Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 04 Sep 2023


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What shall I do, if my relatives do not accept the contemporary human incarnation?

[Satsanga on 02-09-2023 in the marriage function of the sister of Shri Hrushikesh. Important questions answered by Swami are given below.]

Smt. R Anitha asked: Some of my relatives do not accept the contemporary human incarnation. What shall I do?

Swami replied:- Today, if you observe, many students are at different levels of education, starting from LKG to PG and research. If you were to point to LKG students and ask, what shall we do with these poor LKG students? I will reply that various devotees are at various levels of spiritual progress. As time passes on, the LKG student will come to the PG class in due course of time. Similarly, the devotee present in the lower level will come to the higher level in due course of time. You are a PG student. You were also once in LKG class. Then, a PG student asked Me the same question about all of you. Therefore, you worry about your PG class. Don’t bother about the LKG class. If you are very much worried about the LKG student, you also should come and sit in the LKG class! It is not possible to promote an LKG student to PG class, but if you are very much fascinated towards him, you can be demoted to LKG class from PG class so that you can sit with him. Since the mountain cannot come to Mohammad, Mohammad shall go to the mountain. Hence, don’t be fascinated towards your low-level relatives.