Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 17 Dec 2022


Divine Experiences of Ms. Bhanu Samykya

[By Ms. Bhanu Samykya]

On 17th of June, 2021, Swami gave a divine opportunity of His darshan to me, my mom Smt. Sudha Rani, my aunt Smt. Anitha and my sister Ms. Thrylokya. We had a very beautiful satsang on that day till noon. My mom and aunt always wanted to do PaadaPuja for Swami and hence, they brought all the required items for it. They were waiting for Swami to allow the Paadapuja. Although Swami discourages such things, luckily Swami accepted their request that day. We placed a tambaalam plate on the floor and Swami put His feet on it so that we all could do the paadapuja. We enjoyed touching the sacred feet of Swami, the King of this universe. But Swami laughingly commented that His legs were shivering due to the pouring of cold water. We all laughed and wiped the feet with dry cloth. While we were washing the divine feet of Swami, we could sense many sand particles in the tambaalam plate. Smt.Sudha Rani then took the water from the tambaalam plate into an empty bottle as theertham. After wiping the divine feet, we decorated them with sandal paste, kumkuma and flowers. Swami fulfilled our desire to decorate the Divine feet to our liking. Who could imagine to get a day in life where we can wash the divine feet of Lord of the universe? We were in divine joy. We captured many photos of the feet for daily worship.


Before we arrived there for Satsang, Swami was seen walking in the veranda with His bare foot without sandals. Later, Swami slowly explained that there are two meanings for the word ‘Paadam’. One meaning is ‘foot’ and another meaning is ‘one line of verse’. Swami urged us that following the words of Swami is the real Paadapuja. We realised the essence of ‘Paadapuja’ and promised that we won’t trouble Him again by such activities.  We didn't want to waste any more of Swami's precious time and so, we prostrated to Swami and left.

Immediately after coming out, we stood in the next lane of Swami's house and started to distribute the teertham among ourselves. The water tasted like Vibhuti which is used in the worship of Lord Shiva. I thought only I was getting that taste, but my mom, aunt and sister also said that they felt the same. We were jumping with joy drinking the vibhuti water. The water not only tasted like Vibhuti but had extraordinary dense aroma of Vibhuti. There was no trace of sand particles or dust at all. We couldn't help but drink again and again. After all, Swami is none other than our dearest Lord Shiva.  This made our day even more blissful apart from the divine Satsang from Swami. This miracle of Swami clearly proves that Swami’s leelas are never ending in this creation. Thank You Swami for putting extra efforts on us by giving not only the divine knowledge but also such divine miraculous experiences to strengthen our faith. If any devotee is still firm in the spiritual path, it is definitely by Your kindest grace only Swami. Thank you, Swami.

- At Your Divine Lotus Feet, Bhanu Samykya.