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Posted on: 23 Oct 2023


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Why does the incarnation of God sometimes look beautiful and sometimes ugly?

[Shri Satthireddy asked: Mee Paadapadmalaku Namaskram Swamiji, Swamiji, the highest Incarnation of God and most beautiful, expresses Himself physically ugly and in some other times most beautiful. Some Incarnations of Lord Datta look so beautiful and some Incarnations look ugly, why Swamiji? Is it because the soul has the ego and is self-centered due to his physical beauty and youth. How does the soul get rid of this ego-based beauty?? Swamiji, if anything wrong is there in question itself please teach to this beggar satthireddy 🙏🙏🙏]

Swami replied:- The same God is Vishnu and Shiva. The same God incarnated as Rama (Vishnu) and Hanuman (Shiva). Goddess Lakshmi is born as Sita. Hanuman did not marry at all. Rama looked very beautiful since He had to marry Sita. Hanuman did not look beautiful because He did not marry at all. Hence, any action of God has some background. The devotion of souls results in the formation of various types of bonds with God. A devotee may like to treat God as husband as in the case of Sita. Other devotees like to treat God through other types of bonds in which there is no romance but there is a lot of love. Sometimes, even the romantic bond is defeated by other types of bonds because the true love present in a bond gives weight to the bond and the form of bond is not important. When the finger of God Krishna was cut, Draupadi treating Krishna as brother tore her new sari for the bandage whereas other romantic bonds (wives and Gopikas) ran in all directions just for a piece of cloth while the finger of Krishna was profusely bleeding! Hence, based on the requirement of the program, God will come down with the necessary equipment. All forms of bond are equal and no form of bond is less or more. Some scholars feel that the romantic bond is a very low form of bond. It is wrong because any bond with true love is sacred in the eyes of God. The true love present in the bond brings the value. You find dolls of candy sugar in the sweet shop and dolls may be in the form of swans, donkeys, parrots, etc. The weight of sugar decides the rate of the sugar-doll and not the form of the doll. You cannot demand a low rate for sugar-donkeys and the shopkeeper cannot demand a high rate for sugar-swans. Rate is based on the weight of  sugar only.