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Miraculous Experiences of Devotees (Devotees Corner)

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Miracles are supernatural events. The experiences are real and perceptible, but their cause—how they occurred—is beyond our imagination. No natural cause can satisfactorily explain such events. Science can only investigate causes that are within the reach of our mind. The cause of miracles, however, is unimaginable to us. So, we are forced to conclude that the cause of such events is unimaginable. It proves that a domain completely unimaginable to the human mind exists. This unimaginable domain itself is defined as God by the Veda (Yato vāco nivartante aprāpya manasā saha). Miracles are thus, the direct proof of the existence of an unimaginable power, which itself is God. In this sense, miracles are the very basis of spirituality.

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Divine Experiences of Shri S. Phani Kumar

Posted on: 27/03/2022

[By Shri S. Phani Kumar]

Recently, I met with an accident while riding my bike and my knee is near totally injured. Because of ACL and ligament tear, nerves as well as external part of the knee are damaged. I went for an x-ray of the knee and MRI scan. The X-ray and scan report showed the internal problems in the joint. The liquid collected in that place. The doctor asked me that with such knee, how are you able to walk. The doctors are astonished. To their surprise, there is no swelling near the knee. If this kind of tear happens in the knee, there is no medical treatment for it. They said it is impossible to walk with the knee in such condition. You will never get chance to walk. The doctors only suggested...

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Protection during the COVID pandemic

Posted on: 30/01/2022

[By Dr. Nikhil]

My wife, Devi, my daughter Arsha, and I have been devotees of Shri Datta Swami since 2005. Some time before we got married, Devi and I had each separately committed ourselves totally to the spiritual path. Our marriage was based on the foundation of dedicating our lives to the spiritual pursuit. We spent the first five years after our marriage in the US, away from our families. Even after that, we never maintained any close contacts...

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