Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 11 Sep 2022


Divine Experiences of Ms. Bhanu Samykya

[By Ms. Bhanu Samykya]

My journey of learning spiritual knowledge has started by listening to Sadguru (Jaggi Vasudev) and AMMA (Mata Amritanandamayi Devi). Besides reading spiritual books, attending Gita classes became a weekly routine. I often used to search for a new book which I can read after completing the current book. On a random day in the month of September 2018, I got a pleasant dream. I was watching TV and there appeared a Divine old couple on screen whom I’ve never seen before. They were centre of attraction in an international spiritual summit that was telecasting live and everyone were taking pictures of them and interviewing them. The man looked like someone who is at the heights of spirituality and his face was glowing with an attractive divine charm. He wore spectacles that had frameless glasses which in my opinion stand as a symbol of highly studious attitude. His wife was wearing a traditional large red round tilakam on her forehead and the red mandara flower above her hair bun looked beautiful. I was overwhelmed watching their spiritual following and recognition. In the next moment, He happened to came to my home. With lot of excitement, I showed Him all the books I had read so far. He graciously handed over a book to me and replied, “Hereafter, you don’t have to search here and there for spiritual books. Take this book and read it completely”. It was a yellow-coloured book titled “Sanatana Dharma” with subscript as “Book number 23”. The book was pretty thick in size and the book cover contained a water colour painting of a farmer planting rice weeds. I took that book and the dream ended.

The dream meant nothing to me at that time but I wondered about this with word ‘Sanatana Dharma’. So, I phoned to my sister (Thrylokya) who was studying at Amrita Coimbatore Campus. She heard the whole dream and as if in a rush, she confirmed the book number to be ‘23’ and then cut the call immediately saying that Bharat Anna was calling her. I also ignored the dream and continued reading random spiritual books during leisure time at my college. Eight months passed by and I was apparently reading ‘Amish’s Scion of Ikshvaku’. The day I completed that book, I felt like a God forsaken child. I felt that everyone who were with Lord Rama in His time were really fortunate to have lived with the Lord and enjoyed His presence. I couldn’t control my tears and cried a lot for my misfortune. My sister often tells me about the greatness of God and that He loves us. So, I phoned to her and started complaining in agony, “Why was I not born in the time of Lord Rama? Why am I so late? Why is the Lord forsaking people of this generation to be with Him?” Immediately she questioned, “Tell me where you searched for the Lord to complain about His absence now?” I was shocked with this mind-boggling question and fell into deep thought. She slowly explained about the concept of ‘Contemporary Human Incarnation’ and exclaimed that I was already fortunate to have seen God in my dream which came eight months ago. She revealed that the divine being in my dream was ‘SHRI DATTA SWAMI’ and He is the contemporary incarnation of God. I was also thrilled to acknowledge that even AMMA is human incarnation of God and I got direct darshan of her in the past. That means I saw God and met God already! Learning that gave an epic feeling.

She continued to reveal, “Last year, Bharath Anna and I were blessed to get Swami’s divine knowledge from Dr. Nikhil Sir. Sir gave us many Satsangs and also told us to read divine discourses from universal-spirituality website. Eight months ago, we were reading volume-2 of divine discourses but were still doubting Swami. The knowledge given by Swami is exceptional and we were almost sure that only God can give this kind of knowledge. But we weren’t fully convinced that Swami is God because no other person around us were accepting this concept of human incarnation. Except Nikhil Sir, there was no person we could talk to. We could neither discuss with friends nor with family members. Our faith was running low and that’s when you called me and narrated your dream. I could clearly sense that the divine people you saw were none other than Swami and AMMA. The book number 23 was a confirmation because there were only 23 divine discourses on the website at that time. Bharath Anna and I were so thankful to Swami for strengthening our faith through your dream.” I was extremely surprised to hear this and I understood why she cut the call immediately after listening my dream in the past. After sometime, I asked her why she didn’t reveal it immediately after the dream. She replied that Nikhil Sir had advised them not to reveal the divine knowledge to anyone who haven’t asked for it. Arjuna’s age was 89 at the time of Mahabharatha war and Lord Krishna didn’t preach Gita to him until he asked for it. We were taught about this point in Gita class also but I never expected that this would apply to me. After learning about this divine dream, my mother (Smt. Sudha Rani) was also convinced that Swami is the contemporary Human Incarnation of God. This is how Swami made all four of us take refuge at His divine lotus feet. Always thankful to Swami for kindly allowing me to enjoy His presence and uplifting me with His exceptional spiritual knowledge. Hereafter, I don’t need to search for books to read because Swami has gifted me a huge repository of divine discourses which I can read again and again throughout my life.

Swami defined Sanatana Dharma as the spiritual knowledge of ancient sages. The sages were always for peace of the world. Hence, Sanatana Dharma comes under universal spirituality only. Creating any split between religions or believers of God is not Sanatana Dharma at all.

Thank You, Swami, for saving me again and again in all uncontrollable situations created by my own misunderstandings. Due to Your kindest grace, I'm able to keep efforts to come out of the grip of my mind which is like a dark mud pond. You are the one bringing me out of my dark ignorance and worst fears. Thank you for giving an opportunity of Your service to the weakest and most lazy soul like me. Without You, Your sweet words and Your sweet memories, I would have been locked up in the endless dark thoughts and tears forever.

 Jai Guru Datta Swami. ---At Swami’s Divine Lotus Feet, Bhanu Samykya.