Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 21 Aug 2023


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Swami, who is atmadarshi?

[A question by Smt. Sri Lakshmi]

Swami replied:- The word Atma means not only self but also the human incarnation of God looking like self externally. Hence, the meaning shall be taken as per the context. Atmadarshi can mean seeing your self-awareness and identifying yourself as awareness and not the body. This is necessary so that you will be detached from the body and all the worldly bonds that are linked to the body. Now, you have become eligible for spiritual life. Now, atmadarshi means the devotee, who recognizes the human form of God (looking like himself) for receiving true spiritual knowledge and to clarify all the spiritual doubts. Unfortunately, people are stopping in the first context of atmadarshi only and don’t proceed to the second step because they are blind with ego based jealousy to recognize the contemporary human incarnation of God standing before their eyes! They stop at the first stage thinking it as the final stage and feel that the self-awareness (himself/herself) as God. This is the misfortune of the Advaita philosophy. Shankara introduced the first context so that the devotee gets detached from the world to a certain extent atleast so that later on, when the devotee finds the self-like human incarnation, the devotee will easily be attached to God in human form through right devotion based on right knowledge followed by the final stage called Karma Yoga or practical devotion involving service and sacrifice to God.