Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 04 Feb 2024


Will God give His service only to those devotees who aspire more for it?

[Shri PVNM Sarma asked:- Is it true that God will stop giving service opportunities to a devotee who feels satisfied (Trupti) with the service-opportunities already given by God? Will God give His service opportunities to only those devotees who are not satisfied with whatever work they have done for God? Please enlighten me.]

Swami replied:- First of all, the basic point is that service is to be done by the devotee and is not given by God. The devotee shall aspire for such type of service in which the devotee is capable and efficient. In this way, devotees are guided by God. By this procedure, all types of services to God are done efficiently. Devotees shall co-operate with each other so that such co-ordination brings success to the entire program of God for which only God incarnates in human form. Devotees shall not develop jealousy among themselves and quarrel since such disunity will spoil the program of God. Devotees must have love among themselves so that God will carry on His program with happiness. Every devotee should think about the satisfaction and pleasure of God while doing service to God and not think about self-satisfaction. The service to God should be done with an aim to please God and not for self-satisfaction.