Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 12 Sep 2023


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Devotees get pained seeing the Sadguru suffering for their sins. What is the solution?

[Ms. Thrylokya asked:–  When the human incarnation is taking the responsibilities and sins of His devotees, the real devotees get pained at the suffering of the contemporary human incarnation. What is the solution?]

Swami replied:– Actually, God is omnipotent and takes the responsibilities of all the devoted souls. God is the absolute reality and creation is relative reality. The weight of the administration of all the responsibilities is also taken by God only. All this creation is just like the smallest ant present on the shirt of a very strong human being. In spite of this, God takes the sins of real devotees only for suffering. While preparing the divine constitution, God has made this provision promising the goddess of justice that He will suffer the punishments of past sins of real devotees and also promised that the suffering will be real suffering. Hence, God suffers for the punishments of real devotees in the real way as the human souls suffer. Up to this step of suffering only, the agreement is valid between God and the deity of justice.

The fruit of suffering in the case of human souls is sorrow only whereas the fruit of suffering in the case of God is happiness only and not the sorrow. The agreement is valid up to the step of suffering only and not the final step of experiencing the fruit. Such experience is valid even in the world. We suffer while eating a hot dish by shedding tears, by vibrating lips and tongue and producing miserable sounds by mouth. All this is the process of suffering. But the fruit of the process of suffering is joy because we enjoy hot dishes like sweet dishes. Since God is enjoying the suffering, you need not be pained for His suffering. Following this principle, yogi (the devotee succeeded in attaining yoga) also enjoys both incidents of misery and happiness equally by the grace of God. Yoga is not a simple scientific technique to be achieved without the grace of God. Even when any human being is enjoying hot dishes in food, it is the will of God only to setup such a natural procedure for the process of eating. In case of suffering bad fruits and enjoying good fruits, such procedure could not be setup by God because bad fruits are to be suffered and good fruits should be enjoyed. The point of good and bad fruits does not exist in eating food because it is general maintenance of all souls so that souls will have the minimum energy for suffering and enjoying  bad and good fruits respectively. This type of enjoying both bad and good dishes in an equal way is an indication of the existence of yoga that can be granted by God to climax devotees. Yoga is not possible for simply the human effort unless the grace of God to be achieved by devotion joins the effort. Yoga in general sense means the effort put by a human being to achieve any fruit either in worldly life or in spiritual life. But, the word yoga is fixed (ruudhi) in spiritual line only to mean the effort put by the soul to achieve the union with God. Yoga either in worldly life or in spiritual life can succeed only by the grace of God. Even when an atheist is trying to achieve a worldly fruit, the grace or will of God exists there because God has made a provision of attaining such a fruit for such an effort. If God wishes, He may withdraw the facility of general provision to any soul in case of punishment for a sin of that soul. The constitution is the will of God that is established by the grace of God only. If simply effort can achieve the fruit, the high jump of a human being should attain the sky! It is not attained because God did not make such a provision. By the grace of God, science developed, and aeroplane was discovered, with the help of which the human being can touch the sky. Everywhere and at every time, everything happens by the will of God only.