Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 19 Nov 2022


Divine Experiences of Shri Pavan

[By Shri Pavan]

Sri Guru Datta

With the Divine blessings of Sri Datta Swami, I would like to share this experience which is very personal to me and my family. This Divine miracle is known to very few close friends / devotees.

We crossed the tough times financially over the years from 1993 to 2006 (from my 10th standard to my post-graduation). Due to the financial chaos at home, Sri. C.B.K. Murthy (my grandfather) accompanied me to a Junior College admission & requested a fee discount. The principal of the college did consider the request and has given minimal discount that was under his purview. Being an average student till my Intermediate 1st year, and an aspirant to excel in studies, I started to prepare for Engineering competitive examinations, with the help of tuition. En route to my tuition there was Siva temple and I used to do Namaskaram every day. I got a very close and first darshan of Sri Ganapathi Sachidananda Swami as well that time in a friend's home. While I secured a good rank, I couldn’t get engineering seat as the entire state of unified Andhra Pradesh was having limited seats. I had to immediately get into B.Sc Computer Science. Again, my grandfather accompanied me to the college admission & spoke to the Principal at length requesting for a fee discount / waiver, showing the merit of my previous education. The Principal immediately agreed on one condition that for the first year, I’ve to pay the full fee & if I secure top marks, I would get heavy fee discount in the second year & of course, same logic was applied for third year too.

With the Divine blessings, I could complete my Graduation, scoring highest marks and I could secure a fee discount as well up to 60%. I’ve secured an excellent rank in all competitive exams for MCA, MBA and MSc as well and was waiting for admission. In parallel, I secured a job in an MNC through campus selection. My intent was clear that I’ve to join in the job & get out of this financial mess at home. My thought was to complete PG course through distance education. Destiny was different! I didn’t join in the job and joined MCA on the advice of few people. I asked Swami and Swami said I can choose any path. Of course, as usual the paying fee was again a problem. First year, we could arrange the fee ourselves, however, for 2nd and 3rd year, there was no cash. It was a hand to mouth situation at home. Except, my father, mother and I, none of our friends or relatives knew the situation. At least for the 2nd year fee payment, the timeline was too short. We knew no one would / could help. I still remember the hot summer day; I was sitting on the sofa alone at home looking at Sri Satya Sai Baba & tears were just rolling off my eyes due to helplessness. If anyone could help in this situation, it would be only Swami!

The next day, my parents and I completed lunch at home and we received one post. In that, we saw a letter and a cheque. The exact content of the letter is, “We are glad to select Mr. K. Pavan Kumar for this B.M.S.S. Scholarship. This is the first instalment. Please accept this amount. No further correspondence. Yours, M.S. GURU MOORTHY.” The exact date is 16-May-2001. We were totally shocked! Later to that we received another letter saying that the next instalment would be sent in a few days & we received that too. My requirement for the fee for 2 years was 40k and we received a couple of cheques for 30k and 10k. Isn’t this a Divine intervention? It is indeed! We tried to search for that NGO in the known places, however, we couldn’t get in touch with them. Later, we went to Swami who was in Lakshmikanth’s home that day. I told Swami that we were scared to even exchange this cheque as we didn’t know if it was genuine or fraud. Swami said, “Dattatreya Swami was pleased with your Bhakti, came down from Sahyadri hills & posted you these! Please go ahead and complete your studies. Signature on the letter is in the name of Guru Moorthy and it clearly indicates Him.” I completed my post-graduation successfully & I was the gold medallist in my batch.

I was thinking of typing this miracle for the past 7 weeks, however, I was super busy with personal pilgrimage trips, work at home and office. Today happened to be another miracle. My father and my wife were cleaning up the wardrobe and she could find the letter that was mentioned above, after 21 years. This once again proves that Swami is watching every action of mine every second. Swami is Karuna Hridaya (kind-hearted) and safeguards every devotee of Him with utmost care. While typing this message, as usual, tears were rolling off my eyes.

Many more miracles that we experienced individually and as a family. I will share with all of you in the days to come.

Swami – Mistakes are mine and I will correct myself with your knowledge and blessings. My pranams to you!

Jaya Guru Datta.