Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 11 Feb 2024


Swami answers questions of Shri Durgaprasad

1. How to identify a human incarnation in case He did not preach special spiritual knowledge?

[Shri Durgaprasad asked: Paadanamaskaaram Swami, Since the goal of Lord Rama was only to establish pravrutti, He didn't preach spiritual knowledge. In the absence of the exhibition of the identity marks (Prajnanam Brahma), how to identify a human incarnation? Kindly enlighten me. At Your lotus feet, -Durgaprasad

Swami replied:- For God, both Pravrutti and Nivrutti are equally important. In fact, God gives more importance to Pravrutti by making it mandatory to every soul. The reason behind this is that He wants complete peace in the world. Nivrutti is optional and God never insists on  Nivrutti. In fact, God opposes Nivrutti because Nivrutti means personal attraction to God.

2. How to correlate the opposing concepts - ‘one should marry to test bonds’ and ‘Radha became the greatest by avoiding children’?

[Paadanamaskaaram Swami, You said that Radha became the greatest by avoiding  children altogether. In an old discourse, You said that one should be married to be tested for bond with spouse. Similar is the bond with children. Vyasa being the greatest, ran after his son Shuka. However, Radha can never be tested for the bond with children. A bond should thus exist, before a test of that bond. Thus, these two concepts of having and avoiding bonds appear to be contradicting each other. Kindly clarify my doubt. At Your lotus feet, -Durgaprasad]

Swami replied:- The test for the three strongest worldly bonds are only for human souls and not for incarnations. Radha is the incarnation of God Shiva and she is actually the testing examiner co-operating with God Krishna. Even if you take her as a human being, she was totally dedicated to Krishna. Even though she married Ayanaghosha (Ayanaghosha has a second name called Abhimanyu), she never allowed him to touch her. Her love for Krishna was so high that she avoided even getting children from Ayanaghosha. In such a case, there is no need for any test at all. If she is tested, God must test Himself also.