Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 22 Oct 2022


Divine Experiences of Ms. Bhanu Samykya

[By Ms. Bhanu Samykya]

I am currently doing an internship at college as a bachelor of dental science. I have leg pain and lower-backpain which occur suddenly and irregularly. From the evening of 11th October, I started to experience leg pain but was very mild compared to previous attacks. Last year, Swami advised me to be regular to college and not to take leave unnecessarily. Swami's words are Veda itself. Therefore, I made my mind to somehow manage that little pain and went to college the next morning.  But after reaching college, my legs started to hurt more and additionally, my cold also got worse. I tried to focus on reading for exams but I couldn't read a single answer. Nothing was going into my head. Still, I thought that I have to somehow manage till 4pm that day as our final attendance will be marked in the evenings only. As I was posted in reception duty, I went to the department and started writing the hospital record. Fortunately, our table was just adjacent to the staff table and one of the senior lecturers observed me sneezing continuously. He himself walked to me and said, "Why did you came for work when your health is not good? You go and take a rest. Some other student will replace your duty".  Since I got permission from a senior lecturer, I could go home and my attendance would also be marked. I was shocked by this incident because nobody knows about my leg pain which is more severe than cold. But Swami being Omniscient, understood my situation and gave me permission through the lecturer even without asking. When we are really in need, only Swami comes for help.  We don't need to ask for it. Thank you so much Swami for being with me all the time and showing all the care. I am truly indebted to You. 

Thank You.