Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 09 Oct 2023


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Swami answers questions by Shri Anil

1. The divine knowledge comes out only at the appropriate time. Can You please clarify on this?

[Shri Anil asked: Padanamaskaram Swami, Kindly give Your responses to the following question. At Your Divine Lotus Feet-anil. “Unless time favours, even divine knowledge cannot come out. The divine knowledge comes out only at the appropriate time.” Can You please clarify on this?]

Swami replied:- God is greater and more powerful than time. Unless God wishes, the true spiritual knowledge will not come out. God knows the proper time for any occasion.

2. Can ego affect the Gopikas also; who are present in Goloka?

Swami replied:- Ego can’t enter even the devotees present in Brahma Loka. Goloka is above Brahma Loka. You can’t even dream such impossible things.

3. Knowledge without propagation is the greatest sin. Such scholar becomes a Brahma Rakshasa. Kindly elaborate this.

[Swami: ‘Knowledge at any level without propagation is the greatest sin. Shastras say that such scholar will become an intensive demon (Brahma Rakshasa).’ Kindly elaborate on this.]

Swami replied:- It is a correct statement as said in the scriptures.

4. Kindly elaborate the following.

[Swami: ‘In the chain of creation, awareness was the last item and a long time has elapsed till its creation due to its absence in the beginning, hence awareness cannot be God since awareness does not exists in the beginning.’ Kindly elaborate this.]

Swami replied:- If you see the process of creation explained in the Veda, it is said that the unimaginable God on mediating became the imaginable mediated God, who created space, then air, then fire, then water, then earth, then plants, then food and then awareness. This means that awareness was created by God after creating food from plants. This means that awareness did not exist before plants were created. A long span of time of creation existed before creating the awareness. If you say that awareness is God, does it not mean that God did not exist till the plants were created? If you say that God or awareness existed from the beginning of creation, in such a case, why the Veda says that awareness was created after the creation of plants only?

5. Can we say that the unimaginable God exists in an unimaginable world (loka)?

Swami replied:- Certainly the unimaginable God exists beyond the world as well as in the world. When the first energetic incarnation, called God Datta appeared, He appeared in the creation only because His energetic body required space and inert energy. This means that God Datta existed in the creation only. The unmediated unimaginable God, called Parabrahman became the mediated unimaginable God, called God Datta. There is no trace of difference between Parabrahman and God Datta. Parabrahman is like the naked person limited to the bathroom and God Datta is the clothed (mediated) Parabrahman, who came out of the bathroom. Hence, Parabrahman and God Datta are one and the same.

6. Is it necessary that the contemporary human incarnation shall declare His successor when He is alive?

Swami replied:- What is the necessity and wisdom in announcing the successor of the human incarnation? God Datta selects the human being with which He has to merge and become the human incarnation. In Piithams and Mathaas only, the successor is announced by the senior preacher since it is not the line of incarnations. Even the incarnation is selected by God Datta only and hence, nobody else other than God Datta has any right to select the future human incarnation.

7. In the Gita, Krishna mentioned Himself as ‘Son of Vasudeva’ similarly Jesus in the Bible mentioned Himself as ‘Son of man’. Kindly elaborate on this.

Swami replied:- Son of Vasudeva means human form. Similarly, son of man also means human form. This means finally that such special human form is the incarnation of God. Since God came down along with a new human medium, the word ‘son’ means the incarnation. God + extra human medium is the meaning of the word ‘son of man’.

8. Is it permitted to propagate the divine knowledge, if one is not directly involved with the contemporary human incarnation?

[Paul was never seen Jesus when Jesus was alive. However, Paul got a vision from Jesus to preach, and he propagated the knowledge thereafter. Is it permitted to propagate the divine knowledge, if one is not directly involved with the contemporary human incarnation?]

Swami replied:- When the human incarnation appeared and ordered the devotee to propagate the knowledge, it means that the human incarnation will take all the responsibility and we need not fear that the devotee will introduce his own poetry in the spiritual knowledge. The human incarnation controls the devotee with His superpower from committing such a mistake.