Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 09 Oct 2023


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If the human incarnation enjoys suffering, why did Jesus during crucifixion cry in agony and extreme pain?

[A question by Shri Anil]

Swami replied:- The human incarnation suffers just like the ordinary human being. In the process of suffering, there is no difference between the incarnation and human being. The difference is only in the final fruit of suffering. In the case of the suffering of an ordinary human being, the fruit of such suffering is only pain and misery. In the case of the incarnation, the fruit of suffering is enjoyment. God entered into an agreement with the deity of justice while preparing the divine constitution according to which God can suffer for the sake of His real devotees. In this agreement only, suffering is mentioned and not the fruit of suffering. Hence, God suffers sincerely without breaking the agreement with the deity of justice, but, He need not undergo misery and pain as its fruit since such an extended clause was not mentioned in the agreement. Therefore, there is no difference as far as the suffering is concerned. If God does not suffer like an ordinary human being using His superpower, in such a case, God is cheating the deity of justice. However, God will not suffer for the sins of every devotee. He suffers only for His true devotees, who do not aspire for anything in return from God at any time. Emmanuel means the God, who comes down to protect His true devotees and does not mean the God, who comes down to protect all the devotees. Some interpret this word in a very large sense by saying that God came down to protect all this humanity. This is a perfect lie used by very ambitious devotees to convert everybody into their religion.