Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 10 Mar 2024


Divine experiences of Shri Nithin

[By Shri Nithin]

Padanamaskaram Swami,

With salutations to the Lotus Feet of Shri Datta Swami, I would like to share some of the miraculous experiences that Swami granted to me and my parents.

Curing of hearing problem of my father

My father, Sri Suresh Bhosale, had a hearing problem. He underwent a surgery for his right ear in the year 2014. Even after the surgery, he couldn’t hear anything properly. One day, in March 2021, Swami called me and asked if my father would be able to drive a car from Hyderabad to Vijayawada. On behalf of my father, I told Swami that my father can certainly drive to Vijayawada.

Then I asked my father if he can drop Swamiji at Vijayawada by car and return back to Hyderabad. My father said, “Yes, I am very happy that Swamiji gave me an opportunity to serve Him!”

However, in his mind, my father was thinking about his hearing problem in the right ear. His concern was that he cannot hear properly any vehicle horns of crossing over vehicles and he has to drive for a long way in a very alert manner.

As he expressed this concern to me, I told him, “Don’t worry, papa. Swamiji will take care of everything.”

In spite of that, that day night, my father slept with worry only, and was continuously praying to Swamiji to solve his issue of hearing problem. The next day morning, my father gave all of us a big surprise! He told us that his hearing disorder was rectified overnight and he is now able to hear everything very clearly. This is not an ordinary miracle. My father and all family members felt immensely happy and thanked Swamiji profusely for His continuous grace on us.


Saving my mother from severe illness

Next miracle is related to my mother, Smt. Bharathi, that she has experienced in October 2022.

One day, she suddenly fall sick and was not able to even stand up to do any routine house-hold work. Observing this as a health problem, we took her to a doctor, who asked us to get some lab tests done.

After reading the lab test reports, the doctor informed us that everything is fine with her health. But, there was no change in the health of my mother and she was still feeling sick only. She wasn’t even able to eat food, the doctor put her on an I.V. drip continuously for 2 days. And even after that, there was no change in the health condition of my mother.

I finally called Swamiji and told Him about what had happened in my mother’s issue. Swamiji then assured, “Don’t worry. Nothing will happen to her. She will be alright by evening.”

Much to my surprise, she was feeling perfectly fine within an hour of my conversation with Swamiji, and by that evening, she even got discharged and came back home. In that issue, no further illness is experienced by her.

Swami protected my mother’s health and took complete care that she is recovered fully. Thank you, Swamiji!


Permanent curing of dental pain of my mother

My mother Bharathi was fortunate to experience yet another miracle in September, 2023. She had been suffering with teeth pain for a long time. She used to take some medication; the pain reduces during the day-time but increases by night-time regularly.

One day night, she experienced unbearable pain due to tooth-ache. She took Swamiji’s name, and within no time, the pain was stopped!

The next day morning, I called Swamiji to narrate this incident. Then, Swamiji advised my mother to get her teeth removed at a nearby dental clinic.

This shows that not only did Swami protect my mother miraculously in her time of need, but He also advised a practical way to deal with her problem permanently. And He never took credit for removing her pain which shows us the utmost kindness of the Lord Datta!



Fulfilling my trivial wish

On 22nd of October, 2023, a very wonderful experience was granted to me by Swamiji. I had completed my work early that day and was scrolling through Instagram at my office.

At one point, I came across a video about Apricot Delight, my favourite dessert. While I was very tempted to eat it, it was the end of the month waiting for salary and Apricot Delight is an expensive dessert. So I left it at that and resumed working.

After sometime, one of my colleagues suddenly came to me and told me that he wanted to give me a treat. But, I do not know the reason. He was happy because earlier, I had helped him with a work-related issue. I repeatedly told my colleague that it wasn’t necessary and I was just doing my job.

However, my colleague kept on insisting me, opened a food delivery app on his phone, and put it in my hands. The first thing I saw on the app was my favourite Apricot Delight!

My colleague noticed my reaction and asked me to immediately place an order without worrying about the price. I was utterly shocked with full of awe! Then I understood it to be the grace of Swami only. I felt immensely grateful for the care shown to me by our beloved Swamiji. He has so much karuna that He immediately granted even the trivial of my desires.

This incident reminded me of the constant love and protection that I keep receiving from Swami. Swami is my eternal father, who protects me every moment. Swami is also my eternal mother, who showers me with true love and affection. All I can do is to serve Him with my limited capacity, although it is nothing before what He does for all of us. His love is unimaginable. No one else in my life has taken care of me like Swami has. Thank you, Lord Datta.


Arranging food for additional participants in an event

On December 24, 2023, something incredible happened during a work-related event that I was managing. We initially expected only 100 people at the event, therefore we had arranged for 100 plates of food only.

However, 200 people turned up unexpectedly for the event. As I was in-charge of the event, I felt very much worried as what to do for arranging the extra food the extra 100 persons?

The restaurant manager said that he could, at the most, arrange for another 30 plates, so increasing the count to 130 plates in total. But we were still short of 70 plates to accommodate all.

I could not do anything because it was also a Sunday, and the restaurant was quite busy with a huge waiting list to occupy the tables.

On the top of it, the Managing Director of my company called me and instructed me that everyone should have food at any cost, and that I had to ensure this would happen as instructed.

Feeling totally helpless, I prayed to Swamiji, “Please take care of this situation. I can't handle it anymore."

Suddenly, the restaurant manager called me and said that he could manage to give us Biryani rice. He said he would arrange Biryani rice for the remaining 70 members and asked me to wait for only 20 minutes. I immediately agreed for this unexpected arrangement, feeling very much relieved as a solution was found.

Later, he brought all the Biryani rice from a nearby restaurant. Every participant of the event had their lunch, and they appreciated the organization also. It was a success! Only I knew that it was Swami who managed everything to bring me out of such a crisis, but the credit was given to me!


Fulfilling my desire of sight seeing

On 28th February, 2024, I was going to my office as usual. While driving, I was singing bhajans written by Swamiji. At the JNTU junction I stopped my bike as it showed a Red signal. Casually I checked my phone and saw a notification message in FB that someone in my friends circle list updated his status by informing that he is currently in Arunachalam. After seeing that notification, a thought came to my mind that I should go to some place outside the city as I didn’t step out from Hyderabad for long time.

I thought of asking Swami to permit me to go to any Pilgrim place.  But again, I thought, “why should I waste money on such things when Swami Himself is giving darshan here?”. Later, I reached office as usual and was working in the afternoon. Then, our MD sir called my colleague and informed him that himself along with me must come to Vizag as he has got some office work over there. I immediately called Swamiji and asked for His permission. Swamiji permitted me to go on the next day i.e. 29th February 2024.

Both of us reached Vizag the next day. As we are going on an official work our company has taken care of all trip related expenses. Our work was completed by that day afternoon. Knowing this, our MD sir asked to stay back in Vizag and visit some nearby places before going back to station. He has also kindly offered his personal vehicle for our sight-seeing purpose. During my last visit to Vizag I thought of visiting Simhachalam as the famous Sri Varahalakshmi Narasimha Swamy’s temple is there. But I didn’t get time so I missed it that time.

As our task is completed  sir himself told me and my colleague Srinuchandra Anna to go for sight-seeing. We thought to go Simhachalam temple and another recently built Lord Venkateshwara temple near Rishikonda beach. We thought to go by bus to these two difference places. But our MD sir’s son insisted us to use their 4 or 2 wheeler for visiting temples. We took their 2 wheeler and visited those two temples and returned back to Hyderabad happily. Swami knows my mind that I wanted a break and travel to some outstation. Swamiji with utmost kindness exclusively arranged this trip for my sake though I did not spend a single Rupees from my pocket.

Also, one more miracle happened during this Vizag trip. Our MD sir instructed us to bring Rs. 21 lakh in cash belonging to office to Vizag. It was huge amount to handle, that too reaching destination through a public transport like bus. It is also possible that at interstate check posts, police may even check the unauthorized cash with people as elections are nearing. With the blessings of Swamiji we reached safely to Vizag and handed over the entire money to our MD without any stress or tension. So, I experienced complete love and care of our Swamiji once again during my Vizag trip.