Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 15 May 2022


Divine Experiences of Shri B.S.K.D. Manikanta

[By Shri B. S. K. D. Manikanta]

Padanamaskaram swamiji,

I had many experiences with Swamiji in which He saved even life. I want to share one of those miracles which happened while I was studying B.Tech. It happened when I was writing one exam (didn’t remember subject but it was an elective). On every exam day, myself, Chaitanya & Datta used to prepare for the exam sitting in our college library from 6:30-9:30 am and then we used to go for writing the exam. Same happened on that day as well and all of us went to write the exam. When I sat in the exam, I don’t know what happened, suddenly I literally didn’t remember even one word also. It was so awkward to ask swami to help me in writing this exam so that I can at-least pass but there is no option for me, I was helpless. Swami is the only one who can help me at that moment, if I failed in exam, it will impact my chances of getting placed during the college placements. So, I should not fail the exam. I closed my eyes and prayed swami as follows, "please help this time and I just asked pass marks 21 since it is elective the pass mark is 21 else it would be 24". After praying like that I filled some random vague answers and I literally mean what I am saying.

After writing that exam the day results were going to be declared came. I studied in KLU college, they won’t let us know our marks, instead they will just give our results in the form of grades. In my entire 4 years of study in that college I have never hear anytime that actually marks were declared for any particular exam, it was always grading only. But for this particular subject marks came out and I just got the pass marks for which I prayed to Swami. I was literally shocked and thought, "Swami you are there, literally it’s You who did this". After this thought I tried to check the results again within just few minutes and I realized that they have reverted the results and updated to grades.

Apart from this miracle, there is one more miracle where Swami saved my life about which I would like to share with you all. It happened in 2017 when I was working in Cognizant Chennai.

Suddenly one day I got chest pain in the late night around 2am or 3am, I thought it was due to excess gas and had stomach full of water and tried to vomit so that if any gas is present, it might come out. But that didn’t work. As time passed the pain kept on increasing and I was not able to bare that. Along with this pain I was also getting a lot of sleep. I rolled my bed sheet and pillows and tried to sleep on them with the support of wall. But pain is not getting stopped.

This is the moment I prayed Swami as follows, “Swami please help me, I am not able to bare this pain”. Within just few seconds I was relieved from the pain and slept that night. Next day morning at around 9-10AM I woke up and as usual went to office. In our office we were having a medical support team. I thought it’s better to go and get one gas tablet and have it so that everything will become normal. They checked my pulse, BP and suggested me to go for a doctor check-up. They took me to a hospital in an ambulance.

 In the hospital they have taken my ECG, blood reports and told that I actually got a heart attack. I was shocked listening to that and was not even able to process what was happening at that moment, everything happened so suddenly that it was difficult for me to digest. Immediately they took me to ICU. I was so scared and called Swami. I told Swami about what doctors told me and that they kept me in ICU

Swami replied: “Don’t worry nothing will happen.”

After calling to Swami, I immediately did a phone call to my dad and explained about whatever happened and asked him to come to Chennai.

In that Chennai hospital doctors were planning to do operation. I was worried, as well as little suspicious about their decision because they might have taken that decision to go for operation even though it was unnecessary. So, I asked them to discharge me and immediately came to Vijayawada. I got admitted in a hospital. After monitoring me for 3 days they gave tablets and asked me to come after one week so that they can do angiogram.

I took those tablets and went home. Then I called Phani sir to find out which day I should be going for checkup and take angiogram. He gave a particular date and suggested me to go on that particular day. He gave me a lot of confidence by telling as follows, “don’t worry swami will look into it.” On that same date mentioned by Phani sir, I went to the hospital to get my angiogram. Phani sir came to the hospital and His presence gave me a lot of strength to handle that tough situation. In the operation theatre doctor identified a bulged nerve and showed it to my father. That was an indication that a block came but with God’s grace it was gone.

At that moment I thought, “Swami, You are there with us all of the time. You are always listening to all of us. You are the one who gave me this life.

Miracles like this happened many times in my life where we can clearly see Swami’s love towards me. This is enough to say that Swami will always listen to us and watches us.