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Posted on: 01/01/2004

Ritual worship means serving the Human Incarnation of God: The Shiva Lingam is a formless stone from which all the statues are prepared. The Shiva Lingam is always associated with continuous bath (abhisheka; dripping of water)which is the ‘snana upachara’. What is the inner meaning here? This means that all the statues are only for vision and they should be frequently washed to avoid the gathering of dust. Except for this one mode of worship, no other mode of worship is necessary for a statue...

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Posted on: 25/12/2003

[Christmas message] These discourses will bring a harmony between Hinduism and Christianity. The messages of a Hindu saint like Swami Vivekananda have spread in Christian countries. The messages of Christianity have spread in India. Thus there is a broad-minded brotherhood between Hinduism and Christianity. The tolerance of Hindus and the love of Christians are the reasons for such a bond of brotherhood. Spreading of these special discourses among your Christian friends will strengthen the feelings of...

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Posted on: 20/11/2003

Blind Bond: Even great scholars are blindly attracted to their family bonds in the name of tradition. Finally, they all fall into the well. Kunti was a great devotee of Lord Krishna. But she was attached to Dhritarashtra and Gandhari in the name of traditional practice. Dhritarashtra was blind. Gandhari [voluntarily] covered her eyes with a piece of cloth all her life. Both were blind because they were supporting their devil...

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Posted on: 19/11/2003

Imaginary Chakras and Lotus flowers: Yoga is the most prestigious field of spirituality. People think that there are six wheels (chakras) or lotus flowers present in the spinal cord, which are not seen by the eyes. [Actually] the wheels are imaginary and so the term ‘wheel’ must carry some inner meaning. When you say someone’s face is the moon itself [metaphorically], only fools search for the moon in that face. But wise people see the similarity between...

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Posted on: 27/10/2003

Stop Wastage: You are pouring milk to serpents today. But otherwise you are killing serpents whenever and wherever you see them. A serpent never harms anybody unless it is hurt and fears for its own life. It spreads its hood and gives a hissing sound as a warning. After biting, the serpent does not drink your blood or eat your flesh. Man is killing animals, which do not harm man or eat his flesh. Today you must develop some kindness and understand these serpents. Then today will be a meaningful...

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Posted on: 26/10/2003

Meaning of Light: The Veda says “Param jyotih”. The Brahma Sutra says “Jyotir adhikaranat”. This means that whenever the word light comes [in a philosophical context], it only means God. In ancient times, light [lamp] was lit using ghee [clarified butter] or oil. Neither kerosene nor electricity was present at that time. In the evening when darkness came, the lamp would be lit and it was a necessity. In such light [in that context,] the ancient people...

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Posted on: 25/10/2003

Leave Blind Practices: Today is the festival of Lord Krishna. Deepavali means a series of lights. Krishna Himself told in the Gita “Jnana deepena” i.e., light means knowledge. In other verses also, Swami (Lord) told the same “Satvat sanjayate” “Prakasa upa” i.e., Satvam (good quality) is light. Satvam means knowledge. So light is knowledge. The Gita also says “Na pavakah” i.e., the sun, moon, and fire cannot shine before Lord. The Veda also...

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Posted on: 16/10/2003

Art of Living—Heart of Loving: In the word ‘living’, the second letter ‘i’ is a semi circle (when written by hand; cursive writing). If that semi-circle is made a full circle, it becomes ‘o’. Then the word ‘living’ becomes ‘loving’. Now to the word ‘art’, add the word ‘He’ in the beginning. It becomes ‘heart’. ‘He’ means God. The Veda says ‘Purushohavai’ i.e., God is the only...

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Posted on: 13/10/2003

Which Knowledge Requires Propagation? Some people desire to become a Guru (preacher) when they fail in every business. They want to succeed in the spiritual business. Some other people have the itch to become a Guru to get disciples around them. But in order to preach and become a real Guru in this world, there are three requirements: 1) You should discover a truth in the scriptures that is better [than what is currently known]. 2) Due to the lack of the knowledge of your discovery...

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Posted on: 11/10/2003

The Proof of Real Devotion: Guru Dakshina is the money offered in the service of God. Money is the fruit of work. Therefore, money and work are inter-convertible forms. In the Gita, donating money is called as karma phala tyaga and donating work [your voluntary efforts in God’s mission] is called as karma samnyasa. Both these put together are called as karma yoga or seva (service). One can do service by doing both or any one of these two according to one’s convenience. Only this service...

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Posted on: 09/10/2003

Swami Vivekananda cried loudly looking at the sky, “Why is India, with such rich spiritual knowledge, suffering with poverty?” Only Lord Datta can give the answer to this question. Today, the answer is given. Any country means its people and their mentality. The mind decides everything and the action follows accordingly. If the mentality is analyzed, the action and its fruit become clear. Almost all the foreign countries are blessed with wealth, except India. So the mentality of all...

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Message On Vijayadashami

Posted on: 05/10/2003

Destroying the Buffalo-Demon: Today is the Vijayadashami festival. Today Goddess Durga got victory over Mahishasura (Buffalo-Demon). Durga represents the highest power, which is knowledge. Mahisha (he-buffalo) represents the foolish rigidity of blind tradition. Yama Dharma Raja, the Lord of Death and Justice, sits on Mahisha. Yama means the rules and regulations imparted by the tradition. Dharma means the age-old practice. Raja means strictness and ego. Therefore, Mah isha represents an ignorant...

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Posted on: 10/09/2003

[Mumbai] The Majority Loses: In spirituality, the path of the majority should not be taken. For example, just because gravel stones are in majority and diamonds are in minority, we cannot say that the gravel stone is more valuable than the diamond. There is only one Adi Shankara, one Meera, one Swami Vivekananda, and one Tyagaraja. Such people are very rare. Only one in millions happens to be such a person. Our spiritual aim should be such a rare diamond alone. We should not take the majority as...

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Posted on: 10/09/2003

Root Causes of Terrorism: There are two root causes for the entire chaos and terrorism in this world. One is the thirst for earning money and the other is religious fanaticism. For the sake of money, people are quarreling with each other, whereas for the sake of religion, countries are quarreling with each other. Unless these two root causes are eradicated, we cannot achieve world peace. The tree will not die if you merely cut its leaves or branches. It dies only when you cut its roots. There is no use of earning extra...

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Posted on: 14/07/2003

[This discourse was given on the morning of the Guru Purnima day. Purnima is a full moon day. The birthday of sage Vyasa, which falls on a full moon day is celebrated as Guru Purnima, since sage Vyasa was one of the greatest Gurus. It is an occasion to express gratitude to and honor the Sadguru.] Today all of you have offered guru dakshina (donation) at My feet in the form of some money to be used for the propagation of divine knowledge and devotion to Lord Datta. The full moon today represents gold or a silver coin (money), which you have to surrender to the Guru as guru dakshina. In fact, you have to do this on the full moon day of...

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For Scholars Posted on: 14/07/2003

[Evening message on Guru Purnima Day] Even Bad Qualities are Helpful In Spirituality: Every religion in this world wants you to get rid of your bad qualities, before giving you admission into that religion, at least from that point in time. This is practically impossible. The reason is that these bad qualities within you have grown as large as hills over the past millions of your births. This small human life is insufficient even to move them; what to speak of removing them! People can control the bad qualities...

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Posted on: 12/01/2003

Swami and Shirdi Sai Baba Are One: In the past, Swami appeared as Sai Baba to several devotees. Recently He appeared as Shirdi Sai Baba to Shri. K. Lakshman with smell of camphor. Next day, a devotee from Hyderabad, Smt. Ch. Sarada, came to see Swami. In her house, letters in Telugu (dotted shapes of letters, visible to everyone) appeared in milk that was kept as an offering before Sai Baba. Devotees copied all those letters written by Sai Baba in milk. It turned out to be a small verse in Telugu. The writings...

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Posted on: 11/01/2003

Punishment for Sins: When a policeman beats a thief with his stick the thief should not think that the stick is beating him. Of course the stick is directly beating him, but the stick is inert and cannot beat him by itself. It is the policeman who is beating him with the stick. If the thief prays to the stick there is no use. Even if he prays to the uniform of the policeman, there is no use. He should only pray to the policeman, who wears the uniform and holds the stick. The uniform is also inert. Since the thief...

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Hinduism Revealed Part-2

Posted on: 10/01/2003

Vedas and Shlokas: Shlokas are verses in Sanskrit, which can be composed by any Sanskrit scholar and cannot be the authority. The present Hindu is unable to distinguish between the Veda and a shloka. Anything read in Sanskrit is the Veda for him! Anything read in English is not the Holy Bible! Merchants and Sanskrit scholars got together and constructed this bad tradition. Merchants of flowers, coconuts, oil and camphor...

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Posted on: 09/01/2003

Conversation between Swami and a Christian Father:

Father: Those who do not have faith in Jesus Christ will be sent to the flames of liquid fire in hell. This is the declaration of our faith.

Swami: Does that mean that there is no salvation to all the generations of devotees who lived on this earth before the incarnation of Jesus Christ? If so, all those devotees were subjects of the partiality of God since they were...

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