamy's birth day. I explained her that the situation would not allow me for Swamy's Darshanam. She said it was alright, but I had a longing deep in my heart for Swamy's Darshanam and blessings as I was in the state of deep distress.

On 24th at 9 am, doctor said that my son would be discharged at 4pm. I asked doctor if it could be possible to discharge at11am so that I could go for Swamy's Darshanam. Doctor said it was not possible. I was disappointed for the unfavorable situations. Thinking that I slipped into sleep at 10.30am and at 11.30am I was woken up by a knock on the door by the doctor who said we could be discharged at 11.30am right then.

After having been discharged, I hired a cab and rushed for Swamy's Darshanam. Actually, the proposed time to meet Swamy was at 11am. By the time I reached, the Satsang was still going on. At 2.10pm along with Thrylokya's family we had Darshanam and Prasadam which gave me peace and serenity.  I was driven and was surprised for the time arrangements made by Swamy. I thought that Swami blessed me with this experience in my tough situations.

This transformation and the bliss I got from these divine experiences is entirely due to Swamy's knowledge and guidance only.

Jai Guru Datta, Sri Datta, Prabhu Datta....Swamy Pada Padmamulaku Pranaamamulu.