Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 28 Aug 2022


Divine Experiences of Shri Phani Kumar

[By Shri Phani Kumar]

Namaskaram Swami,

I would like to tell you all about a miracle in which Swami saved my life during an accident. Last Tuesday, I was with Swamiji in Hyderabad and we had a small conversation. As He spoke, He casually said one point as follows, “Anything may happen at any time. How it happens and where it happens, we don’t know”. I didn’t understand why Swami said that. At that moment, I said, “Ok”. I also informed Swami that I was going by cab to Vijayawada the next day morning i.e., last Wednesday. Swami said, “You can leave”. Whenever I go someplace, it is a habit of mine to inform Swami about where I am going and how I am going (by bus, car, train, etc.).

On Wednesday morning, I left the house at 6:30 am and got the cab at LB Nagar (in Hyderabad). The previous day night, I attended a function and I had some food, due to which my stomach was upset and I wasn’t feeling well. I also didn’t have proper sleep that night, so, I was sleeping in the cab as I was traveling in it from Hyderabad to Vijayawada. When I was in the Cab, Dr. J S R Prasad Garu called and asked, if I am still in Hyderabad. I told him that I am already in the cab and I am going back to Vijayawada. He asked me a question, “How come you are leaving too early, I never saw you leaving too early”. I said, “I had to go. I informed Swami and left early”. I also told him that my Death was around the corner. I didn’t tell him about what Swami told me about how anything may happen at any moment, while I was with him the previous day. After that, I told him that I wanted to take rest and we disconnected.

As we got closer to Vijayawada, the driver wanted to take a break and have tea. He stopped near Jaggayyapet and invited me also to have some tea. Since I wasn’t feeling well, I told him that I need rest and he can go. He parked the car there and went to have coffee. As I was waiting for the driver to come back, a milk van was coming very fast and the driver in it was driving rashly. There were barricades and highway police were standing there and he didn’t even notice them. He came and hit our car. Had he hit our car right at the backside, it would have led to my death as well. But, by the grace of Swami, he came very close to the right side of our car and hit the mirror and also the right side of the car near the front bumper. Immediately many people who watched it gathered there and the police also came. That Milk Van driver didn’t even stop after hitting our car. Police went and caught him and also filed an FIR on him. At that exact moment I remembered Swami saying, “In what way death comes, we don’t know”. Swami cautioned me in advance and I also told Dr. JSR Prasad garu that my death was around the corner. Dr. JSR Prasad garu was reluctant to hear that. He said, “nothing like that will happen”. I also told him that nothing will happen to me because Swami will protect me. Two weeks back, I also told him that I have a “Marana Gandam” which means “danger to life”. If Swami had not protected me, I should have died then and there itself.

I wanted to tell you about this experience because here we can see how Swami goes to any extent and is always alert to protect or save His devotees. Not only this one time, but Swami has also saved me numerous times. Very recently He took my intense pain in my knee, which was there after I met with a bike accident, onto Himself and He suffered on behalf of me. This shows His infinite compassion towards His devotees. He goes to any extent to save His devotees. That previous night also Swami told me that He does miracles and removes the difficulties from devotees so that they can have a stable life and peacefully put their spiritual efforts and progress.

Shri Krishna told in Bhagavad Gita as follows, “Yoga Kshemam Vahamyaham…”. This I, personally, have seen Swami doing in His life. He has protected His devotees numerous times. Such is the infinite compassion of Swami.

Shri Datta Swami’s comment: Shri Krishna told Arjuna (Sloka) to promise people on His behalf that His devotees will never perish (Kaunteya pratijānīhi na me bhaktaḥ praṇaśyati – Gita). You are not only a devotee; you are also a servant. Swami may neglect a devotee but He will never neglect a servant. A servant does practical devotion. You are the most deserving servant.

Shri Phani Kumar’s response to Swami’s comments: I am the most undeserving person, Swami. I am not just your servant Swami; I am your slave.

Shri Datta Swami: You keep your opinion and I will keep Mine!