Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 24 Jul 2022


Divine Experiences of Shri. Phani Kumar

[By Shri. Phani Kumar]

Padanamaskaram Swamiji!

Recently, Swami was infected with a boil on his right thigh. For several days, He suffered with lots of pain and swelling. He told me and other devotees that he has transferred the karma of my bad deed to himself. Because of this he was not taking much care of himself saying that He has to suffer the punishment of the bad deed. I requested Swami not to suffer for my sake. Due to the recent accident, I was already suffering with pain in my legs and hands, so Swami said that I could not bear any extra pain. I forced Swami and got him admitted in the hospital and doctors said that a major operation has to be done. The surgery was completed, on 10th day the stiches of nylon thread were removed without giving anesthesia to Swami. The nylon threads were as hard as iron strings. About 10 stitches were removed and every single time Swami cried with a loud voice. After hearing the first cry, I couldn’t bear it and moved out. Later on, Swami said that the pain of Jesus during crucifixion multiplied by hundred times was experienced by Him while the stitches were removed. Whenever each stich was pulled out, lot of blood came. Swami told that almost all the punishment-pain of my past deed was experienced during that time. After Swami recovered, me, PVNM Sarma garu and Prof. Prasad Garu took him to his Bollarum house. On the way, I told Swami that He should not have suffered for my sake. Then Swami laughed and told “I did not suffer for your sake. I just told that as a joke”. I told Him that I never found falsity even when Swami joked. After two days, I returned back to Vijayawada from Hyderabad. Immediately I found the same type of boil and swelling in exactly the same place of my right thigh and I got it tested by an expert doctor. The doctor said that the same type of boil started growing in the same place on the right thigh which was in the initial stage. I was shocked to see the proof that Swami transferred my boil in exactly the same place. The proof is perfect because in the same place of the body, the same boil is observed in me in early stage. What more proof is needed? When I informed this news to Swami, Swami replied, “I have left the principle-punishment for you only and I suffered the interest of the principle-punishment. The interest from the previous birth accumulated is very large compared to the principle. Sometimes the principle loan is very small but the interest will be very large because of long duration of time and this interest was from a full previous birth time”.