Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 09 Oct 2023


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What is the practical solution for depression and subsequent suicide?

[A question by Shri Anil]

Swami replied:- Suicide is said to be the greatest sin and the soul committing suicide will go to a special hell covered by intensive darkness called “Asurya loka” (Asūryā nāma te lokāḥ…—Veda). The practical solution for depression is to have full faith in God regarding His justified administration of the world. You should welcome the difficulties in your life because difficulties are more helpful to you since you will be without ego and you will be constantly thinking about God. In happiness, you are always non-alert and lazy affected by pride and you never think about God. Therefore, you get difficulties when God shows grace on you and you will get happiness when God is angry on you. If you realize this, you will never get depression in worldly life.